September 26, 2009

Saturday Snapshots {September 26, 2009}

“Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

{The moment I spied this cheerfully hued photo, I was instantly reminded of the children’s nursery rhyme that began with the words, “Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?”. Don’t you just love her plaid dress and darling Heidi-esque braids.}

{The woman in this photo is beguilingly lovely, even fifty six years after the shutter was snapped, her lips still look cheery red, her pearls as pristine as snowdrops. I adore her ensemble, hair and make-up, and wonder what “Aunt Martha” (as she’s identified) was dressed so elegantly for.}

{A group of young women sit intently around a large quilt they’re crafting together in this charming photo. Are you also curious what colours their creation was composed of?}

{The ladies are all smiles in this fantastic - cheekily whimsical – 1930s photo, the fellows however seem to be a bit more sombre. Perhaps they were wishing they looked half as fabulous as their dates did!}

{The fantastically bright hues in this shot of Fremont Street, Las Vegas, and the wonderful assortment of (now) classic cars, make this vacation snap look like a scene plucked from a movie.}

{A stylish young couple pose in the Texas sunlight against their car in this lovely shot from 1937. I wonder who these stylish youngsters were, what became of their lives, and - on a less intense note - what brand beverage they're holding in their hands.}

{Vintage snapshots are not only about posed photo ops. Just as is the case today, photographers of yesteryear often turned their lenses towards scenes that they found captivating or interesting for whatever reason (beauty, uniqueness, strangeness, for the sake of remembrance, etc). This shot is strikingly well composed; the rider and horse mirrored perfectly in the pristine water, speak to the temporary reflection of a moment in time that all photos ultimately share in common.}

{A beautiful pair of brides pose together in this 1945 photo. As someone who remembers discussing the option with more than one childhood friend of having a double wedding (none of said mutual nuptials panned out, but it was certainly fun at the time to dream), I’m intrigued by photos of actual friends (or sisters, cousins, etc) that decided to share their special day of matrimonial bliss together.}

{The family’s warmer clothes would indicate that the weather was either unseasonably chilly or that this 1954 snap was taken during the colder months. Each of relatives’ expressions is interesting. The boys seem a tad quizzical and bored, mother appears to have something on her mind but she’s forcing out a weak smile, and grandmother’s stern expression could make her a shoe-in for a school headmistress.}

{A lone woman (“Maxine”) poses confidently and reflectively against a fence post in this photo from the 1940s. I adore not only her becoming trouser outfit, but also the look of intent thought across her lovely face.}

{All images above are from Flickr. To learn more about a specific image, please click on it to be taken to its respective Flickr page.}

I treasure happiness and believe in seeking it out in all that I do and say, from each new encounter and every person I come in contact with. Though felicity is not always with us, it is never truly far away either. The pursuit of personal joy can be a lifelong mission, one that has woven itself through the story of humanity for as long as it has been written, but I could think of fewer journeys more rewarding to find oneself on in this world.


  1. My, what delightfully intriguing collection of images. I have so many favourites - the Moon, the couple in Texas and the seaside family snapshot. They truly reveal the power of the face in expressing thoughts and wishes. The seaside scene capturing the expressions that many of us true so hard in concealing before the camera!

  2. It's so nice to reminisce and take a look back to old times. Even the poses on the photo are very different, you wouldn't want to do it really these days. lol.. BTW, I love the vintage cars, would like one of them restored :)

  3. Jessica,

    As always, you picked out wonderful pictures to share with us! I love looking at them. My favorite is the last :-) Have a very wonderful weekend dearie!

  4. Jessica, you are precious! (your last quote)

    Each of those photos you post can leave each of us wondering "the rest of the story" Or we can make up one of our own.

    I think those men are all wondering how they got convinced to do a photo.

    The double wedding has me wonder if it was maybe an indoctrination into a nunnery.

    The lady leaning against the fence post. Seeing a whole new world out there. Wanting to break free to the big city.

    we could ponder on and on....

  5. I always enjoy these photos you post... But even more so I enjoyed your closing words. Very true. Some of us are always striving to find it. Here's to appreciating what's right in front of us. Hope you are having a peaceful weekend Jessica. :)

  6. Your selection is always so good! I adore the pic with the moon :-)

  7. Jessica, great pictures. I love the couples with the moon and the little girl in the first photo is perfect. The plaid in her skirt match the hollyhocks just perfect. I love your photos.. A great start to my day. Thank you!!

  8. These are beautiful shots! I love the one of Aunt Martha!

  9. I'll bet those guys feel peeved that they don't get to sit on the moon. That's where the cool cats sit! And Maxine's outfit is lovely!

    I love all of these photos, and I love that you share them with us.

  10. These are all wonderful. I really dig the one in Vegas. Ultra cool. Hope you've had an awesome weekend. Cheers!

  11. The Vegas picture is my favorite, hands down. AMAZING Jessica!! <333

  12. Hi Jessica, love these trips down memory lane! Each and every one brings back a memory of mine; so many thank yous.

  13. I really appreciate your joy and positivity!! That kind of attitude makes life a little easier to bear :)

  14. How lovely, Jess! Have a whimsical evening!

  15. Love that Hawthorne quote, and the images of course...your eloquent thoughts at the end were most inspiring, though. xoxo.

  16. These are fantastically gorgeous, as always when handpicked by Chronically Vintage! I most love Maxine and the pair of brides. What a lovely idea and photograph-there were far less bridezillas then I suppose. And the Heidi braids make me long for the hair I've cut off!

  17. Thank you dearly everyone for your wonderful comments. I generally try to reply to each one, but I'm not in the best of health today, so I hope you will each accept a visit to your own marvelous blogs, my sincere thanks here, and wishes for a truly fantastic October to each of you!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica