June 12, 2014

Sara does 1980s does 1940s

There is no end to the number of ways that I adore today' guest blogger. She's a fellow vintage wearer (and redhead), West Coast resident, tilt hat aficionado, and all around truly cool lady named Sara Wood from the stellar blog Lillies & Remains that many of you may know already (if you don't, pop on over to Sarah's and say hello today).

Sara has the sort of charismatic, unflinchingly witty, brilliant personality and mind that instantly makes you take notice of her and her blog, and to want to become fast friends, which I'm happy to say we've been for quite some time now.

Not only is Sara a great writer and hat-doffingly-worthy expert on mid-century fashions and jewelry, this gal can style an outfit like there's no tomorrow, never shies away from colour or glamorous accessories, and has the kind of megawatt smile the instantly lights up a room - or a photograph.

I'm honoured today to present you with this marvelous outfit post from Sara, who, much like myself, is a devoted fan of that far too frequently overlooked genre of clothing that is 1980s does 1940s styles (a topic I chatted about in detail in this post last fall).

Thank you so much for being a part of Chronically Vintage, dear Sara, and for countless ways in which you, your keen vintage fashions sense, and your gorgeous blog never fail to inspire me.

Hello to you all! My name is Sara, from Lilies & Remains. The lovely Jessica asked me to do a guest blog post for you all, while she gallivants off to Vancouver BC. I racked my brain trying to think of a theme, and then my inspiration hit – why, Jessica herself! I admit, I have a bit of an “era snob,” if you will. I don’t mean to be. I know it’s absurd to be such a stickler for *only 40s* fashion. I try to buy cute dresses from other eras, and they sit in my closet. I’m rather embarrassed by it, if I’m being completely honest.

I’ve always admired Jessica’s sartorial skills. She has a knack for finding adorable “80s does 40s” (or 50s) dresses, and pulling off a completely authentic look. This outfit was absolutely put together with her in mind.

 photo pic1_zps35d8609f.jpg

 photo pic2_zps1f236983.jpg

 photo pic3_zpsdc4bf607.jpg

 photo pic4_zps46f977eb.jpg

 photo pic5_zps2477c049.jpg

{Photos by Jaynie Healy} 

Really, it’s just a flutter rayon 80s dress. But paired with 40s accessories & Bakelite? It’s screaming swing, not new wave. It doesn’t need to be an authentic age to be an authentic style.

I for one will be hunting down more 70s – 80s does 30s – 40s dresses for this summer. They are inexpensive… and most importantly, I feel comfortable wearing them, without fear of ruining something. (This is incredibly important to me, as one of my jobs is at a dive bar! Booze. Everywhere.)

Thank you, Jessica, for asking me to write a post for you! You’ve always been endlessly inspiring to me, and I’m absolutely honored.

xox Sara


  1. I totally agree with you. Jessica does have a way of making me look at newer clothing with new eyes. And you my dear look totally vintage and beautiful in that dress. Its a "if you didn't tell anybody,they'd never know" type dress.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sweeet! And I need to know what shade of red that is! Gorgeous. And is that a Beardsley inspired tattoo?? Cool.

    1. So close! (Love love LOVE Beardsley.) it's Gustav Klimt, Nuda Veritas <3

  3. What a cute look! I do really like the gentle reminder sometimes that 80s stuff can actually be a great buy. I'm a bit biased, and a lot of time I'll see the era and just skip right past it.

  4. this is a really gorgeous outfit! I am a sucker for polka dots

    retro rover

  5. What a nice girl! She is very stylish and has a sweet smile which really catching!The best side of blogging is that it allows you to meet charming people...

  6. Sara, I LOVE this look! That dress looks completely authentic. Also, your hair is just lovely!

    I love 80s does 40s/50s clothing for all the reasons you stated. They're perfect for situations where you want a good vintage look, but it's perhaps too precarious to wear older vintage.


  7. What an absolutely gorgeous lady and outfit. I have slowly been building a collection of 80s does 40s dresses, but I very seldom wear them so it's always great finding inspiration on your blog. I adore this polkadot teamed up with bright accessories. xxx

  8. I am so happy I met Sara thanks to you Jessica, I d like to see her blog now !
    This outfit is really interesting in the turn out of eras , i Love that, and her poodle hair like style is great.
    I fond her Tattoo also interesting...
    Want to know more ;)


  9. Lovely outfit. I always keep an eye out for this kind of dress though haven't had much luck lately sadly!

  10. Beautiful outfit and beautiful you, Sara, as usual !
    I LOVE your handbag and combined colorful bangles, so flashy !
    And your brooch...amazing...makes me think about one of mines that still waits to be worn ;-)
    Thansk for this colorful post, Sara & Jessica !

    1. Ack, says one of my fav 40s babes. *blush*

  11. What a lovely outfit! Totally looks 40s. Very inspiring!
    Thank you Sara and Jessica! :-)

    Miss Beta xx

  12. Yes, this is a spectacular plan (hunting down old 70s/80s) and wearing them as reproduced vintage, it is a lovely way to get the look for less. You look great in these frock and I love the tie thingy at the front. :D

  13. Aw, I didn't know you two were friends but it makes sense that two vintage lovelies are! Super point that newer frocks can give you a 'look' without the hefty pricetag and worry about preserving an older piece. P x

    1. Porcelina, I found you through Jessica! It must have been a comment.., or something? But I've been following you since (so bad at commenting, totally read & love your blog <3)

  14. I forgot all about the vintage look in the '80s! There was this '40s-'50's vibe going on- that and the prep look.

    Sara, I love the dress and your accessory choices! And now I'm off to explore your blog. :)


  15. I love that bag! and the buttons on that dress :)

  16. It would have fooled me ! beautiful dress and worn perfectly.

  17. a wonderful guest post by a lovely lady! love your style sara, keep up your fab vintage self!