August 12, 2013

Maejean Vintage - something gorgeous for everyone!

It was the opening words of a piece from Irish poet Thomas Moore that sprang to my mind instantly when I first began to flip through the pages of listing in etsy seller Maejean Vintage's shop, for Moore wrote, "Rich and rare were the gems she wore, and a bright gold ring on her wand she bore", and this beautiful line - penned more than two hundred years ago, seemed especially fitting for a seller with a profound passion for yesteryear jewels.

{Just a few of the timelessly lovely, fashionable, and totally covetable pieces of vintage jewelry in Maejean's excellently well stocked etsy shop. From top left to bottom right: 1950s-60s gold tone clear floral or grape cluster brooch | 1940s gold filled sweetheart stretch bracelet | 1930s art deco gold tone clear faceted glass necklace and earring set | Adorable 1960s sterling silver kitty cat earrings}


Helmed by two sisters every bit as vibrantly beautiful as the treasures they sell, Maejean Vintage is a thriving etsy shop that stocks a vast array of items from the the late 1800s to the 1980s, with an emphasis on unique, high quality, endlessly wearable vintage jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and cuffs.

In addition to serving up an expertly curated collection of well priced jewelry, Maejean offers shoppers an array of vintage clothing, accessories (such as hats and handbags), jewelry boxes, (vintage) cameras, plus housewares and home decor and the occasion other cool old school item that has caught the eye of sisters Laura Mae and Amanda Jean (pictured above), the dynamic duo behind this highly appealing etsy shop.


{Four of the strikingly lovely vintage fashion accessories that Maejean offers. Can we say major swoon factor?! From top left to bottom right: 1940s black straw hat with flowers and veil | Large 1940s floral tapestry handbag | 1950s black suede gloves with brown letter detailing | 1920s-3-s art deco floral pattered belt/sash}


Founded just three years ago in 2010, Maejean Vintage took off like a shoot, boosting an impressive 3,800+ sales to date. With business booming, Laura Mae quit her day job last year in order to focus on the shop full time (a fact that was highlighted in this great post on the official etsy blog last year). The fact that both sisters are incredibly passionate about what they do shines through in each of their well detailed listings (which, at present, total more than seven hundred!) that feature several clear, beautiful photographs of each and every item they list.

One need only spend a few moments at Maejean Vintage's etsy shop to quickly see how and why they're amongst today’s leaders in the field of online vintage jewelry and accessories. The pieces they list perfectly embody a sense of timeless beauty and show stopping modern appeal. Large cocktail rings nestle beside delicate gold chains, rhinestones waltz with opals and classic silver and diamonds twinkle like stars in the night sky, beckoning shoppers to quickly fall in love and take home a treasure (or ten!) of their own.

{Antique and vintage rings are one of Maejean Vintage's specialties, and a wide array of captivatingly beautiful, budget-friendly pieces can be had around the clock in their shop. From top left to bottom right: 1970s Sarah Coventry silver tone and ruby red glass heart ring | 1960s gold tone adjustable floral costume jewelry ring | Antique 10K rose and yellow gold art deco cameo ring | Vintage silver plated spoon ring}

In addition their thriving etsy business, Maejean Vintage can also be found online in a number of spots, including their blog and the following sites:






As you likely know, I'm a firm believer in accessories and adorning oneself with at least one piece of jewelry for almost any occasion. The ways in which one can express themself and their sartorial vision through jewelry is truly limitless and doing so allows us to dress our look up or down in a heartbeat, meaning a LBD, for example could work for anything from date night to a day of shopping with the girls. Throw vintage into the mix and I'm all the more smitten with accessorizing, so it was with no small amount of pleasure that I welcomed Maejean Vintage as one of Chronically Vintage's newest blog sponsors this month.

In putting together this post, I spent time going through each and everyone of the more than thirty pages of listings up on Maejean's stellar etsy site, and found myself thinking towards the end not only of Mr. Moore's poetic lines, but also of Elizabeth Tailor and her boundless love of jewelry, as well as the passion for vintage accessories and clothing that so many of my readers and I share.

It is truly a safe bet to say that there is something for just about everyone at Maejean Vintage, which no doubt is a big part of the reason why they're growing more and more popular each day, as well as why I am sincerely delighted to have them as a sponsor and to get the opportunity to introduce you all to their top-notch etsy shop this fine Monday morning.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I need to check this out more! I wish you a fabulous day, sweet Jessica!

  2. I have bookmarked their site. Definitely one to spend some time on.

  3. Lovely vintage seller spotlight! I try to have a least one vintage accessory on when ever I go out. Their shop is very well stocked lots of baubles to drool over.

  4. Good grief, they're photos are gorgeous! I'm off to check them (and those super cute kitty earrings) out now!

  5. Jessica,
    You can truly find great things!
    As a "cat person" I simply held my breath at Vintage Sterling Silver Cat Clip On Earrings.. and I've said to myself "You'll comment AFTER you get home from work" - that gave me a second look. Oh, what an amazing little gem! And then I see "Darn, this item sold."
    Well, no the less - you've shown me a great place to look at jewelry!

    ..and I'm ever so thankful about it!


  6. Wow.. what a spectacular selection of items Jessica ! I can only imagine the actual etsy shop. I am going to check it out.
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Definitely bookmarking this Etsy shop. Always looking for great vintage finds to incorporate into my looks!

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  8. What beautiful jewellery! I especially love the grape cluster brooch. Brooches are high on my list of favourite jewellery. Thanks for highlighting these tasteful ladies!

  9. Oh, those little kitty earrings are adorable!

  10. That first brooch is absolutely magical. As is every single of one those rings. The cameo one especially! I have a serious lack of cameo jewelry.

    May the Force be with you.

  11. Wow! Such beauty all in one spot. I am off to check out their shop.

  12. Oh isn't that cameo ring the most loveliest ring ever!!!

  13. Ooh it's all so pretty but those kitty earrings really are the cutest things!

  14. Wonderful sounding shop!! :D

  15. Those sisters are stunning! Wow! Scooting over to check out their shop now! Lovely pieces they have! xox

  16. Hey,
    sweet pics and beautiful jewelry. Looks amazing!

  17. OMG! I have to go running to see this ... I'm always on the hunt for beautiful vintage handbags and gloves .... Thanks for this post, dear Jessica! I hope you have a wonderful day! Here on the island we are in the heat wave, with suffocating temperatures of 38° C ... ( 32º F)

  18. Sorry, I meant .... 38 ° C = 100.4º F!!! Uf, soooo hot!

    1. My goodness, that sounds rough! We kicked off July with several days in the 37-40C range and were baking like potatoes in an oven for a while, let me tell you! I really hope that cooler temperatures come your way very soon, dear Rosy (I'd offer to send you some, but we're still in the 30s here most days, so I'm not sure if that would be of much help).

      Tons of hugs, my dear friend,
      ♥ Jessica

  19. Wow, I've been browsing their jewelry and am really taken with a similar 1940s heart bracelet. It's a little pricey, but so darn pretty!!