June 2, 2014

25 vintage deals under $100 for June 2014

This past month's edition of Flickr Favourites, partnered with Mother's Day the following day (an event so often associated with flowers), as well as spring's triumphant return itself has really put me in the mood for all things floral. Not, loving flowers as I do, that I usually need much persuading in that direction, but after a lengthy, ice coated winter I'm all the more eager to throw of the snow shackles and fill my word with all kinds of blooms, from roses to lilacs to sunflowers and even the humble, hearty wildflowers that grown rather majestically amongst the sagebrush strewn hills around these parts.

I've been wearing florals or flower themed accessories nearly every day lately and knew as soon as June rolled into town that such garden inspired pieces were going to be at the heart this month's bargain friendly edition of 25 vintage deals under $100. While not everyone is a massive fan of sporting blooms in their wardrobe, very few of us, I'd venture to say, don't like to see and surround yourself with floral themed items - or the real, plucked from the backyard, deal themselves.

I hope that each of these well priced, spring and summertime perfect vintage items tickles your fancy and helps you feel even more elated that spring and many magnificent months of beautiful blooms are upon us once more.

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1. Is there any flower more evocative of the carefree, sun-kissed, lay-on-your-back-in-an-open-meadow days of early summer than the humble little daisy? I've yet to encounter one if there is! Why not bring a bouquet's worth to your wardrobe with this timelessly 1940s daisy adorned hat. It's just $24.99 from from Of Corsets Vintage (love the wordplay at work in this shop's clever name :)).

2. Celebrate the return of spring and summer's scrumptious produce crops by adorning some of your sewing projects with the fabulously cute designs in this vintage set of unused fruit and vegetables transfer patterns from the 1940s featuring cherries, pears, peas, radishes, tomatoes and peaches, amongst ten designs in total. Currently on sale for $11.52 from Anne 8865.

3. Cute, beautiful and highly practical, this wonderful little circa 1950s blue glazed ceramic storage box features a cluster of red cherries on top and would be ideal for storing everything from jewelry to wrapped candies, buttons to bobby pins. $22.00 from Ivorybird.

4. Bring the garden inside or place this darling 1940s/1950s hand painted birds and flowers ceramic planters on a safe spot outdoors and enjoy the whimsical beauty it imparts to any setting (it can, of course, be used simply as a lovely decorative or non-plant storage pieces as well). $23.00 from Less Than Perfect Vintage.

5. Very exciting!!! For the first time ever, I'm able to share with you some of the listings from my own Etsy shop in an addition of 25 Vintage Deals. This elegant 1950s red rhinestone and gold toned metal bow floral brooch is a timeless, warm weather perfect accessory that will merrily see you through into autumn and beyond, thanks to its goes-with-everything, works for each season colour palette and sophisticated design. $25.00 from Chronically Vintage on Etsy.

6. This fabulously pretty 1940s floral print seersucker plus size dress boasts a large collar, decorative buttons on the shoulders, pockets and a wrap closure. It's the ideal casual piece for spring, summer, and warm climates the whole year 'round. Fits up a 42 to 48" bust and 34" to 38" waist. $58.00 from Lantana Vintage.

7. There is little out there that these sweet, beautiful clear glass, gold foil backed vintage shank buttons from the 1940s won't go with. Use for sewing projects, cards, scrapbook pages, mixed media projects - you name it! $6.25 for a set of six vintage buttons from Bumpershoot Supplies.

8. Whether you place it atop a tablecloth or use it as the linen covering for a small sideboard or nightstand, this wonderfully pretty 1940s floral print table runner is sure to brighten and beatify any surrounding. Vintage cotton table runner measures 15.25" wide x 40 " long and is $23.90 from T-Party.

9. This tremendously lovely 1930s Simplex tintype toy typewriter (say that five times fast! :)) stopped me clean in my tracks. It is such a strikingly wonderful example of mid-century tin toys and though you could certainly play with it or give it to a child to do so with, I'd personally be inclined to use it as a focus decor piece in an office, home library bedroom, or living room. $49.99 from Dr. Vintage.

10. Get ready the 4th of July early this year with a helping - and very stylish hand - care of this great circa 1930s red, white, and blue beaded wrap bracelet. $22.00 from Classique Style.

11. Awesome now, and perhaps even more sublimely well suited to the end of summer straight on into fall, thanks to its hand painted apple design, this classic and very pretty 1950s/60s hand painted box bag is a relatively rare and completely wonderful deal at a mere $34.00 from Vintage Wise.

12. A little preppy, a whole lot of vintage fabulous! This vivid red, white and blue 1950s/1960s Catalina plaid swimsuit channels the past, but also seems strikingly contemporary thanks to its timeless, Independence Day perfect colour palette. Fits up to a 34" bust/36" waist. $68.75 from Whale Out Of Water.

13. From garden salads to fresh picked berries, there's little you couldn't serve up in this charming, rustic mid-century 11 inch (in diameter) wooden bowl featuring a great hand painted strawberry, flower and leaf design. $19.00 from CheerfulOwl.

14.Perfect with jeans, as a beach cover up, or tied at the waist as shown here, this pretty 1960s mini floral print blouse is one of this warm weather piece you'll wonder how you ever got along without. Fits up to a 40" bust/40" waist. $14.95 from Maybel 57.

15.As the sun beats down ever more intense, brew up a pitcher of genuine homemade iced tea and then park the bags in this utterly darling set of mid-century anthropomorphic teabag holders. $13.00 for the pair from The 2nd Fiddle.

16. Strawberries and daisies partner up on this timelessly charming circa 1940s cotton hand towel to create a cheerful design that will inject an extra dose of sunshine into your kitchen or any room in the house. This vintage hand towel measures 37" x 15.5" and is $9.00 from Painted Pony 99.

17. Glamorous and gorgeous as summer (in the western hemisphere) is roasting hot, this 1950s era gold coloured metal compact meets clutch meets lipstick holder handbag is an incredibly chic way to carry your "must haves" for day or evening alike. It features an elegant glass crystal and raised metal motif design on the front, a snake chain strap for easy shoulder carrying, and compartments inside for powder, lipstick, cigarettes or money, and space for one or two other necessities such as a handkerchief. $45.00 from Chronically Vintage on Etsy.

18. The older I get, the more I find myself drawn to dress (and fur) clips. They're a glam, stylish, gorgeous accessory and one that, if you ask me, deserves to come back into vogue - especially when you have fantastic, well priced options like these lovely stylized flower 1930s art deco celluloid and metal clips to adorned your clothing with. $24.95 for the pair from The Popular Jewelry.

19. This endlessly cute 1940s black and yellow polka dot zip front house dress is so well priced, it deserves a spot in my dear friend Joanna's recurring post series called Steals, Deals and are You Kidding Me?. Fits up to a 38" bust/27" waist. $35.00 from Laura Darling Delux.

20. You'll feel like you're walking through a field of wildflowers each time you slip on these beautiful 1940s floral tapestry peep toe high heel pumps. Fits approximately a narrow US size 6 ladies foot. $42.00 from Century Girl.

21. Cute, cute, and super cute is exactly what this delightfully sweet circa early fifties gingham dress is and how you'll look while you're sporting it. Fits up to a 38 bust/30 waist. $86.12 from Veramode.

22. This summer, revive the lost art of sending handwritten notes (or keep on keeping on, as they say, if like myself you're still a passionate snail mail writer) by sending a dear friend or cherished loved one this immensely pretty, mint condition 1940s foil design, unused, vintage thinking of you card. $2.95 from An Antique Affair.

23. Subtly enhanced with a chic moiré silk like pattern, this vintage red ladies gloves that hail from, or around, the 1950s are a budget-friendly, fabulously fun way to bring a dose of summertime warmth to your vintage wardrobe. They fit approximate a glove size 7 or 7.5 and are only $14.00 from Chronically Vintage on Etsy.

