November 25, 2009

Vintage Deal of the Day: November 25, 2009

{Will Santa still believe you’ve been good all year if you hang this alluring stocking off the fireplace mantle or foot of the bed? Of course he will, for Santa knows all vintage loving gals are sweeter than sugar right to their cores! :D With just one month left until Christmas Day, it’s high time to start decking the halls (and the living room, and kitchen, and bedrooms, and – every spot in your abode!), and what more enjoyable way to incorporate a shot of vintage cheer into your festive decor than with an adorable pin-up girl Christmas stocking? Three different patterns of fabric featuring sultry lasses (such as the blonde bombshell pictured above) are available for $15.00 (US) a piece from etsy Deluxe Junque.}

Before Christmas arrives however, my wonderful US friends and visitors have Thanksgiving Day to look forward to tomorrow. From the bottom of my heart I wish all those who are gathering to give thanks, share in a beautiful meal, and honour the splendor of the autumnal harvest on Thursday, the utmost of joy and serenity as you celebrate this meaningful day.


  1. such a cute stocking! i wish i had a fireplace to hang stockings from.

  2. What a cute stocking!! I'm sure yours will be full this xmas :-)

  3. That stocking is so cute! Thanks for sharing....


  4. Hi Jessica! Sorry for the absence from the blog world lately. I love this stocking. How fun! I hope you have a marvelous Thanksgiving!


  5. Oh my, I want that so bad. hehe

    Thanksgiving... deadliest holiday in the US for a multitude of reasons. Deadlier if Only I Had Telekinesis.

  6. What an adorable stocking and thank you for the Thanksgiving well wishes!

  7. Hi there Jessica, how adorable!! Sharon xox

  8. cute stocking, girl! I hope that your stocking be full of gifts this xmas! :)


  9. Love your blog Jessica.
    and your namesake Jessica Wilcox.
    I have a vintage set of prints from 1911 !!!
    She was the best childrens illustrator in my humble opinion.

  10. Hi sweetie, only me again, to say I have awarded you the passionate blogger award at the end of my most recent post over @ My Passport to Style, I do hope you like it!! Sharon xx

  11. Just adore that stocking. Love all things that have a vintage christmas look and feel! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Good morning, wonderful dears! Thank you each deeply for your sweet comments, I truly hope that the Old Saint Nick fills each of your stocking with everything your hearts desire.

    Giant hugs & blissful Sunday wishes to one and all!
    ♥ Jessica