June 4, 2014

JBR Clothing product review and coupon code - plus just two more days until Vancouver!!!

Outfit details

Vintage sky blue nylon scarf: Gift from a dear vintage loving friend ♥
Faux pearl stud earrings: Claire's
Frugal Frocks in Armstrong, B.C. (who I profiled in this post last year)
Navy blue thin knit shrug: Sears
Hell Bunny Constance vintage style dress: JBR Clothing
Dark blue faux leather belt: Unknown, had for years (possibly Joe Fresh)
Vintage white lace gloves: eBay
Lux de Ville Bon Voyage Black & White Sparkle Kiss Lock Purse: JBR Clothing
Black seamed nude stockings: eBay
Dark blue faux patent leather pumps: Payless
Lip colour: Clinique Raspberry Glace

Photography by Tony Cangiano

♥ ♥ ♥

This past weekend was an uber busy one (during which I slipped in a few moments to take the photos seen here today on a lovely spring blossom adorned pathway in downtown Penticton), as I scuttled about the nearby city of Kelowna sourcing some seriously awesome items for my Etsy shop. These include – but are not limited to - a black Victorian mourning caplet embellished with sequins and seed beads, multiple pairs of vintage leather gloves, several Victorian to 1950s brooches (and pairs of earrings), a WW2 sweetheart ring, and two early twentieth century necklaces, all of which I'll be photographing this month and adding to the shop over the summer.

This was one of my most success weekend of sourcing for the shop here locally to date and I'm hoping that the same kind of luck will continue when we're in Vancouver soon. How soon? We'll we'll be hosting anchor (okay, turning over the engine - but "hoisting the anchor" sounds so much more exotic and exciting, don't you think?) bright and early this Friday and will be gone for a week. Just as when we were in Calgary last year, my mom will be house sitting and tending to our cat, Stella, while Annie - our now 1.5 year old (crazy, I know!) dog will be residing at a local boarding kennel that she just loves (she's uber social and adores that she gets to have a holiday, too, and hang out with several fellow canine companions for a few days).

While Tony is immensely hard at work at tech event there for most of that time, so long as my health cooperates, I'll be dividing my days between hunting for vintage treasures, visiting local sites, and hopefully getting some much needed R&R in a city I love passionately, but haven't been to in nearly seven and a half years now. While I'm away, I've lined up some seriously exciting guest posts from some of my favourite vintage and fashion bloggers in the whole wide world for you to enjoy in lieu of my own posts for a few days. (There will be another new post from me here on the morning of the June 6th, the day we leave for Vancouver, and then I plan to start blogging again myself on the 14th or 15th, once we're home from our travels.)

Believe it or not, this will be the first time in Chronically Vintage's more than five years of life that I've ever had guest bloggers before. I'm super excited about it and really want to thank all those who have supplied me with posts to keep the blog buzzing in my week-long absence.

Though I certainly lucked out on the vintage finding front last weekend, none of those items are headed for my own closet, they're all land in the shop in the coming weeks. My wardrobe was bolstered recently however by the wonderful addition of my first two pieces from the online US powerhouse of vintage reproduction and rockabilly fashion that is JBR Clothing.

I've been chatting with some of the lovely folks there about a collaboration for a while now and it was decided that a product review, plus an exclusive coupon code for my readers, would be an ideal way to go. I was kindly permitted to select from a number of JBR's offerings, and happily settled upon the gorgeous - and unexpectedly, subtly, and rather fabulously goth (look closely at the toil pattern, there are skulls and owls interspersed between the other design elements) Constance Dress from Hell Bunny and the uber cool Lux de Ville Bon Voyage Black & White Sparkle Kiss Lock Purse.

Neither of these products are currently in stock at JBR, but don't let that put you off them of their awesome offerings for the tiniest of moments. With a roster of brands in their inventory such as Stop Staring!, Hell Bunny, H&R London, B.A.I.T Footwear, Bettie Page, Folter, Lucky 13, Sourpuss Clothing, Unique Vintage, Voodoo Vixen, and Besame Cosmetics amongst scores of others, there is no short of swoon-worthily amazing vintage inspired, vintage repro, pinup girl, rockabilly, and psychobilly offerings to pique the interest of vintage and alt fans the world over.

This is my second Hell Bunny dress (and first from JBR) and I was/am thoroughly impressed with it. Made of a soft, but certainly not flimsy cotton, it is comfortable, breathable, and beautiful. The fit is true, the length ideal (for me at least), the colours vivid, and the cut of the garment is strikingly mid-century (it has cute little cap sleeves which you can't really see in my photos because of my blue shrug). I've worn this dress twice already and am sure I will sport it often, as it has that highly desirable quality of being able to be dressed up or dressed down to your heart's content.

The other item that I received from JBR Clothing is a gorgeous black and silver sparkle imbued kiss lick Bon Voyage handbag. This purse is extremely well made, durable, roomy, and eye-catchingly attractive. I couldn't stop gazing down at it on the weekend as the sparkles twinkled in the sunlight. Though a fairly heavy, by my personal standards, purse even when empty, the fact that the handles are long enough to allow you to wear it either over your shoulder, on your forearm, or carried by hand helps give you the ability to find the most comfortable option possible and I did find that after a while of wearing it, I didn't notice the weight as much (which is saying a lot, as some of my health problems leave me with very little upper body strength and an inability to carry heavy things for long).

I love both of these great vintage inspired pieces from JBR Clothing and want to sincerely thank the company for sending them my way, as well as for offering my readers the following fantastic coupon code.

If you'd like to add some of JBR Clothing’s reasonably priced items to your own closet - they ship worldwide (with free shipping on any size domestic order and free shipping on international orders over $100) - you can save yourself some dough by using the coupon code CV15.

Each person who takes advantage of it can use this coupon code once on an order of any size they'd like. It is valid between now and July 13, 2014.

As these last couple of days before Vancouver approach, I'm up to my eyeballs in packing and prep (traveling always takes a good dose of both, but even more so when you're chronically ill), which is keeping me on my toes. I'm also bursting with excitement and making sure that I don't push myself so hard that I become too unwell to travel. That's always a risk in such settings for me, but one that I'm determined not to have happen. My bags are half packed, my house thoroughly cleaned (I never like to leave for a trip without doing a top-to-bottom house cleaning first so that when I return I can just recouped, work through the inevitable flare-ups that traveling causes me, and not worry about dusting, sweeping, folding laundry or anything of that domestic nature for a while), and I've even got my road trip outfit picked out and freshly pressed.

It's so exciting to be headed out on the open highway again and I very much look forward to sharing all about our grand adventures in Vancouver with you here once we're home again - with a bit of luck, accompanied by oodles of cool new vintage finds for my Etsy shop and perhaps one or two special items for myself as well! :)


  1. That dress is so gorgeous!! And your accessories really make this outfit perfect!

  2. Ohhh I love love love that blue on you! I'm so happy for the trip you are going to take-yay! xox

  3. Dear Jessica,

    I love the full skirt of this fun summery dress. I really like your blue necklace, too, which looks like the ocean with its shimmering shades of blue.

    Wow, such a lovely place that is with all those blossoms! You look wonderful!

    I popped over to look at JBR Clothing and saw some really great dresses.

    Have a wonderful week in Vancouver!

  4. That dress looks so gorgeous on you - I love Hell Bunny clothing but only have one dress of theirs, need to get working on my collection! I love how you paired it with the dainty gloves, so pretty :)
    I've only just started reading your blog but noticed you live in Penticton - although I'm from the UK, my aunt lives there so I've been to visit a couple of times and loved it, it's somewhere I really want to go back to :)
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  5. You look fantastic! I just ordered a few dresses and a lovely pair of shoes from them (thanks for the coupon code).

  6. A very pretty spot to take photos and the sunlight is gorgeous. It is a lovely style of dress, it suits you. Have a fantastic time in Vancouver. I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

  7. You look so lovely, Jessica. I've never shopped through JBR before (though I've perused their offerings), so the coupon code is quite exciting :) I'm so glad you asked me to do a guest post for you, and I'm eager to see posts from others you've asked, too!! I hope you have a wonderful trip <3

    xox Sammi

  8. Beautiful dress--love the timeless beauty of blue and white in about anything! I hope your health does indeed cooperate, that the weather is perfect, that you and Tony find some quiet time outside of his meetings and that you have great luck exploring vintage Vancouver. Vacation is good for the soul!

  9. Love the outfit! I'm getting ready for a trip as well. Cori and I will be heading to PA for a big WWII event, lots of packing left to do. :) Can't wait to see the new items for your shop. I love the variety of sweetheart jewelry from the 1940s. I wrote a couple blogs posts about WWII era pins and sweetheart jewelry last year. I recently picked up a sweetheart bracelet which I plan to wear this weekend at the event. The inside of this bracelet is stamped "Victory Made in the U.S.A." so there is not doubt in my mind of when it was made. :)
    Have a great time on your trip!