24. One of the most enjoyable things about spending a fair bit of time on Etsy is that you inevitably run into some very cool items that are just too neat not to share here. This 1920s era pack of French hole-less sequins was, and is, one of those for me. The fact that something so small and easily damaged or used has survived in such great shape for nearly a century is nothing short of impressive. $6.50 from Vintage Necessities.

25. I left this entry until the very end for a reason, I want to shine the spotlight on a fellow vintage loving gal's newly opened Etsy shop. Brittany from the stellar blog Va Voom Vintage recently decided to open a shop called Vintage Under Thirty for the purpose of selling off a large number (over 300 items - wow!!!) of vintage goods, in varying conditional states, that she had on hand. Each piece comes in at $30 or less (including some for under $10) and it has been nothing short of a profound labour of love, hard work, and dedication for Brittany (as it would be for any of us!) to get them all up online. She didn't ask me to post about her shop, but I certainly would have, had she.

No, I wanted to share about it here today and highlight one of her phenomenal bargains because I believe with all my heart and soul in the importance of supporting, encouraging and helping one another grow and succeed when we - as members of the same online community - embark on new journeys in our vintage and/or creative lives.

I've known Brittany for years now and consider her a great online friend, so not saying something, especially in a post of this thrifty nature, about her cool new Etsy shop would just feel plain wrong to me.

Though it was tricky to select just one of her great bargain basement priced finds, I opted for this timelessly fun and very functional 1950s/1960s bright red swing/rain coat, as the colour reminds me of the roses that are finally starting to bloom here again and because it is such a darn good deal for just $30.00! It, along with the remaining item Brittany is going to be stocking this shop with, is available from Vintage Under Thirty.

{Please click on a specific item, or the link in the description below it, to be taken to its respective listing.}

♥ ♥ ♥

Flowers and floral themed items are like smiles from nature. They warm your soul, are so often staggeringly beautiful, and never fail to brighten even the dreariest days. I have loved and delighted in filling my world with florals of all sorts for as far back as I can remember and know that they will forever hold a special place in my heart, wardrobe, and home decor alike (not to mention my yard!).

What are some of your favourite flowers? Did any of them pop up in this month's selection of budget-friendly vintage items? What are some of your own favourite types of wallet-friendly floral themed items? I can't think of that subject myself and not be reminded of the millions (or so it felt at the time) of tiny tissue paper blossoms that we made back in the earlier days or grade school, wrapping and twisting small squares of tissue around the end of a pencil and then glue them to our various art projects, at least a few of which were for Mother's Day.

Speaking of which, I hope that each and every one of you moms, step-mothers, grandmothers, and others who take on a mothering role had a celebration as sweet and beautiful as any garden bloom this year an that these last few weeks of spring, as we kick off June tomorrow, will continue to be every but as sublime and enjoyable!

*PS* Extra observant readers might have noticed that an edition of this post did not appear here in May. Between launching my Etsy shop, planning for next week's trip to Vancouver, family events, our yard sale, sourcing for the shop like there's no tomorrow, a few (thankfully short-lived) flare-ups with some of my conditions, Annie still healing from her both her eye surgery and injured paw, a wee bit more spring cleaning, and myriad other things, the time needed to put it together plumb snuck right past me! Not this month though, I'm pleased to say, which is why I'm making this edition the first post of June! :)


  1. That little ceramic box with the cherries is just too cute!

  2. Some really lovely picks here, especially some of the dresses. The daisy hat is so cheerful! It is great to have a celebration of flowers. My favourites are peonies, tulips and pansies but I enjoy looking at them all!

  3. Hello dear Jessica,

    Of course, you already know that I love that red jeweled pin is a favorite of mine....oh how I love red! And speaking of red, what a happy, darling piece of apparel that red gingham dress is - yep, I could go for that. Also, I adore the sweet, modest swimsuit; structured support and beauty always are a perfect combination for me. Two more favorites here are the bright and cheerful little table runner - very sweet - and the fruit and vegetable kitchen towel motifs, such an inspiring idea.

