February 19, 2010

Polling Chronically Vintage’s readers, what would you like Friday’s posts to cover?

Joyful Friday greetings, everyone! How are you each as we head into this second to last weekend of February? My pesky sinus cold is hanging on (oh noz!), but otherwise all is well – we were even treated to the most delightful burst of daffodil hued sunshine this afternoon (a welcome sight after a week of immensely grey skies and many a snowfall).

While on my recent blogcation, and over the past couple of days, too, I’ve been giving a fair bit of thought to revamping a couple of the reoccurring posts that currently appear on Chronically Vintage. Though I don't presently plan to alter certain ongoing posts (such as Wednesday’s Recipes and Saturday Snapshots), I’ve started to feel that others might benefit from a change of pace.

Chief among these is my usual "Five for Friday" post, in which I share five items/links/images/etc that have interested and inspired me during the last week or so. I certainly enjoy putting together this post, but (and maybe I’m just itching to start spring cleaning here ;-D) was thinking that perhaps it was time to shake things up regarding what I post about on Fridays.

I’ve created a little poll below in which I list four options that I’ve thought of, as well as a blank line where you’re welcome to share your own ideas (I’d love to hear them!) for a possible theme for Friday’s posts.

This is Chronically Vintage’s first ever poll and I’m buzzing with excitement to read your responses. There’s a high likelihood that I will go with whatever option gets that most votes. The other ideas may very well weave their way into other posts, too (for examples, I’ve been itching to put together a frequent post featuring recent Flickr finds – in addition to the vintage photos that comprise "Saturday Snapshots" each week – for ages).

Thank you so much to everyone who casts their vote! I sincerely appreciate your impute and will report the outcome of what (future editions of) Friday's posts will be about next week.

Wishing you all a bright, beautiful, and immensely fun weekend!


  1. how fun! I voted :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I voted, dear! I love Five for Fridays. That's when you featured my work and that's how we met so I have sentimental reasons! Have a lovely weekend. Big hugs. – g

  3. Hello my darling girl! So fantastic to see a post from you :) yay! I voted for Five for Friday because it how I found your blog, and your finds are a treasure!

  4. Hey Jessica dear!

    Love the poll :) I voted, I love Five for Fridays so I hope that wins ;) I've been away for the blogging world a lot myself lately, so I'm sorry for my lack of commenting, I always enjoy your blog!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  5. Oh you clever thing getting that survey together! I've had my say...think the vintage online stuff would be a good idea...but darlin anything you do is always fabulous!

  6. Hi Jessica,
    The vote is in :) I would also love to see more of your outfits. I loved the outfits and photos you shared with us a couple of weeks ago!

    Hope all is well and you have a lovely weekend.


  7. Gotta be Flickr Friday because I love the photos.

  8. I'm torn! I voted for Fashionista Fridays, but the more I think about, the more I think maybe you shouldn't assign a theme and just post whatever strikes your fancy that week---whether it be Five for Friday, Flickr, Fashionista or something entirely different! Whichever you decide upon, I'll be excited to read it!
    ~Christine H.