September 23, 2009

Are you on Flickr?

As you may have gathered if you follow this blog, I am a tremendously big fan of photography, whether antique, vintage or modern. I never tire of snapping my own shots or admiring those of others, so quite naturally I was drawn to Flickr like a moth to a flame.

Not only do I often post there myself, but I spend an inordinate amount of time on the site in general, pursuing photos, commenting on my Flickr friend’s amazing snaps, and swinging by a bevy of groups centred around all manner of things that tickle my (eclectic) fancy. In short, I am absolutely love Flickr! It is truly one of my favourite websites of all time and a never-ending bank of inspiration for me.

While uploading a few shots earlier this week, I began thinking about the really neat fact that before I I started chronicling my love of vintage online, some of the wonderful people whose vintage blogs I now follow, I knew firstly through their gorgeous Flickr streams (Super Kawaii Mama, Johanna Öst, Fleur, Millie Motts, and Casey, amongst others). Which really got me wondering which of my lovely visitors and blogging friends are on Flickr, too?

{Wonderfully pretty hand tinted photo of a woman holding a camera circa 1935.
Image via Omega418’s Flickr stream.}

Are you also a fan/addict of Flickr? Do you have an account there? (It doesn’t have to be one centred around your love of vintage, don’t worry!) If you do, and you’d like to be Flickr friends, I would love to follow your stream. If you’re interested, you can find me (and my preciously adorable cat, Stella) hanging out (all the time) on Flickr here.

Hope to follow you soon! :)


  1. I sure am on flickr! I just love it.
    There's also my old flickr account that I never update anymore:
    -Andi x

  2. Jessica, I'm not even sure how it works.. but I intend to find out. I have found that I love photos very much as well. Wish I had better equipment, but trying with what I have. I intend to hit Flickr and see what it's all about. Thanks for the advice and the input. Have a great day!!

  3. Oh isn't she gorgeous, what a sweet photo.

    I check flickr often, such a lot of interesting photos.

  4. That is a great photo. I always love looking around at photos. There is such a wide variety of things out there. Hope you've been having a good week. Cheers!

  5. I know you have my Pullip Flickr but here's my personal one: I'm hoping to scan in some of the pics I got from my in-laws while we were in NY asap!

  6. Jessica
    Thanks for the visit at my blog. Your kind words and encouragement warm my heart. Bless you my friend. Have a wonderful day!!

  7. I'm not on Flickr though I've been thinking about joining. If I was I would certainly be Flickr friends :)
    I love the pictures you have up on Flickr, you're such a talented photographer!
    And your kitty is extremely adorable :)

  8. I love that photo!
    I'm on flickr, too

  9. Stella is adorable ! Just like you !

  10. oh yes thats where we "met" isnt it?! flickr is soooooooooo addictive!!!!

  11. Jessica,

    You are a woman of many remarkable talents. Your photos are great. Love the third pic of Stella, what a sweetheart! I'm not on flickr, I'm always 5 steps behind the game on things, and sometimes never jump on the wagon. I should spend more time though. It may help. :) I'm always in awe of how detail oriented you are. You are truly a blog role model. ;)


  12. Hello, my name is Karyn and I'm a Flickrholic!

    I could spend days perusing through flickr! I adore the photo you highlighted!!


  13. What a stunning beauty! I wonder if that camera was a prop, or if she really knew how to wield that sucker...ah, histories mysteries!

  14. I am on flickr,visit my blog for the link!
    ps. happy to find your blog :)

  15. @ Andi, I adore your stream, honey! I've been following it for some time. I will definitely check out your older stream, too! :)

    @ Tracey, I bet you would absolutely love Flickr, sweet friend. If you have any questions about Flickr, I'd be happy to *try* and answer them.

    @ Dustjacket Attic, she is so wonderful, I agree!

    I check Flickr constantly - if I had a dollar for every time I've checked it over the past couple of years I'd be rich by now :D

    @ Keith, absolutely, the variety on Flickr is a big part of it's appeal.

    @ Maggi, thank you, darling gal, I've added you! :)

    @ Love the Decor! You're very welcome, thank you for writing the earnest, wonderful posts that you do.

    @ Lizzy, You're so kind, thank you very much! (Call me biased, but I agree, Stella is uber adorable). I'm sure we would be Flickr friends, sweetie. If you ever join, please let me know that we can add one another.

    @ Kate Gabrielle, thank you very much for sharing your Flickr name. I just looked you up and realized that I already follow your wonderful stream. How delightful is that! :)

    @ Stéphanie, awwww, merci! You're so sweet, thank you very much (from both Stella and me).

    @ Elena, oui! We did indeed first "interwebs" paths on Flickr, sweet soul. It's soooo addictive, but in the best possible way :)

    @ Simply Colette, thank you deeply, your immensely kind words mean a great deal to me - seriously, you warmed my heart to the core, thank you so much!

    @ Karyn, *stands up and blushes a little* "My name is Jessica and I'm a Flickrholic, too" :D You're in good company, my dear, I could spend 24/7 on Flickr and never tire of it :)

    @ Gabriel Girl, great question! I'd pondered that myself. The photographer in likes to think she was a lady of the lens too :)

    @ Dizzy Dame, I madly adore the photos on your blog and Flickr stream. Your skill at capturing the spirit of the past through your gorgeous work is uncanny - not to mention truly inspirational!

    Thank you each very much, it's awesome to discover that some of you are on Flickr, too. I loved checking out your streams and look forward to following your delightful photos.

    Wishing you each a marvelous Friday,
    ♥ Jessica

  16. Ah that picture is a delight, her smile is so marvelously appealing! I do have a flikr ( but its more of a collection hub for my blog images in case I loose them all off my computer before I get around to blogging about them but feel free to pop by! x

  17. I am on Flickr too!


  18. @ Pink Flower, thank you, my dear. I'm following you now and must say you have such wonderful vintage treasures on your stream!

    @ AlicePleasance, marvelous stream, I love seeing all of your delightful outfits. Consider me a dedicated follower now :)

    Many thanks to you each for sharing your streams with me, it's wonderful to learn more about you through your lovely images.

    Big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica