September 4, 2009

Five For Friday {September 4, 2009}

...A rough week leaves the mind weary but not entirely haggard. At the same time joyful that September has arrived, using the glee that this event brought with it to help unburden some of the other thoughts from my head. A weekend for healing and relaxing, celebrating Labour Day and bringing together five delightful, entirely eclectic recent finds...

♥ ♥ ♥

{To give a modern invention a thoroughly old school spin}

{This adorable and clever DIY kit allows you to adhere stickers that look like classic vinyl records to any CD (or computer disk) you wish, adding a fun vintage vibe to bland silver hued CDs everywhere! Vintage Vinyl CD packaging kit with 25 label stickers, $14.00 (US) from Turntable Lab.}

{To bestow a focal wall with a huge jolt of playful yet elegant art}

{Peering inside famed fashion designer Lulu Guinness’ home, I came across this photo of a wall in her study adorned with an amazing oversized silhouette hanging. I love this silhouette; it seems to be of a woman who looks as though she could have walked off the stage of Mad Men. It is however, based on Lulu herself, and, according to the article, can be ordered from The Rug Company (though I wasn’t able to find a listing for it on the site). I adore the idea of covering one of your walls with a giant vintage or antique looking silhouette cut-out or painting, don't you? Photo via Living Etc.}

{To make snack time even more enjoyable!}

{Credit for this find goes entirely to my beloved little sister who is currently trekking across Australia. Knowing I adore all things vintage, she sent me a snapshot that she was able to take in a store there of several bags of potato chips sporting very Vargas inspired looking pin-up gals! Intrigued, I instantly Googled the brand’s name (Sultry Sally) and discovered that they’re a very low fat brand of chips that are available in four delicious sounding flavours. I would buy these chips in heartbeat just for their gorgeous packaging, but am also highly intrigued to know how they taste. According to the official Sultry Sally website, these chips (or crisps, if you prefer) are available at various retailers across Australia. Photo via}

{To make the act of washing the dishes about a million times more beautiful}

{Growing up I would sometimes spy tables set up at malls and craft fairs, often manned by adorable little old ladies, selling J.R. Watkins products – extracts in particular, though I don’t recall ever having any of this company’s items around our house. Fast forward many years and I’ve become a devoted fan of this brand, which I’m happy to report, can now be found from many sources (including online). Aside from the tried and true extracts and other edible goodies, this brand serves up a fantastic array of natural home-care product such as the soothing yet lively lemon scented lemon dish soap pictured above, in containers with stunningly pretty, antique inspired labels. 750ml/24 fl oz bottle of dish soap, $6.99 (US) from J.R. Watkins.}

{To delight both your bookworm and princess sides}

{Renowned as an actress, revered as royalty, and respected the world over for her impeccably sophisticated and elegant fashion sense, Grace Kelly is truly a timeless muse. Treat yourself to a hardcover book bustling with photos of this legendary lady, which I’m sure is a tremendous source of all manner of inspiration, just as Grace herself was. Grace Kelly: A Life in Pictures, $24.99 (US) from}

What are your plans, my wonderful dears, as we dash into the last long weekend of the summer? Are you jaunting off on a trip, sticking to your own town, or parking yourself in the backyard while Mother Nature is still smiling down sunshine on us?

However you spend your Labour Day weekend, I hope it’s a fantastic, dazzling and very fun-filled one for you!!!


  1. Ooo honey everything is so yummy. I just love the J.R.Watkins ~ the bottle is gorgeously retro, Grace Kelly wow what style. The silhouette is just beautiful.
    Take care sweetie,

  2. Hey Jessica. I really love that Grace Kelly book. I need that. I hope you will have a fantastic weekend. Take care. Cheers!

  3. I do love your '5 for friday' Jessica! :)
    The packaging for the crisps really remind me of these peppermints when I was on holiday in Center Parcs! The packaging just made me want to buy the mints no matter what they actually tasted like!

    I haven't got much planned for the weekend to be honest. It's my last week volunteering with the children at my local library :( So I think I'm just going to make the most of that :)
    Have a brilliant weekend m'dear :)

    ~Kirsty x

  4. Lovely Friday post! I just love that kit to make CDs look like little records, that is so fun. That Grace Kelly book looks so inspiring to look through, she had absolutely breaktaking fashion to be sure!
    Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  5. Oh, Jessica, how I wish I lived down under so I, too, could taste Sultry Sally! I may have to beg my Aussie friends to share some with this unfortunate American gal! *pout*

  6. Great picks, I love silhouettes! Going thrifting with mom and then off to anniversary dinner with hubby tomorrow, yay! lol

  7. Lovely, lovely. Those chips are fab and I just saw the whole line of Watkins in the shop the other day.

    And Grace Kelly? Fab-u-lous.

  8. Lovely collection of pictures as ever! For the weekend i'm off to have a splash at the coast! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Hope you are doing a little better. Such fun to have new products, even if it is for washing dishes! I'll just be relaxing this weekend. See where the wind blows me. And you? Enjoy!


  10. Hope you have a delightful weekend, my Dear Jessica! We will be hosting guests for the weekend and entertaining said guests doing all the tourist-type things that Savannah has to offer. Fun!!!

  11. I could even make myself like doing the washing-up, if only I had this adorable soap bottle!

  12. Thanks for sharing all these interesting finds...I hope your weekend is a lovely one...take care and do nice things for

  13. Wonderful collection!! We're staying at home and preparing for a big trip at the end of the month. Have a wonderful weekend yourself! xo

  14. Great post today. I am a total Watkins girl and couldn't live without their products. They have some really cool products that are hard to find, and some really eco-friendly ones too.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I just love the Grace Kelly book - such style!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  16. @ Dustjacket Attic, thank you very much, sweet dear! I adore the Watkins line not only for their effective products, but most of all for their amazingly lovely packaging. Don't you just wish everything came as prettily packaged as their items do?

    @ Keith, I just happened upon that book on Friday by pure chance. I was checking out the "what's new" section of and saw it there, hopefully it will be stock for a while and you can pick up a copy.

    @ Kirsty, thank you, honey dear! I've never heard of those mints before, what is the brand? Were they any good? If so, I'd love to feature them in a future Five For Friday post - you can never have too many pin-up bedecked packages.

    I hope your last weekend at the library went really well. I'm sure you've made a big impact on those sweet kids' lives.

    @ Greetz fro Tiz, it's such pretty soap, I agree, sweetie!

    @ Lizzy, I love those record labels, too! Such a clever idea! If only it was that easy to make more things look vintage :D

    @ Rapunzel, I'm with you there, honey! Perhaps in time, if the line becomes popular down under, they'll start importing to the States, Canada and elsewhere. Otherwise, you're right, we'll just have to sweet talk our Aussie friends into sending some up to this side of the equator :)

    @ Maggi, that sounds like a fantastic day, I hope you unearth a ton of wonderful vintage treasures while out thrifting!

    @ Sarah, Grace was deeply fantastic, I agree!

    @ Pink Flower, ohhhh that sounds so fabulous, I hope you have a marvelous splash! :)

    @ Simply Colette, thank you sweetly, my dear. I'm a *tiny* bit better, thank you for your caring words. I've been trying to relax all weekend, too! Sometimes you just have to scale back and kick up your feet for a couple of days, I totally agree.

    @ Randi, I hope you're having a great weekend with your out-of-town guests. I really love playing "tourist in your own town", especially since there's still so much of Toronto I don't know a thing about (moved here 3.5 years ago).

    @ PaperDoll, :D very true! You know, they also make laundry soap in equally fantastic containers, so that's two chores that are suddenly way more fun! :)

    @ Chrisy, thank you very much, darling. I hope your weekend is going fantastically, too!

    @ Georgianna, how exciting! I hope all goes well in preparation for your trip, my sweet friend.

    @ Amanda, I'm a Watkins gal, too - and I agree, some of their items can be tricky to find elsewhere, which just makes me love their brand even more.

    @ Nora & Lola, thank you very much, sweet dears! I hope you had a splendid weekend, too!

    Huge thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! I hope you're each having marvelous weekends!!!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  17. I just came across your blog as I also like vintage items and was delighted with some of your finds. Love the silhouette and of coarse I'm a big fan of Watkins products. If anyone is looking for a source of the complete Watkins product line or a dealer they are welcome to drop by my site.

    I'm following your blog so I don't miss anything new!

  18. @ Melody, thank you very much for your comment, it's wonderful to make your acquaintance. I live in Toronto and Watkins products have become much easier to find in shops around here lately (names the personal care and cleaning products), but I know that in many parts of the country they're not as easy to find, which makes having reps like you who sell online all the more awesome! If anyone contacts me looking to buy Watkins products, I will send right along to your site.

    Thank you very much for your lovely words!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica