April 29, 2010

Flickr Favourites – April 29, 2010

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{1951 woman from Look magazine by actionlog.}

{Yellow Jar by Leah 3011.}

{Forgetmenots 2010 by currentclassics.}

{IMG_3833 (Super cute redheaded doll!) by Yumi♡.}

{Vintage Car 1 by Kim Naumann – Curiouser & Curiouser Designs.}

{morning after by simple tess.}

{Sarah 05 by paulwrightphoto.}

{New Additions by Love Is...Everything.}

{Dresser Top – Boxes by such pretty things.}

{Vintage Ladies Cabinet Cards by Suzee Que.}

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Few amongst us fail to swoon when a gorgeous pair of shoes crosses our path – and all the better if they’re vintage! Footwear can make or break an outfit, set the mood for a ensemble, draw attention to its wearer or be the subtle finishing touch on a gorgeous look.

Those (like myself) who adore old school footwear will find much to daydream about in the Flickr group that’s in the limelight today: Vintage & Retro Shoes and Boots.

{1. vintage turquoise bow shoes 7, 2. Vintage T-Strap SWEET Pink Summer Sandals Size 7.5, 3. Donald J. Pliner's Right Bank Shoe Co., 4. Carmelletes 1952.}

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Mellow, toasty shades of lemon light and invigorating, tropical sea turquoise waltz through these gorgeous images, whisking my mind off to places of fantastical serenity and quiet contemplation, where everything around me is as lovely as the world created in these marvellous photos.

Come along with me, sweet friends, and escape for a few moments into a universe of springtime hued, vintage beauty filled daydreams.


  1. hi Jessica..ummmm...I will take the blue dress with the rose on it..gorgeous in the pic..."the morning after" is TOTALLY awesomeness..feels so warm, doesnt it? I havent been here for awhile so I am sitting here catching up with all the gorgeousness...thanks!

  2. Ohhh, I love all those shoes! Great inspiration!

  3. I love this mix dear Jessica....it's not just vintage but photos that evoke nostalgia. Forget Me Nots are my favorite flower...and I always have a soft spot for kewpie dolls...and those ball jointed dolls (oh I could go mad...and broke...if I started collecting those!)...and those inspiring 'vintage' ladies. Thank you darling girl. My love to you. ps Did you know that sadly Suzee Que passed away this week. So young. Such a generous soul.

  4. Sweet and charming as always! I love the little plastic quewpy dolls!

  5. It's funny how just a picture of vintage shoes can brighten your day!!!

  6. Oh my gosh! I just loved that little stroll. I am hunting for new people to follow, and you are going to have to be one of them.


  7. Hi Jessica! Nice collection of vintage stuffs, as usual. I like vintage cars.^^

  8. I work at a place where I really can't wear any kind of heel. And I'm trying to figure out some casual vintage footwear. Any ideas or pictures?