February 26, 2010

The results of Friday’s poll are in!

Feeling like some of the usual Chronically Vintage posts could do with a good spring cleaning, I recently decided to revamp two of them: the “Daily Vintage Deal” became the “Today’s Vintage Treasure”, and I turned the decision regarding what to do with Friday’s weekly post over to you, my readers.

{All heads turned in anticipation to hear what post topic had been chose by Chronically Vintage's readers as the winner of Friday's exciting poll :-) Fantastically glamorously image via myvintagevogue's Flickr stream.}

As of this evening, 46 people have cast their vote and it’s from those results that I’ve determined what I’m going to blog about on upcoming Fridays. The “winner”, with 39% of the votes was “Fashionista Fridays”. The outcome of this poll wasn’t a landslide though. 28% of voters felt I should keep the current “Five for Fridays” post, where as 17% of you wanted to see a “Flickr Friday” post launched. A further 11% felt that I shouldn’t assign a topic to Friday’s posts at all, and the final 4% said that they’d like to see something else entirely different from the ideas I suggested.

As I really didn’t have my heart set on any one answer more than another, I’m going to side with the majority of voters and launch “Vintage Fashionista Friday” as the new end of the workweek post. I’m honestly now quite excited about this, loving vintage style and clothing as I do.

The scope of this post is that each week I will find a handpicked selection of vintage (or vintage looking/reproduction) clothing that’s currently available for sale (in case you want to take home the look yourself) and put together a lovely outfit out of those items. I don’t have the budget to buy new clothes each week and model them myself, so Friday’s “look” will be comprised of photos of the items, which I hope will be both inspirational and enjoyable for my readers.

Regarding the other categories that I’d proposed in the poll, I plan to incorporate more posts based around vintage related photos and groups I’ve found on Flick into this blog, and will be distributing the links I’d usually include in “Five for Friday” into the newly minted post “Today’s Vintage Treasure”.

Normally, having just announced what Friday’s new theme was going to be, I’d put up the first such example, however, for some mysterious reason (and despite restarting the modem at least a dozen times) our internet service is cutting out today something fierce. I had to reload my browser window about fifty times, over the course of half an hour, just to get Blogger to load, thus allowing me to begin my draft of this post. I sincerely apologize about that and have no clue why our internet service is being so slow (but I’d be more than willing to chalk it up to the snowy, stormy weather and harsh winds we’ve been experiencing all week).

All things willing, I will bring you the first proper installment of Vintage Fashionista Friday next week, gathering items online between then and now to comprise the first vintage outfit with.

Thank you very much to everybody who voted in this poll and shared your comments below last Friday’s post. I took all of your opinions to heart and was touched by the wonderful thoughts on this subject that you shared. I hope that even those who didn’t vote for “Fashionista Friday” will quickly become fans of this new post, which covers one of our favourite topics – vintage clothing and accessories that the modern gal can easily weave into her own look.

On this the last Friday in February, I wish you each a beautiful, serene and deeply fun weekend, and thank you again for being the best readers – and vintage loving friends – anyone could possibly ask for!


  1. This sounds like a great idea! I didn't vote unfortunately, but that's because i've been so behind with blogging that i didn't see that particular post. Can't wait for the first instalment! xx

  2. How exciting, I can't wait to see the first post!!! Have a lovely weekend Jessica :-)

  3. Looking forward to the Fashionista Fridays!

    Hope your internet connection bounces back!

    Stay warm and dry - more snow - isn't it Spring yet?

    Have a great weekend, Sweetie!

  4. Hi sweetie! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to read this whole post but I wanted to let you know I came by and I hope you're doing well :)

  5. Love that photo darling and look forward to more Fashionista Fridays! Love to you...

  6. Jessica, whatever you do, you do with style! :o)
    I do want to say that I love all your photos that you find and love, love, love the narrations you post with them.

    What a perfect photo yo chose for this post too!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  7. Good evening my darling gal :) I am excited to hear about your upcoming new Vintage Fashionista post! As always, I am sure you will surprise us with your fantastic treasures! I hope you are feeling better honey, and that you are taking it as easy as you possibly can =D

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and sending you hugs!

    p.s I still owe you a game of Tag! Don't think I've forgotten ;)

  8. I cant wait for the Fashionista Fridays to begin :)
    I hope you have a lovely week!


  9. Sounds like it will be great like all of the things you do! miss yah lots love katie

  10. Wooo..I certainly like that :) Looking foward to tomorrow´s post! Not living in england anymore has made more difficult to do my usual vintage and thrifty browsings....so at least I can have a bit of that taste through your blog :)