August 31, 2013

Looking back at August 2013

 The last day of August, eh? My goodness, how did we get here so quickly? Was it truly quick? Am I asking too many questions? :) Perhaps, but that's okay, it's the end of summer and with the school year kicking off for many soon (if not already, depending on where you live), it's a rather good thing to have an inquisitive mind, if you ask me.

There were moments of this month, much like the past couple, that felt as though they'd drag on for eternity, but over all, I'd say that it felt speedier than June and July. One could sense the season winding down, much like way certain amusement park rides slow down before they come to a complete halt.

Living in the arid, sizzling hot corner of Canada that we do (I know, my dear foreign readers, "sizzling hot" and "Canada" are not two words that typically go hand in hand, but I assure, you there are parts of this country that give the Mediterranean, Australia, South America, and toastier areas of the USA a run for their money at times), summer isn't quite over yet. We've had temps up to 30C as recently as four days ago, and we'll likely continue to see the realm of the mid-20s for much of the coming month.

Despite July housing my birthday, I think I liked August better (even though there were a few really rocky days mid-month). It was a whisper cooler, saw me able to get out of the house at least three times that I can recall, and even included a wee bit of vintage shopping in Vernon (which, sadly, like most places in the Okanagan, doesn't have any dedicated mid-century vintage clothing stores, but it does have plenty of shops that carry vintage and antique collectibles, housewares, and to a lesser extent, jewelry), so it's always a joy to head up that way and check them out.

I didn't buy much though, because I was (and still am) really trying to save ever last penny for our super exciting upcoming road trip to Calgary, Alberta in less than two weeks time.

My goodness, I haven't found myself looking forward to something as much as I am this trip in many, many years. It's been so long since we last took a holiday, and even the three that we have been on in our nine years together (we didn't take a honeymoon), were all work trips for Tony (that I tagged along for), so this will be our first official, non-work trip ever together! Tony's every bit as eager for this to happen as I am, which just ups my own excitement level all the more.

{Three very big, very enthusiastic cheers! In less than half a month, we'll be zipping over the Rocky Mountains and on our way to Calgary, home of the world famous Calgary Stampede (held every July), where these lovely 1940s lasses hailed from. It's been a decade since I was there last and I am beyond champing at the bit to return again for a few days. Image source.}


There's still several days to go until we depart though, so before the suitcases come out of storage and the packing commences, let's take a little while and recap some of the wonderful going-ons that transpired here on the blog front this month.

Much as with July, August was jam packed with posts spanning a wide array of topics. I launched it off with my (still very much ongoing) search for winter snow and ski clothes, a hunt that I hope I'll have some good luck with while in Calgary, a town notorious for its chilly, snow filled winters.

We looked at a super easy trick for securing a pin back brooch in place; took a gander at some beautiful vintage B.C. beauty queens, and discussed a few of the more eyebrow raising comments about my vintage style that I've received over the years in a post called Strangers say the darndest things.

 photo PeachCityPeachCruise2013_JessicaCangian_vintage_6_zps5c5067d9.jpg

Four outfit posts sprang to life this month, including one in which I sported and reviewed a dress from online UK clothing seller, Brag Vintage. My favourite outfit post of the month definitely goes to day we spent at this year's Peach City Beach Cruise classic car show, in which I sported my most beloved 1950s frock for the first time online (an image from which appears above).

I also kept my passion for all things verdant going strong in last weekend's Sorry, Kermit, but sometimes it is easy being green, and I waxed poetically over the stunning local landscape in Enjoying Penticton in all its glorious summertime beauty, while sporting a palette of red and white.

In addition to these posts and the usual fare, such as Vintage Fashionista Friday, Flickr Favourites, and a tasty vintage recipe - this time for summertime heat beating 1940s watermelon salad, some other highlights of the month included a fascinating look at the history of tennis wear, a stellar online resource with more than 7,000 vintage images, and a fabulous giveaway this week for your chance to win any vintage hat you'd like from Blue Rose Vintage (it's still on, so be sure to enter today, if you haven't yet).

As well, I had the great pleasure of interviewing two of Chronically Vintage's newest blog sponsors: Rebekka from the awesome etsy shop Bloomers & Frocks, and Rochelle from the absolutely beautiful, inspiration filled vintage sewing blog, Lucky Lucille. We also shone the spotlight on a third (thoroughly terrific) blog sponsor in a post devoted to thriving etsy vintage jewelry, fashion and household goods shop, Maejean Vintage.

Elsewhere on the web, I was honoured as can be when Lolly, from the wonderful UK based vintage reproduction clothing site Lolly Doll asked if she could interview me for her company's blog in a post called Meet Jessica Cangiano of Chronically Vintage. She sent over some really great questions and did such a lovely job of capturing and summarizing what my blog and I are all about. This isn't the last you'll be hearing of Lolly Doll and Chronically Vintage joining forces either - keep your eyes peeled in the fall for our next (fashionable!) collaboration.

My lucky winning streak when it comes to blog giveaways continued into August, I'm super happy to say, when I won a lovely vintage scarf from etsy seller Moon Walk Vintage, that the fabulous blog Va Voom Vintage was very kindly offering readers the chance to call there own. The scarf hasn't arrived yet, but I'm sure that as soon as it does, I'll start wearing it and you'll likely see it here in one more future vintage outfit posts.

