September 21, 2009

Pretty Link Roundup {September 21, 2009}

Happy Monday, my wonderful dears, how are you each on this last day of summer 2009? I for one am counting down the seconds until autumn – my most beloved of all seasons – begins. Mother Nature has taken a decidedly low-key approach to things here today, gentle rain cascades against the bustling highway that’s visible from our living room window, large grey clouds like bunny tails fill the sky as evening rolls in. There is a sense that summer gearing up to leave, packing its bags (bedecked, I like to imagine, with stickers from the scores of tropical destinations it’s so keen on spending time at) and putting its affairs in order before bowing out gracefully to fall.

I am excited not only about the upcoming season, but about the upcoming blog posts I plan to write that will be focused around autumn; the return of hearty, soul soothing comfort food dishes cooked for long hours, shorter hours of daylight (call me mad, if you wish, but I don’t mind having the sun set earlier in the day because it means that it stays dark later in the morning, something that I’ve always been a fan of), and the cozy joy of being able to wear more than a handkerchief’s worth of fabric without collapsing from the sweltering heat - amongst many other lovely elements of the golden season.

{With the return of autumn comes the grand beauty of falling, rusty jewel toned leaves. Should you have a tree filled yard at your house, such as the one in this vintage 1953 photo from Time Life, that means chances are you’ll soon be raking up piles of leaves to bag – or jump into, as you desire :D}

Tonight however, it’s time for the latest edition of Pretty Link Roundup. I often publish this post on the weekend, but sometimes, such as today, it appears on Monday or some other time of the week. I like to average a link roundup about once a week, but the exact day of its appearance is far from written in stone. For the key element is that such a post gives me a chance to share with you all some of the delightful, fascinating, and often beautiful links that have sprung up on my radar over the past few days. I sincerely hope that you enjoy today’s offerings!

♥ ♥ ♥

* Repurposed vintage suitcases: The ever-amazing Karyn of French Charming shares several of her favourite pretty – and hugely creative – ideas for repurposing vintage suitcases, from turning them into pet beds to crafting one into a medicine cabinet.

* Nine reasons why we need to overdress: While not expressly focused on vintage wear, this post from Style Margarine is sure to strike a chord with fashionistas near and far who enjoy dressing lavishly and/or with a distinct personal style.

* Shopping the Old East London Way: The charming blog Polly Farthing Vintage explores some of London’s best shopping districts from days gone by, with the help of collages composed of some absolutely wonderful vintage photos.

* Vintage Coats: 1950s: A swoon-worthy selection of images of fantastically elegant coats from the fifties fills this wonderful post from Couture Allure.

* We’re sharing the best ever Forties beauty secrets: Feel like your beauty routine is in a rut? Need some time-honoured tips on how to look your best? Just love reading about beauty related topics from the past? If you answered yes to any of those points, this advice packed post from Queens of Vintage is definitely for you!

* 8 Ways to Wear Clip on Earrings: While I’d venture to guess that the majority of earring wearers these days have pierced ears (not everyone does though, my beloved mother has never pierced her ears and has always enjoyed wearing clip on), in days gone by clip on earrings were fairly popular, too. While those with pierced ears can certainly still wear clip ons still, too, this article suggests several other creative uses for turning these charming pieces in fashionable accessories such as a rings and ponytail decorations.

* Is applying liquid eyeliner your biggest beauty frustration?: For those who like to incorporate cosmetics into their vintage looks, eye make-up is one of the best ways to instantly convey a 1940s or 50s look – especially if you employ the use of eyeliner (especially classic black liner atop the upper eyelid). Mastering how to apply liquid eyeliner can be tricky to though, but fortunately there’s no need to shy away from using this classic cosmetic, especially when you have handy how-to tips like the ones in this article from Little Miss Make-Up at your disposal.

* Fashion Sneakers: I’m not an avid wearer of sneakers (minus, of course, when exercising), but I do think that with certain casual and/or summer vintage looks, the right type of old fashion looking sneakers can be adorable. In this image based post Millie Motts shares a small handful of vintage ads for deck shoe style sneakers that I certainly wouldn’t mind wearing.

* Ladies Home Journal, 1940: A marvelous assortment of pages scanned from a 1940 copy of Ladies Home Journal fill this post. They’re an awesome look back at the year, including the influence at the time of Gone With The Wind, ladies fashions, and home decor.

* The Depression blues – hard times & helpful hints: A Stitch in Time peers back at the tremendously difficult times faced during the Great Depression and parallels some of the steps people took back then (to survive and make ends meet) to those being adopted by people feeling the economic crunch these days.

