November 13, 2009

Five for Friday {November 13, 2009}

...Whether you count yourself as superstitious or not, today is one where you can’t seem to help looking over your shoulder every now and then, all the while hoping that nothing odd befalls you. Onwards to the weekend, it’s time to relax and unwind; perhaps you’ve got snow already or maybe you’re being blessed with an Indian summer, either way, it’s the middle of November and that means the weeks are dwindling until the winter holiday season arrives – yet there’s still enough time so as to afford you a serene weekend that isn’t jam packed with a million hectic tasks to complete. Relish these days, they tend to become fewer and further between as the end of the year rolls on...

♥ ♥ ♥

{To channel your inner Francophile via your decor}

{Iconic images of the Eiffel Tower and other well known Parisian landmarks envelop this chic, beautiful throw pillow, which would look amazing upon anything from a vintage sofa to a silk sheet covered bed. Available in various sizes, the 50cm x 50cm version of this wonderful pillow retails for €44.00 (Euro) from Bonjour Mon Coussin.}

{To satisfy both your sweet tooth and any desire you may have to nibble flower petals}

{For most of this past summer I craved marshmallows relentlessly. As to where this pining for these squishy, delightfully sweet treats came from, I really don’t know, but I kept thinking it might have hearkened back to childhood summers spent toasting marshmallows over backyard and Girl Guide camp fires. Whatever brought the desire on, there was no shaking it off and so I gave in, churning out batches of homemade marshmallows to savour slowly over the intensely humid weeks of July and August. If you too are a far of crafting your candies, be sure to give these marvelously pretty, pale blush pink hibiscus flower marshmallows a try. Recipe on, and photo from the gorgeous culinary blog, not without salt.}

{To keep you toasty on those days that call for long sleeves but not quite the full on weight (and warmth) of a jacket}

{The sweetest little collar adorns this vintage dusty rose hued wool cardigan, that sports a line of matching coloured buttons up the front. Pair this coquettish topper with pencil skirts for a Mad Men secretarial style look, with high waisted vintage trousers when headed out for a day of Christmas shopping, or over top your favourite full skirted summer dress to stretch your warm weather wardrobe well into autumn. Vintage 1950s boucle wool sweater, fits up to a 33” inch waist/40” bust, $46.00 (US) from etsy seller Small Earth Vintage.}

{To help ensure the preservation of the daisy population ;D}

{Save the petals and spin this immensely cute vintage brass necklace instead to help you determine if he really is that into your or not. “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” charm and chain, $30.00 (Australian Dollars) from Made It seller Suga *N* Spice (note, this item features free shipping for those located in Australia).}

{To help ensure your lips stay kissablely soft in the face of even the harshest, freezing cold November winds}

{Bedecked with an image of the brand’s creator taken in 1945, this elegant container of lip balm smells (and tastes) enticing of fresh from the oven brambleberry pie, and is sure to win you over as much for its scent as its wonderfully pretty tin. 0.8oz tin of Brambleberry Rose lip balm, $7.00 (US), from Sephora.}

Aside from having a (fortunately entirely inexpensive) glass dish of freshly peeled persimmons go flying out of my hands and shatter into a thousand (literally) tiny shards this morning, things have been perfectly normal – and in no way spooky – here this Friday the 13th. Not one to cry over spilled fruit, I’ve been in cheerful spirits all day and am optimistic that no other strange occurrences will transpire before Saturday rolls around.

How has your day been going, my lovely dears? I really hope that you’re having an excellent Friday that’s free of any peculiar going-ons!


  1. Hello dahhhling, and Happy Friday the 13th to you! Oh my! that sweater is adorable! It looks so comfy, the type of sweater you never want to get out of :) Those Hibiscus Marshmallows look yummy. That is an interesting and innovative use of hibiscus! are they tart? ::mouth puckering:: alas! Daisy's have found salvation :) that is too cute! and finally the Brambleberry (never heard of Brambleberry, but I like the sound of the word! LOL) I must get my hands on some of that lip balm. My lips get tremendously chapped in the winter :( I'm sorry to hear about your glass dish mishap, but glad to hear that that was the only 'strange' Friday the 13th event :) I hope you have a wonderful fun weekend sweetness!

  2. I've never had a lot of "bad luck" on Friday the 13th (now that I say that.....probably something will happen), but one year I actually had a day of good luck!

    I love that pillow! Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  3. The pillow is beautiful!! Since it is almost dinner time those marshmallows are making my mouth water.
    Have a wonderful weekend. We have snow forecasted for tomorrow. Had a bit today but it is all melted now.

  4. Fun Friday finds, Jessica! Have a fabulous weekend.

    Best wishes,

  5. I've been in good spirits too! Umm...I mean..into the good 'spirits.' My boss brought a rather large bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream to the office, which we made quick work of on our coffee breaks! And, I managed to stay conscious, and get my work done!

  6. I had a very dull, full-of-work Friday the 13th. How nice to end it discovering this lovely mention of the sweater from my shop! Thank you, Jessica--your description is wonderful and so much more evocative than mine. :)

    I now need to try rosebud marshmallows--yum!

  7. The Parisien pillow is wonderful! I'm attempting to inject a vintage French theme into our spare room (amongst all the laundry and suitcases stored there) and will drop some not-so-subtle hints to the fiancee about a potential bday pressie. :)

  8. Beautiful finds, Jessica! Love the French collage! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  9. Hi wonderful dears, thank you very much for your comments, I always adore hearing from each of you!

    To those who inquired about the taste of hibiscus flowers, I find them very pleasant. They have have a slight natural sweetness (a bit like honeysuckle, not peppery like nasturtiums), which is often accentuated by the fact that they tend to be sold packed in jars of light syrup. The website Wild Hibiscus is a good source if you're looking to try these lovely flowers (Wild Hibiscus). I'm personally a fan of eating flowers and have had fun playing around with roses and lavender in the dessert department too, either of which flavour would likely make for a wonderful marshmallow.

    Thank you again, everyone, I hope you're each having a fantastically splendid weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  10. I love the daisy necklace, but they don't make it anymore. sad.