August 10, 2013

Flickr Favourites: August 10, 2013

{Summer 1909 - Frank W Benson ~ MyLiliesMyLo}

{Blue and white china ~ The Old Blue Shed}

{Montgomery Ward Summer 1942 ~ vintagestitches}

{Summer skies ~ wolvessss}

 photo 7003051568_b2c9db8b45_z_zpse3e27a98.jpg

{Basinful of Fun No. 20 ~ Print and Pulp}

{Liam ~ ~Romantic~Vintage Home~}

{Lace on shelf ~ Romantic Home}

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There is something about these lava hot days of August that seem to perpetually put me in the mood for either wildly vibrant, deeply saturated colours of the sort one might extract from a tropical flower garden or, alternatively, for a palette that is gentle, elegant and nearly devoid of hue, save for a few splashes of relaxing blue.

The Edwardians were experts on the later, in my opinion. Most ladies of the day (especially during the 1910s) had at least one solid white cotton and/or lace ensemble to sport while the mercury shot its way through the stratosphere. Women, men and children alike were experts on pale summer wardrobes - a look which was no doubt influenced at least in part by the Victorian and Edwardian tradition of taking a summer holiday (or spending the whole season there, if one had the means) at the beach, far away from the maddening heat and crowds of life in the city.

Penticton is a town built in no small part on, and around, the tourism industry, and each year from early June to Labour Day, the local population temporarily swells to well over double it's usual number (of around 32,000), so the locals aren’t treated to that same kind of “escapism” luxury, but we do still get to live in a town that boasts not one, but two, gorgeous lakes and some of the finest summer weather Canada has to offer.

Most tourists these days don bikinis and board shorts, and I can't recall ever seeing anyone at the beach in a snow white tea gown, but I love the very notion of this kind of romantic, turn of the century summer style and the colour scheme that it entails.

Presently I'm in the mood for the softer shades of August - the hues that are akin to an icy blast from a powerful electric fan, and which sing of serenity and taking things nice and slow. Be they Edwardian or from later in the century (right up to the present day), I love whitewashed, mellow, gentle summer shades of dusty cream, aged ivory, vanilla ice cream white, and blues spanning from whisper soft to rich, inky navy.

This palette can go in a nautical direction (befitting Penticton's lakes) or call to mind anything from a day spent on the ski hill to the weathered, flaking paint on the wrap-around deck of an early twentieth century country farm house. It's sweet, innocent, comforting and more than a little ideal for days so very warm, you almost forget a season known as winter even exists at all.

It does though, but it's still a long, long ways off for most, and that means we need to avail of every possible source of refreshing coolness we can get our paws on, starting with the ten timelessly lovely images included in today's edition of Flickr Favourites.

They might not make you feel quite as chilly as rolling around in a snow bank would, but I hope they'll bring a little bit of much needed relief from August's sizzling sun your way on this fine Thursday morning.


  1. I just pictured myself walking on the beach and wearing white gown, that would be something I could actually enjoy unlike crowded modern beaches. The end of summer here, September especially makes me be in the same mood as you are now, thank you for sharing :)

  2. I am in LOVE with those blue & white china dishes! So beautiful. I am hoping to do some thrift shopping this week, maybe I will get lucky and run across something similar. I am so happy to have found your blog, I love all things vintage as well. Hope you have a great weekend!

    - Nicole

  3. What a lovely colour palette! I especially love the first picture, and the right-hand dress in the Wakes Spring-Summer. I'd buy that Oldsmobile in a heartbeat, too. Excellent choices. :)

  4. Loved your site once again ! I liked that you said "softer shades of August"-usually our August's are boiling but not this year. We have such cool breezes and I even look over my fall decorations, deciding what to use and what to toss. The "Mr" just shook his head and mumbled something as he passed by. Hee Hee !!

    Your on line friend,
    Sierra Sue

  5. What a lovely lyrical post, it has conjured up so many beautiful images in my mind's eye. I can imagine relaxing on a wraparound deck or paddling and lounging at the lakeside. It makes a great change to focus on cool hues for summer, I love all 3 of the Wakes outfits.

  6. Such a gorgeous collections of blues. We've been enjoying some beautiful blue wintery skies, with lots of sunshine lately so this is very well timed. :)

    Let's put on some beautiful long white tea gowns and stroll along the beach!

