April 5, 2010

Introducing Flickr Favourites

Few sites continually inspire me with the same degree of creative, endlessly beautiful wonder that Flickr does. I’ve professed my undying love for Flickr here before (and like to think it comes through in my Saturday Snapshots posts, as well as many other image filled articles), but have been wanting for ages to launch a regularly occurring post devoted squarely to this amazing image filled site.

Instead of assigning this new reoccurring post a set day of the week (for example, Tuesday), I’ve decided to put together a Flickr Favourites post whenever the mood strikes – which will certainly be on a frequent basis (I’d tentatively say one such post every week or two).

While Saturday Snapshots focuses solely on vintage photographs of "real folks" (as opposed to famous people, magazine pictures featuring models, etc), the images that appear in “Flickr Favourites” will be a tapestry of old school snaps and modern photos with a vintage slant (or ones that I simply find to be too resplendently lovely to not share with you). Sometimes the images that appear in a given post may have a common theme, on others might be entirely random, tied together simply by their inherently breathtaking vintage related subject matter.

Last June I wrote about ten of my favourite Flickr groups devoted to various vintage topics, and many of you shared with me how much you enjoyed that roundup. Since that time I’ve thought often of that post, wanting to have a regular outlet in which to share more vintage related Flickr groups, so in addition to a selection of assorted images that have captured my imagination recently, each time I write an edition of Flickr Favourites, I’ll be including a previously un-blogged about Flickr group that’s focused solely on some marvellous aspect of the past.

I’m so excited about this delightfully fun new post, and sincerely hope that the images below, as well as all that follow in future editions, will provide you with scores of inspiration, help to fuel your vintage daydreams and brighten you day in the sweetest of ways.

♥ ♥ ♥

{Vintage Turquoise Creamer by ethanollie}

{Floating spoons by saltycotton}

{Still life 5 by lucy.loomis}

{A Symphony of Pink and Turquoise by Charm and Poise}

{Spring Journey by Magpie’s Fancy}

♥ ♥ ♥

Teaming with images of lovely treasures, retro kitsch, family heirlooms and other items gathered and saved from yesteryear, the Flickr group Vintage Beauty – Thrifted Bliss teams with photos of assorted vintage items and photographs that people have found while out thrifting and want to share, or are hoping to sell (elsewhere, Flickr itself has a strict no selling policy).

{1. Stewardess from the 1950s, 2. 60s mod, 3. hairdyer1, 4. Romance is in the air}

♥ ♥ ♥

As spring ever-so-slowly creeps out of hiding here, my mind is evidently being drawn to shades of turquoise and blue, both hues that contain the ability to be serene and invigorating at the same time, much like this very season itself.

Wishing you each a radiantly sunshine filled Monday – and a week ahead bursting with bliss!


  1. Lovely Flickr picks Jessica. Especially the first photo with that gorgeous yellow rose.


  2. Beautiful photos! I have recently discovered flickr, it is a truly wonderful thing!
    Hope you had a nice Easter, love the blog!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Thanks for always brightening my day when I come here.

  4. Wonderful, Jessica!! And yes, we love Flickr – that's how you and I met! :) xo

  5. In my "Barbie Dream Home" I want either a pink/turquoise kitchen or bath!

  6. Lovely lovely choice of pictures, and truly inspiring! I love love that kitchen! I could totally see myself in a kitchen like that! oh, and look even Goobie is there with me ;)