    Happy June,
    :) Hope

  4. so much cute things! and how lovely to mention brittany!
    have a nice week!

  5. Usually I can pick a favourite, but this time around, not so much. All really interesting finds!!!

  6. Beautiful choices - this is so great for people like me who love these things but don't know where to shop!

  7. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your wonderful post:) I just love this dress and couldn't believe the price tag. Some wonderful deals indeed!

  8. I always love this wonderful mix of so many different vintage things. Thank you so much for making it, dear. :)

  9. The Simplex tintype toy typewriter is so much fun!

    This is indeed the season for beautiful flowers and it makes me want to sew with floral prints all the more. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite, but lilies, roses, and wildflowers would definitely be at the top of the list.

  10. You are so not helping my vintage shopping addiction, young lady!

  11. I love that wooden box purse. That style is not particularly practical for my every day life, but I've been so tempted to get one recently. They're such beautiful pieces of art.

  12. such cute deals! I love your shops offerings in particular Thanks for taking the time to make this list

    retro rover

  13. Wonderful finds, as always! I'm trying to think up a great excuse to buy that cherry-topped trinket box...and wishing I could don yellow, but alas, my fair complexion just won't allow it. Bother! ;)

  14. I love summer floral dresses. And I LOVE the rhinestone floral shank buttons you featured. Very, very pretty. Wouldn't they be lovely on a blouse?


  15. Some wonderful things in this post. I am especially loving the buttons!

  16. These are some truly lovely treasures you've chosen to feature this time around! I have to say, I think the apple box bag is my favorite. So pretty! Also, your brooch you featured is gorgeous!


  17. I love your selections. This is a very nice collection to shop from.

    1. Thank you very much, sweet dear! What pieces are your favourites here?

      ♥ Jessica

  18. Good afternoon Jessica how are you?
    I became fascinated by the beautiful items you selected, my favorites were the bracelets and dresses.
    You have very good taste, and that hat with daisies and gloves? Exciting!
    A big hug from her friend Cris vintage.

  19. So many cute things. I really like the floral print table runner!

  20. Hi Jessica, what a wonderful selection of vintage items. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  21. As usual Jessica, an eclectic collection , so hard to pick a favourite but here goes. the daisy hat , the cute buttons and the great red gloves. As far as flowers go for me you cant beat old worlde roses, the scent is always beautiful.

  22. I adored all the Daisy items, naturally, and I think the little bobby pin box is my favorite with a subtle daisies all over the box. I think I've told you this, but because of my Daisy, I just love all things Daisies.

    1. I swear, I was thinking about you as I came across them. Ever since you told me that daisies, naturally, make you think of of sweet Daisy the dog, I think of you (and her) when I see them now, too. :)

      ♥ Jessica

  23. Although the shoes wouldn't fit my tiny, wide feet they are actually beautiful. I love the idea of floral shoes on the end of a plainer outfit. Great picks! I love roses of course, and adore all the old fashioned single flower fragrances, but I also have a soft spot for the humble geranium as my gran had lots of them in her conservatory when I was a child. So bright and with a fragrance all of their own. I love all flowers really though!

  24. More wonderful finds! Wish I had not spent all my money in Europe :) Oh well window shopping it is lol! Thanks for another wonderful post Jessica! hope Vancouver was a wonderful trip.

    Liz :)

  25. I'm a little late to the party, but it's so nice to see my vintage apple basket up there amongst such lovely lovely things!! Thank you, very much, and I must say, I'm happy to have discovered a new favorite blog -- yours :) Going to go subscribe now so I don't miss any of your beautiful, interesting, informative, and fabulous posts...

    1. Hi Maya, many thanks for your lovely message and for following my blog. You're completely welcome! Thank you for listing such a charmingly fantastic item! I've been a fan of your Etsy shop since the first time I discovered it and loved getting a chance to highlight one of your pieces this month.

      Wishing you an awesome summer!
      ♥ Jessica