February 25, 2010

Today’s Vintage Treasure: February 25, 2010

{While the cost of this basic sewing kit is much steeper than I’d usually promote, the beauty and appeal of the flapper-esque girl bedecked box it comes housed in helps to make up for part of the $55.00 (CND) sticker price. As a charming work of art, I could easily see this delightful box – which resembles a miniature vintage suitcase – taking pride-of-place on a bookshelf, dresser, counter top, or sewing table or anywhere you’d like to add a lovely dose of 1920s inspired fun to your home. If this cute sewing box is calling your name, you can find it on Overstock.com.}

Peering outside at this moment, one would think that they’d awoken in the arctic, snow whirling hurriedly in every direction, the resonating sound of a howling wind slashing across anything it comes in contact with. Alas however, I’m not up north keeping the polar bears company, but instead in good ol’ Toronto, which has been hit with a real wallop of a snowfall this week (on Monday we even experienced two brief blackouts in the later part of the evening, though luckily the longest one only last about five minutes).

In the midst of this snowy (though to be honest, not brutally cold – save perhaps for the wind chill week) week, I’ve been trying to catch up on a backlog of chores that are a tad overdue as a result of my being out of commission for a spell with a sinus cold in the middle of the month. Yesterday, for example, I did ten loads of laundry! (Thankfully we have washers and dryers in the basement of our building; I shudder to think about hauling that much laundry to a laundromat on the bus!) Unfortunately, that left me without a moment to spare to put together a Wonderful Wednesday Recipe post. I’ll try and make up for it next with an extra yummy (read: scrumptious dessert) recipe that I hope you’ll all enjoy.

As for the folding of all that laundry, it’s being done between today and tomorrow (today was also dusting day, which is an absolute must when you have a fuzzy little cat prowling around depositing her fur on everything in the apartment! :D).

Sweet thanks go out to all those who left comments (and opted to play along) on Tuesday’s post about playing blog tag, as well as to everyone who has left comments on any of Chronically Vintage’s other posts recently. It’s nothing short of a joy to hear from my readers– and fellow vintage loving friends – and I always want you to know how much I sincerely appreciate your visits and comments.

Whether you’re buried under a mountain of snow like me – or soaking up the delectableness of a placid winter (such as the one many parts of British Columbia have been treated to this season) - I really hope that you’re having a serene and splendid week!


Be sure to tune tomorrow to find out the results of last week’s poll regarding what type of subject matter I should assign (or keep) for Friday’s weekly posts.


  1. Oh my gosh, I've been looking for a cute sewing kit...it's gotta be cute to inspire me :o

    This looks so fabulous, thanks honey.

  2. ooo how pretty! And perfect for all sorts of sewing bits and pieces.
    Looking forward to seeing the results of the poll :)


  3. That is just lovely! What a nice find.


  4. This is the cutest sewing kit I've ever seen!


  5. Ohhhhh, I bet my crafty lil' sis would love that. So lovely!

  6. Oooweee that is one cute sewing kit! I've started learning to sew and this would certainly inspire me to keep it up! xx

  7. Hi Jessica- Lovely sewing kit! Stay warm and remember-..the laundry will always be there when u get to it! he he he he....