  7. I myself am not sure if the colors influence my mood ... or simply I use them as my mood .. you have described your mood perfectly with your words in this post. You are a brilliant communicator, dear Jessica!

  8. I like all of them, most particularly the olds mobile add.

    kate-the old fashioned way

  9. That white kitty is adorable!!!

    And those shoes the middle lady is wearing in the second photo from the bottom.....*swoon*

    Hope you are having a lovely end of summer :)


  10. Jessica,

    This Flick Favorites are an astonishing discovery. I'm infatuated with gentile blue-painted porcelain. The plate looks so fragile, like a fine embroidery.

    In these scorching august days, I lean toward pastel tones - practically transparent. The pale summer wardrobes fit the sunny days so well. It's a perfect time to wear all white, laced and light.

    Have a wonderful day, dear!

  11. love this colors you put together here!!!!!
    I greet you from the little frog :-)

  12. A lovely collection of images. I like the 1919 fashions very much, they look very elegant. Despite the white, it must still have been very hot wearing dresses like those in the first picture. Imagine the layers that went underneath them!

  13. Your photos are so inspiring! I share your love for gentle summer shades ( dusty cream, vanilla ice cream white...) which are very elegant. What a pity that most people don't wear them anymore!

  14. You always find some of the greatest photos. I always look forward to seeing them.

  15. Hey doll. I was wondering if you could make a post on the staple pieces that you own on your vintage reproduction wardrobe.

    And make a list of 25 or 30 (I think 10 can not cover it in the least) vintage reproduction items that are must haves in a vintage wardrobe. You can even break it down to essentials and "Every-vintage-gal-needs-it-because-it-is-too-pretty-to-resist", or something. Or not. hehe

    I have a slight wardrobe envy when I see your outfits of the day and really admire your sense of style. You introduced me to some of my most wanted clothing items at the moment, so I know a list compiled by you would surely give me even more inspiration.



    1. Hello dear Uila, thank you very much for your wonderfully lovely comment and post request. It's interesting that you asked for such a post, because I actually have plans to write one quite similar to this in the not-too-distant future (I keep a running list with tons of posts I may write one day - it helps my blogging productivity immensely). In the meantime, if you haven't had a chance to read them yet, here are some past posts that relate to the topic of wardrobe items that can really apply - and appeal - to many vintage gals.

      -A beginner’s guide to buying and wearing vintage appropriate clothes

      -Ten warm weather vintage wardrobe staples

      -Vintage clothing for chronically ill and special needs individuals (This is is a fab vintage wardrobe building jumping off point for able bodied/healthy folks as well!)

      -Perennial favourite: lightweight knits

      -Ten investment worthy vintage wardrobe items

      -12 of my top vintage fashion wish list items

      I'm seriously touched by your request (it will happen for sure!), as well as to know that I've helped to inspire some of your own wishlist items at the moment. Thank you very much!

      Tons of hugs,
      ♥ Jessica

  16. Coming to your blog is like taking a daily dose of healthy tonic. You give us food for our souls.

  17. I have to agree with RetroGran, you always find the most lovely photos! Really fabulous!

  18. I soooo wish I could wear the muslin gauzy cottons of the 1910s era. I just absolutely love them, but unfortunately my skin turns everything yellow too quickly. They are just the most romantic pieces though, especially paired with blue willow tea sets on a gorgeously overcast afternoon...

  19. AS odd as it may sound even though i live in a all year tropical climate - white is not worn that much.
    I have assisted events where it's really hot and humid and most european attendees wore white... i guess it makes sense.
    However since its hot for us all year long, we do not limit ourselves and just wear whatever we want.

  20. oh those photos are amazing i love those suits in blue yeah lets go for the weekend;)
    love and kiss,mary

  21. I love that nautical mag cover - Awesome!!!

  22. I adore white summer dresses, but don't own any, since I am so pale that it doesn't become me at all. :( And here in Denmark we are in an autumy mood. Suddenly, the temperatures dropped and the rain started pouring down. Although I love Autumn, I certainly hope we will get a few more summery days. :)

  23. Love that 40s ensemble!! I think I need one in every neutral, please!!