    Emily's Vintage Visions

    1. How wonderfully exciting, I really hope that you both have a safe, fun filled, fabulous time in PA!

      I remember your excellent sweetheart jewelry posts well (it was such a thrill to see someone else talk about, and share my passion for, sweetheart pieces. That is really cool about your bracelet. I think the words stamped inside of it sum up the unflinchingly optimistic stance that America (thankfully!) held onto throughout the long, challenging war years.

      Thank you for your great comment and happy travel wishes!
      ♥ Jessica

  10. Love that dress! Have a wonderful time while in Vancouver. I was just there 10 days ago and found some great treasures.


  11. omg - a toile dress!!! with skulls! how cool is that!
    you look beautiful with all that blue and white :-)

    i wish you a perfect trip to vancouver!!!!
    tons of hugs!

  12. oh my gosh, Jessica!! i cannot stress you you how wonderful these photographs are! the dress is adorable, the colors are great for you. you remind me a bit of my mom's blue willow china in the dress with your delicate features and cute little smile. and of course, i always have to mention the scenery. you and your husband do such a find job of finding neat places to photograph.

  13. I looove that dress and your gloves are very unusual, I don't think I've seen any with a design like that before. Hope Vancouver is great! x

  14. This outfit is adorable! Sheer gloves are my favorite and those ones are perfect! I love their detailing!

    Your trip to Vancouver is described exactly like all of the business trips of Patrick's I tag along on! I hope you have fun! And I can't wait to see what the guest bloggers have in store for us!


    1. Thank you, sweet Janey! I adore sheer gloves, too. The wearing of them is a powerfully meaningful sign for me that, finally, at long last, really and truly, winter is over and I can wear gloves for the sake of appearance alone again, not in an effort to try and stave off frostbite! :D

      ♥ Jessica

  15. Amei os detalhes do vestido, é realmente muito lindo, e os acessórios são maravilhosos, adorei a luva.

  16. Great outfit, as usual! Love the dress and the gloves. Very nice ensemble of clothes!!

  17. Nice dress, darling. It looks gorgeous at you:-)
    Wish you a nice time in Vancouver:-)

  18. Gorgeous dress on you Jessica!

    I adore JBR clothing and purchased a skirt from them last year. Price was awesome and it came quick and with no extra duty fees either. I might just have to use the coupon :)

    Have fun in Vancouver! I look forward to hearing about all your adventures and see the pictures..of course.

    Bon Voyage!

    Liz :)

    1. Thank you very much, darling gal - not just for the wonderfully nice compliment and happy travel wishes, but for sharing that valuable nugget of information about ordering from JBR. Import costs (and/or courier brokerage fees) often put me off from placing orders much above $50.00 from use shops, but given your great experience there with them, I'd be much more apt to order now myself.

      ♥ Jessica

  19. This is a fabulous look on you, my dear - I love that dress! The scarf is the perfect accessory to go with it too, I've been meaning to find a pretty, filmy, nylon scarf like that.
    I hope you have an amazing time in Vancouver! My sister in law is from there, and she always talks about how much she loves it.

  20. So lovely! I'm glad that you had such luck in your thrifting adventures- it can be so thrilling finding amazing pieces at local haunts! And what an amazing print on that dress! Aren't hidden touches in novelty prints the best? I love when there's a fun surprise in a busy print, it adds such a unique flair to a dress!
    Best of luck on your future thrifting! :-)

  21. What a elegant dress Jessica! Hell Bunny really has come on leaps and bounds, they started off a bit gothic rockabilly, but these classically beautiful vintage inspired frocks they've come up with more recently really do tick the boxes. I own 2 of their dresses myself, one polkadot and one gingham, in classic '50s sundress styles.

    I do hope you enjoy your upcoming trip, it sounds exciting! x

  22. That's a wonderful dress on you, I really love how you've accessorised it. The scarf is a particularly lovely addition.
    It sounds like you found some wonderful things. I hope you have a great time in Vancouver!

  23. I think this outfit is probably one of my favorites! Blue and white twill is one of my favorite patterns, and I love the way you paired it with your beautiful dainty gloves. Just can't get enough blue and white. <3

  24. You look gorgeous! You are a true princess sweet Jessica :-)

    The cut and the print of the dress is amazing. And I love each accessory chosen, specially the sheer gloves! I love them so much!