* Letters of Note: My darling husband brought this link to my attention, and I’m ever so glad he did as I’ve always been immensely fascinated with genuine examples of antique and vintage letters, notes, postcards, telegraphs and other similar forms of written correspondence, such as those highlighted within the pages of this site.

♥ ♥ ♥

Luxurious, captivating and gorgeous are three words that spring to mind whenever I zip over to the chic pages of Blonde and Red. Merging a deep adoration for Marilyn Monroe with a trove of high end, often wonderfully sparkly accessory, jewelry and fashion finds, all the while wearing a vintage vibe through everything, this image focused blog is akin to strolling down a street chocked full of high end streets and a vintage photo gallery.

This week’s Your Blog is an Inspiration award goes to Red and Blonde's terrific site. Thank you B&R for the glam, glittery fabulousness you fill your pages with. I always end up lusting after some treasure you’ve highlighted, and am entranced by the myriad of Marilyn images that showcase each week. Thank you for creating the beautiful blog that you do, it is a wonderful source of inspiration.

♥ ♥ ♥

A charming little fashion clip from 1955 featuring a group of glamorously lovely, superbly well dressed women showcasing popular handbag styles takes the video spotlight this week. Which style is your favourite? I’m a fan of the classic doctor’s bag look myself.

{Vintage Handbags: 1955 Newsreel}

♥ ♥ ♥

The cloud covered sun has gone to bed for the day since I began writing this post, but the gentle rain and the whirl of water splashing up from countless tires rumbling over the pavement many floors below are both wonderfully audible still. These evening hours are peaceful, lovely moments that seem like the perfect way to usher in fall’s joyful return, setting off the next season on a serene note which I hope will carry through for the remainder of the year.

Wishing you each a splendid week and autumn ahead!


  1. Jessica, I cannot tell you how much I love reading your blog posts, I think I know more than the average vintage lover about vintage fashion but I always learn something more from your posts. Thank you so much. And...1953 is by far my fav year ever and I ADORE that picture so much.

  2. Hi Jessica, Oh my, you are a night owl! Marvelous post, as always, and a beautifully written farewell to summer. Hope you enjoy the rain and the lights sparkling in the night! :) – g

  3. ooooh so much to read here...will go back for a browse...ta so much for putting all this entertainment together!

  4. I think the lady in pic one is so so stylish, love that picture.

    The clip is just fabulous and thank you for all the links.

  5. My fav is the link about different ways to wear clip-on earrings - so fun!

  6. Hey Jessica. Great post as usual. I always enjoy your newest post. I do hope you had a good summer. Now it's on to fall. This is actually my favorite season of the year. I'm so excited every year when it rolls around. Take care. Cheers!

  7. jessica...
    thank you for your beautiful writing, your generous link to my blog (stitch in time) and for helping me discover "words of note" - simply wonderful!

    as your days get shorter ours get longer as summer with bags packed full of portrait hats, vintage swimsuits and loren-style sunglasses heads australias way... we be sure to show it a good time when it gets here!

    have a delightful week

    x analiebe

  8. Love this week's links, so excited that Fall is here!

  9. I'm so glad you linked A Stitch in Time - it's great to see more Australian vintage blogs. =D Plus, I just adore her. (I suppose I may seem biased as I've done some guest posts there hehe) ;]
    -Andi x

  10. I so agree with you about Fall! I love that it's getting dark earlier!!! It's so wonderful that the sun isn't out as early either :-)

  11. What a wonderful blog post. While Autumn may have officially arrived, she didn't make a grand entrance here :0(. Today's projected high is supposed to be 104, which means in my "valley" it will hit 110. Oh, Autumh, how I long for your coo days and breezy nights...

  12. I agree, love that doctor's bag! Although the striped one looks awful fun too :-)

    Thanks for sharing, and the links are wonderful! How perfect is that overdressing article, as the season for layers begins?

  13. Thank you so much Jessica for this post !
    The links are great !

  14. I love your description at the bottom of this post. Capturing such moments in writing is beautiful! I enjoy doing that too. The photo brings back memories of raking the yard - I miss fall leaves!


  15. Love that picture up top. That picture alone is fashion inspiration. Simple pencil skirt and probably cashmere sweater, very classy.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Again, another fabulous post! I just adore the thought and time you put into each of your post and holy moly...thanks for including me in your Pretty Link Roundup!

