September 11, 2009

Five For Friday {September 11, 2009}

...The first traces of autumn’s telltale chill drift across the early morning air. The sun will pounce again with intensity before too long, but for the moment the calming scent and feel of the season that lies ahead invigorates my mind, body and soul, calling forth the need for elements that continue to capture the inherent beauty of early September...

♥ ♥ ♥

{To celebrate the enchanting splendor of roses before the first frost hits}

{Granted in this day and age all manner of roses are available year round, but much as I try to eat what is in season, so too do I (often) aim for flowers that speak for their key growing seasons. This arrangement of hydrangea, wax flower, willow and ballerina-esque peach roses seems to capture the crisp whiteness of summer the orange hues of early autumn to a tee, making it an ideal addition for your “between seasons” table setting. “Wedding Centerpiece in glass bubble bow”, $99.00 (US) from}

{To satisfy both your sweet tooth and love of vintage inspired packaging}

{Cast in molds from 18 vintage buttons, these rich milk chocolates from UK brand Hotel Chocolate are almost too lovely to eat. Yet don’t feel bad if you do give into the urge for a nibble, the antique inspired, robin’s egg blue box they come in is also sweetly gorgeous. 100g package of milk chocolate buttons, £6.00 (UK pounds) from Hotel Chocolate.}

{To inject an instant dose of visual tranquility into your weekend}

{I adore photography of all types, but have a particular fondness for both shooting and viewing images that hone on the resplendent elegance that lurks in everyday items or paired down moments in time, such as the soothing, stunning photos that make up the Pure, Simple and natural Flickr group (which the four images above hail from).}

{To ensure your walls are anything but drab through this coming winter}

{A little bit colonial, a smidge Victorian, and boosting a delightful dose of vintage charm, this quirky – but still entirely elegant – wallpaper features hand-drawn sketches and is designed with larger walls in mind. I would love to paste it in a stately study, cozy dining room or inviting front hall, but could also see it working well in a good sized bedroom or kitchen, too. Ten metre long roll of “Silbodal yellow green background” wallpaper, 1,300.00 (Swedish Kronor, approximately $186.00 US dollars per roll), from Swedish online decor shop Wingbud Wallpaper.}

{To make you smile every time you look at their adorable, slightly cheeky faces}

{This pair of tiny vintage kitten figures would look so sweet perched on any shelf, window sill or dresser top. Available for an absolute song at just $2.00 (US) for both cats, from etsy seller In His Word.}

Today’s date is a sombre one that holds many meanings and links to powerful memories for all who recalls its occurrence eight years ago. I would just like to take a moment to think of those affected, in whatever capacity, by the events of September 11th and the aftermath that followed. May peace be with you all.

To my wonderfully dear readers, I wish you each a deeply serene and beautiful weekend ahead.


  1. Beautiful picks this week, chocolate, yay! lol

  2. Thank you for that little bit of serene beauty. Those roses are divine, and chocolate looks so yummy. Wishing you a weekend of peace and rest. :):)

    xoxo, nicolette

  3. Beautiful post! I loved the calming white and natural elements of your photo collage. You really captured the essence of the end of summer beauty. Oh, and those chocolate buttons have to be the cutest candy I have ever seen, I really want some now!
    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. As always, I love to visit your simply gorgeous blog! It inspires me and fills me with calm. Thank you Jessica for sharing your creative gifts with us!

  5. oh Jessica, you have always these wonderful finds!I am a real chocolate lover and now you show me these in vintage style...just perfect!you are the best!good weekend adorable woman!

  6. That wallpaper is amazing! And those kittens would make me melt if they perched on my desk!~ So sweet.

  7. Hi Jessica-
    I think your blog is SPECIAL, so I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. Please stop by GirlWhimsy to see the rules of receiving the award. Have a great weekend!

  8. You are ever gracious. You have a wonderful weekend also.

  9. Oh honey fabulous images. You pick the best! I love the first two especially.

    Peace and love,

  10. I want 2 spend some quality time w/U! stay sweet my dear one xoxo

  11. Those chocolates are beautiful - almost too beautiful to eat. Hehe.
    -Andi x

  12. Oh ! Thank you so much ! Everything is beautiful !

  13. Then two vintage cats are adorable! Have a lovely weekend x

  14. @ Maggi, thank you very much! (Agreed, chocolate always incites a "big yay" around these parts, too! :D)

    @ Simply Colette, you're so very welcome!Oodles of thanks in turn for your lovely comment and weekend wishes.

    @ Lizzy, thank you very much for your lovely comment, sweet dear. Those buttons are particularly fantastic (and adorable), I agree. I think they would make wonderful wedding or birthday party favours!

    @ Bee and Rose, you're too kind for words, thank you very much, honey.

    @ Greetz from Tiz, awww, thank you very much, sweetie! Being called "adorable woman" made my whole weekend, thank you!!!

    @ Lemondrop Marie, I agree, they are so delightful! I just adore little vintage figurines like that, they seem so much more expressive and unique than the bulk of the mass produced modern day versions on the market.

    @ Debbie, you're such a wonderful dear, thank you deeply for the Kreativ Blogger award, I appreciate it very much!

    @ Sher, what a dearly kind comment, thank you very much, my sweet friend.

    @ Dustjacket Attic, scores of thanks, darling soul!

    @ Lagelle, I would absolutely adore the chance to spend time hanging out with you, too, honey! We could go vintage shopping together and spend all day chatting about fashion :)

    @ Andi, I thought the very same thing, but I guess if you twisted my arm I might be persuaded to somehow polish off a chocolate or know, because it would be a perfect shame to let food go to waste by not eating ;D

    @ Stéphanie, you're so very welcome, sweet heart!

    @ Pink Flower, they are rather precious, I agree (as does my darling cat, Stella :D). Thank you very much, I hope you're having a splendid weekend, too!

    Thank you each very much for your wonderfully lovely comments. I hope that you're all having a serene and beautiful weekend!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica