March 4, 2010

We’ve been experiencing major technical difficulties!

My sweetest dears, I must extend an absolutely gigantic apology to you all for quite literally falling off the face of the earth for the last few days. As I mentioned in my post on Friday night, we’d been having some internet connection trouble that day. At the time I was inclined to chalk it up to poor weather affecting our line, but by the time the issue hadn’t resolved itself the next morning, we knew that something was up and gave our internet provider a couple of phone calls. However, nothing showed up amiss on their end of things, squarely indicating the problem was on our side. Knowing that, my husband quickly tracked down and diagnosed the issue: our wireless router had given up the ghost completely out of the blue, leaving us without the ability to connect to the internet!

Though The Mister has his work computer, our home set-up is my only lifeline to the internet, and with it gone I had no way to explain to you guys what was going on (aka, why I’d suddenly gone MIA). Fortunately the replacement router (it's a different brand than the old one) that we ordered arrived by express courier this afternoon and my husband hooked it up immediately after work. Everything appears to be working splendidly with the new wireless router, and I’m hopeful that it will remain fully operational for a long time to come!

{Had we not gotten a new router by the end of this week, I ready to give serious consideration to posting blog updates via carrier pigeon! :-D Jokes aside, I’m both thrilled and greatly relieved to have our internet back up and working again! Vintage photo via Arcane du Fresne.}

I really wasn’t expecting to take another break anytime soon from blogging (let alone from the entire web!), and this impromptu hiatus really caught me off guard. Still, no sense in fretting over what’s said and done now! As things stand tonight, I have every intention of writing and posting the first edition of “Vintage Fashionista Friday” tomorrow, and blogging as per usual in the coming weeks.

I realize this post is a bit short, but as soon as we were connected to the internet again, I knew that I had to make my very first act (seriously, I haven’t even started to sift through the 500+ new emails that my inbox says have accumulated since last Friday) had to be to write and touch base with all of you.

Again, I’m very sorry for suddenly vanishing, it goes against my nature so much and I really hope that it doesn’t happen again anytime soon (or better yet, ever!). I’ve missed each and every one of your immensely, and truly hope that life has been beautiful on your side over the past few days as we've kicked off the month of March.


  1. Lucky you could get it fixed so fast!!! Yay :-)

  2. aren't internet issues frustrating?? Love the pigeons :)

  3. Oh how funny, dial up pigeons!! For some reason we used up our massive internet monthly allowance (WiFi with 4 children, don't ask) & we're on pedal power, so slow, argh!! It happens, life & IT hiccups, glad you're back, love Posie

  4. Sometimes technology is so frustrating! Also, it's funny you should have the carrier pigeons - I was watching a TV programme here called 'Hungry Beast' where they tested the speed of the internet in a rural area against a carrier pigeon and the pigeon won. ;]
    -Andi x

  5. I rely on the internet so much as well. Its like your world comes crashing down when it stops isnt it? Pigeons...may cause a little delay ;)
    Oh well, you certainly have had a nice break then :)
    Looking forward to the fashion friday post!


  6. Technology is great until it breaks down and we realize how much we're dependent on it! Glad you got things working again!

  7. I do find it funny how much i rely on the internet, it's not as if i'm gonna drop dead if i can't browse etsy :)
    Goos to hear you got it fixed quickly, i'm so looking forward to Vintage Fashionista Friday! xx

  8. Happy to hear that all is well with your computer :o) Actually, if ever there are any "pauses" or "breaks" does help mem out by not having missed so much between my moments of treasured blog reading...

    Blessings & Aloha!