February 21, 2010

Revamping the Daily Vintage Deal post (into Today's Vintage Treasure)

Beautiful Sunday greetings to one and all! While I’m afraid I wasn’t able to put together a “Saturday Snapshots” post yesterday (I must confess, I was sorely short on sleep after trudging my way through a sinus/throat cold this past week, so I used as much of Saturday as I possibly to catch up on some much needed sleep), I didn’t want to the entire weekend to slip by without adding a new post (I’ll try my best to ensure that a new line-up of vintage photos appears next Saturday – we’ve missed two editions back to back now, and are long overdue for another selection of inspiring images from the past).

Before I go any further though, sincere thanks are due to all those who have voted so far in (and commented on) Friday’s poll regarding whether to keep the current type of post I usually put up on Fridays, or if you’d rather see something new take its place. I’m going to keep the poll open until this coming Friday, at which time I’ll make my decision regarding what Friday’s new (or existing) theme will be (don’t you just love a little blog suspense? ;-D)

In the meantime however, I’d decided to slightly tweak a post (that despite its moniker doesn’t actually show up quite every single day – ok, truth be told, there hasn’t been an edition of this post in about a month, but that was partly due to my recent “blogcation”) that many of my readers may be familiar with called “The Daily Vintage Deal”.

In its place I’m going to try out a new post called “Today’s Vintage Treasure”. This post will be similar to the daily deal, but not strictly limited to bargain items (though, that said, as someone whose budget is tighter than a Victorian corset, I will always strive to ensure a healthy dose of stellar deals appear amongst the merchandise I feature on Chronically Vintage for those who also love a fantastic bargain).

So often in my online travels I come across amazing/gorgeous/rare/swoon-worthy items that I want to share with all of you, but I’m not able to squeeze them into the ebb and flow of my posts. While I’m sure there will still be great finds that go unwritten about, I hope that by expanding the scope of a short post about a lovely online discovery, I’ll be able to share a broader range of wonderful vintage items with you.

I settled on the title that I did as well because it gives me a bit more wiggle room in terms of how frequently I add such a post to Chronically Vintage. Ideally I’d love to bring you a treasure a day, but I know that won’t always be possible, so instead of locking myself into something I can’t keep up with, this post will let me share terrific finds with you whenever I’m able to do so.
On that note, and without further ado, allow me to present the first ever installment of “Today’s Vintage Treasure” to you.

{Just look at this vintage silk party frock, from the sublimely lovely – and perpetually timeless cut – to the cuter than cute pattern, which at first glance appears as though its comprised of polka dots, but is actually made up of dozen of tiny pumpkin hued sheep – everything about this playfully elegant dress is worthy of the word “treasure”. I’m sure people will be flocking (sorry, I’m a sucker for puns) to this beauty, which fits up to a 36” bust/29” waist, over at Fast Eddie’s Retro Rags where it’s selling for $180.00 (US).}

For the time being, aside from the “Daily Vintage Deal” and (possibly) “Five for Friday”, I don’t plan to alter any existing reoccurring posts. However, one other teeny little change I made to this blog over the weekend was to widen the centre part of its template. Instead of cramming everything into a narrow little alleyway of a space, I’ve extended the area where my posts appear, and simply can’t believe I didn’t do so earlier! At the risk of sounding biased, I think the wider layout looks wonderful – and it’s certainly easier to read posts on.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that the sun has once again leapt out to greet me today or that my cold is (albeit slowly) starting to lift (I can actually taste once more, hurrah!) – or simply the fact that there is so much joy and elegant serenity to be extract from a Sunday, but I feel chipper at the moment and hope the mood hangs on for a spell!

Likewise, darling friends, I wish each of you a day that rich in happiness paired with lashings of whatever makes your heart smile.


  1. What a lovely find! I just love the cut and the pattern! I like this new post idea too :)

  2. wow, love this dress! you have wonderful taste Jessica!


  4. What a super idea, Jessica! I'm sure you be posting some fabulous finds and with a freer framework for your amazing creativity! xo xo – g

  5. Sigh. That dress is beautiful!
    -Andi x

  6. I love unusual prints like that, i wish i were able to fit into it! xx