    I wish you a wonderful trip on adventure and treasure hunting in Vancouver! I can't wait to see what you'll bring to us :-)

    Miss Beta xx

  25. really lovely outfit and perfectly accessorized as well. Vancouver is one place Ive always wanted to visit have an amazing time

    retro rover

  26. You are so darn cute. I'm not even going to talk about your clothes; it's your attitude and effervescence that sparkles here.

  27. That dress is terrific on you! The whole outfit is marvellous; the gloves are quite interesting.

    I hope you have a simply perfect time on your vacation and that you're able to pace yourself for optimum enjoyment!

  28. Jessica, this dress is such a wonderful style and colour on you and the toile fabric a joy. Perfect setting.
    Enjoy your upcoming trip , a mix of sourcing some vintage and R &R sounds perfect, enjoy!

  29. Oh, those blossoms! They make my heart sing... I love autumn as a season, but it can never quite have the thrill of an avenue lined with blossoming trees... ✿ ♡ ✿

    Your outfit looks amazing, and matches the prettiness perfectly. That dress with the co-ordinating accents is divine! I hope you do have a wonderful time in Vancouver, it sounds like a delightful trip.

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  30. Jessica, you look really beautiful! That dress is amazing on you, I would wear it without hesitation too (I'm a red-head as well).

    Vancouver bears immensely rich memories for me, as it was my first trip abroad without my parents. Such an interesting and beautiful place! I hope you feel well enough to enjoy it to the fullest, finding lots of vintage treasures to share with us. I see that spring has finally arrived in B.C., here in Switzerland it's almost summer and for Friday we are expecting at least 86°F...

    Best wishes from sunny Switzerland, Doris

  31. Jessice, You look adorable! How nice to see you in spring/summer clothes after all you lovey winter warm outfits. Have a great time in Vancouver. I will be doing a vintage Trailer (and the vintage cars that pull them) rally this weekend. I've got some cute Hawaiian shirts to sell !!!!
    Celtic Lass- Morning Waters
    PS. Love the blue bakelite bangle I got from your Etsy shop. It makes me think of deep blue abalone shell.

  32. You look gorgeous in this outfit from the frothy scarf in your hair to the perfectly matched shoes. I've always loved toile prints and have a weakness for all things blue. And those gossamer like gloves add a perfect touch. *sigh*

  33. What a fantastic dress! You're a vision of springtime breeze in this ensemble, Jessica. I particularly love the mesh gloves, too, what a fantastic finishing touch to a warm-weather outfit. I'll have to check out JBR Clothing for some vintage-esque goodies in the future.

  34. The dress is beautiful, in print, shape and neckline. You choose well! I am so excited for your trip! I hope it goes well and your health holds up. Hopefully I will be able to indulge in a bit of armchair travel who you return!!

  35. Ooooo...love that dress! Have loads of fun take lots of pics and send us all a postcard!

  36. the dress is really lovely. blue and white is my favourite colour combination for summer.

  37. Lovely dress, it reminds me of porcelain. And those gloves, oh so delicate and lovely - barely there. I wish you a fabulous trip with good health and lots of luck in your treasure hunting. I will take a look at the website, I already own a Hell Bunny dress, which I love. :)

  38. You look stunning in that dress. It's so pretty and very flattering on you. You simply can't go past blue and white for summer IMO. I hope your health holds up for you to enjoy your trip. Have fun!

  39. You look stunning in that dress. It's so pretty and very flattering on you. You simply can't go past blue and white for summer IMO. I hope your health holds up for you to enjoy your trip. Have fun!

  40. You look stunning in that dress. It's so pretty and very flattering on you. You can't go past blue and white for summer IMO. I hope your health holds up for you to enjoy your trip. Have fun!

  41. I'd never heard of that store before, thanks for sharing!

    The dress looks gorgeous on you and have a safe trip!

  42. I would love to go to Vancouver someday. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

    This must be one of my most favorite outfits of yours that I've seen! You did a beautiful job styling this dress. The print, the fit, the accessories, it's all so lovely! I will most definitely be looking into JBR Clothing in the future :)

    xoxo, Alesha

  43. Super like your fashion style!!!


    1. Thank you very much, Cherry.

      Have an awesome July,
      ♥ Jessica

  44. love your toile novelty print dress. i think toile can get a bad rep for being a victorian granny style print, but i've always loved and searched for it when i shop.