    Oh Jessica, it was a miserable 100 degrees here today. I know the crisp cool air will be here soon but I wish it was now! I can't wait to wear my sweaters and call me crazy but I can't wait to rake some leaves!

    Okay sweet dear, I'm off to visit all the links, have a wonderful day!


  17. I love those last few words dear friends. Had to read them twice with for the visualization. Sounds so peaceful! I love nights like that. The cool air with the windows cracked, ahh! I loved Kayrn's post this week too about the vintage cases.

    P.S. I also bought cinnamon twigs for my sunflower arrangement. The house smells yummy!

  18. Wonderful links Jessica! I am always impressed by the womderful things you find. A constant inspiration!

    Best Wishes,

  19. Hey Jessica,

    What a great post...I've been lost in links for a while and now I'm back. "Happy Autumn" to you and your husband.

    I've been so busy getting more put away in my studio and now I've misplaced my digital camera..grrr I've missed visited you and I'll be back come by to see me!

    Hugs, Stephanie

  20. @ A Vintage Revival, what an immensely lovely thing for you to say, thank you very much, my dear.

    @ Georgianna, you got me there, darling, I do tend to favour the wee hours of the night ;P I'm not an insomniac (knock wood!), my body just seems to prefer being awake when the moon is out. Thank you for your sweet comment, my fellow night owl :D

    @ Chrisy, you're super welcome, so glad you enjoyed these links!

    @ Dustjacket Attic, I agree, I've never seen anyone look lover whilst they were raking. I wonder if she knew at the time just how fantastically elegant and well-composed she looked?

    @ Piney Rose, I thought that one was really fun, too! It got me thinking of some other ways to use them, too, such as turning them into magnets or attaching them to sturdy hair clips/bobby pins to make hair accessories.

    @ Keith, it's hands down my favourite season, too! I'm all but giddy this week with excitement over autumn's return! :)

    @ Analiebe, you are immensely welcome, sweet dear. Thank you very much for your beautiful comment, it's wonderful to "meet" you, I've long admired your terrific site.

    @ Maggi, thank you, sugar! I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement that autumn is here, too! I might just have to bake a pie in celebration! :D

    @ Andi, I absolutely agree, sweetie. If you know of others that I haven't mentioned/don't have up on my blog roll, please by all means let me know about them, so that I can give them some exposure. (How cool that you've written for A Stitch in Time, I will have to swing by there today and look for your posts!)

    @ Kathie, yeehhh! It's awesome to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys having the sun set earlier in the day. I'd be willing to bet that you're also a big harvest moon fan, too? :)

    @ Rechelle, oh my goodness, that is positively sweltering! With any luck the forecast will be very, very off and you'll find yourself with autumn - instead of lingering dog days of summer, honey.

    @ Gabriel, It's really wonderful! I think it's entirely possible to "over dress" without looking kooky or out of place, and that article really helps to highlight how to make that possible. Three cheers for the season of layering! :)

    @ Cait, you are such a sweet and observant person, my dear, thank you very much for noticing my rather poetic observation of the day's weather.

    @ Sher, I totally agree, she looks like she could have just stepped out of a fashion magazine of the time. That's a huge part of why I love vintage fashion, women looked so amazing even when doing the most mundane and everyday of activities. Their elegance and style inspire my own so very much.

    @ Karyn, hi sweet soul, thank you so much for your comment. I'm very sorry to hear about the ludicrous heat that continues to plague your neck of the woods. You must be just about ready to board the next plane to the Swiss Alps. Fingers crossed that the respite of autumn reaches you really soon!!!

    @ Simply Colette, you're such a lovely dear, thank you very much for your comment. I adore cinnamon sticks (your word is way better, "twigs"), too! I tried putting them out last winter with some of my Christmas things, but Stella (our cat, who was a mere kitten then) kept stealing them :D Maybe I'll try again with my Thanksgiving table and see if she's gotten past the cinnamon swiping stage ;D

    @ Amanda, you're too kind for words, thank you for truly brightening my day with your touching comment, darling girl.

    @ Stephanie, so awesome to have you back!!! Oh no, I hope your camera shows up right away! I'll be sure to pop by and see you really soon, my sweet friend, thank you.

    Huge thanks to you each for your wonderful comments! I hope that the coming season will be one of great joy, excellent health, and countless terrific memories for all of you!

    ♥ Jessica

  21. @ Stéphanie, thank you very much, sweet heart! I'm very happy you enjoyed these lovely links :)

    Oodles of hugs!
    ♥ Jessica