While my mind is very much on our upcoming road trip, that certainly doesn't mean it's the only thing in I have in the works for September. In the coming weeks, as summer and autumn exchange places, we'll delve into the history of the saddle shoe's extra clean cut cousin, white buck shoes; I'll review the book 1940s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook (as per the many Instagram and Facebook requests that poured in when I started sharing some images from it there), put together a vintage fashion themed alphabet in honour of the return of the school year, and start blogging about our trip to Calgary shortly after we return home, to name but a few of September’s posts.

 photo andrews-then_zpsd1db4eab.jpg

{There is such a fabulous sense of a fresh start to September. I've long likened it to a second New Year's, and love the renewed vigor it brings with it - perfect for hitting the books once more, raking crunchy leaves, or just nestling in at home and starting work on all those projects you didn't quite get to while spending 24/7 outdoors this summer. Welcome September and welcome fall, I've missed you both something fierce! Image source.}


I'm looking forward to September for a multitude of reasons. Yes, certainly our fun little vacay is one of them, but there are scads of others as well, spanning everything from the new crop of local pears and apples to the return of a nippy breeze in the air, bringing cold weather sweaters back into rotation. There’s also starting to decorate for (Canadian) Thanksgiving and Halloween - and of course, one can never, ever forget the stunning autumn palette that nature starts decking herself out with as fall approaches and then barrels into full swing.

These in between the season days house a magic all there own, and while part of me will be a bit sad to wave farewell to summer in the coming weeks, I'm also massively eager to embrace every last, stellar element of September and autumn. First though, I've got an open road to hit, a beloved city to revisit, and some vintage and thrift shopping to do in good, ol' Calgary! :)

I truly hope that you each had a marvelous, enjoyable, and very happy summer. Here's to the start of September, the return of pumpkin spice everything, and a whole lot of fun this fall!


  1. The beginning of September is a mark in the year for me too. It's the beginning of what I think of as "autumn". Summer heat is over, the mornings are cool and very foggy where I live. I'm glad somehow as the garden needs less attention, and I have more time for sewing. And I've spotted the first pumpkins in the supermarket. Not to mention the small ones growing in our garden patch. :) Autumn is my favorite season - and I remember from my trip to BS and Alberta in a previous live how quickly leaves turn golden there. I wish you a golden autumn!

    I loved!

    Yes, the last day, I cannot believe.

  3. I see your August was interesting. And this August was the best month in my whole life. Just I m little sad because summer is over, faculty starting, exams and all.

  4. Your post is today about two subjects I feel so much: the end of August and the start of classes.
    For that I have read it with extra pleasure. ( a more reason is that I always love seeing your vintage photos )

  5. I want one of those outfits in the first picture! As a child, I dreamed about being a cowgirl.

    Your outfit is darn cute, too.

  6. Those cowgirls!

    Cowgirls and 1940s are a match made in heaven. :D If I lived back then, I would have liked to be a sort of Patsy Montana....After all, I already yodel! ;)

    1. Aren't they rootin', tootin' incredible? Could you imagine if I found one of these 1940s Stampede outfits while thrifting? Probably never going to happen in a trillion years, but hey, a western wear loving gal can still dream! :)

      Thank you very much for your comment, honey - have an awesome long weekend!
      ♥ Jessica

  7. I love the photo of the college girls!

    I,too, am looking forward to September and all things fall!

  8. What a lovely recap of August. As well as enjoying your posts again it made me think about my summer. I really like September, to me it feels more of a fresh start than the New Year. Some of that is due to the links with schools and universities starting a new term and new year but also because, being three quarters of the way through the year, it gives you a chance to stop and think about what else you might like to do or achieve before the year is out.

    Have a fantastic trip to Calgary. I know nothing at all about it so I look forward to reading your posts.

    1. Thank you very much, lovely Kate. Ooooh, Calgary is just marvelous! It's located in the province of Alberta, which is one of Canada's three prairie provinces, and is a thriving metropolitan city with roots in the (homesteading, ranching, pioneering, etc) past and a solid footing in the present as well. It's gorgeous and such a fun place, IMO, and I am beyond excited to heading that way again. Can't wait to share all about it with you!

      ♥ Jessica

  9. I wish you the best September!! I am so looking forward to autumn (and the *hopefully* cooler weather! So much heat and humidity this summer!). The colours, the smells, like you said, pumpkin spice everything... eee, just thinking about it makes me giddy! :D
    I wish you and Tony the best on your trip, and I hope that you two have such an amazing time!!! :D

  10. I like to always have a trip to look forward to even if it's a year (or more!) away. It makes me feel like my life is going somewhere...

  11. Oh, dear Lady!! You are able to convey so much with your words ... I love this month of August because it joined us a little closer virtually. Happy beginning of September!

  12. I really enjoy the change of seasons, too. And I'm so glad you and your husband are going to get to enjoy some time off. I know how exciting a vacation is. We don't get to take real vacations very often either, but I suppose that makes you enjoy them all the more when they come
    . I also love the cowgirls! I wish I could find one of those outfits. An the schoolgirls with the saddle shoes look so cute!
    Hoping you all have a wonderful time in Calgary!

  13. What a great recap of August. Even though it's sad to see that summer is behind us, I look forward to the sweet autumn season. I am something of an autumn person actually. I hope you'll have a fabulous trip to Calgary, it's always nice to get away from home only for a little while and explore a new place.

  14. Sounds like you have lots of amazing stuff lined up for September. I myself cant believe that August passed so quickly but Im sure the fall will be wonderful.

    kate-the old fashioned way

  15. Where o where did August go?! I can't believe it's spring already. I'm sure it'll be Xmas before we know it!

    Your road trip is so close! Exciting!

  16. Oh my God! How many adventures in the month of August! I have enjoyed each of your post with real delight! Happy beginning of September, dear Jessica.

  17. I too enjoy the build up to a trip, all the planning involved just adds to the fun.
    Love the image outside the school, you can almost feel the anticipation of what lies ahead.

  18. A lovely poem, for my favorite month:

    Rain falling beautifully on the skin
    Tender touches by men and women
    Kisses in September are the one to remember
    Eyes glow and words sparkle
    Lucid September
    Wind strings us together we are one
    September silence is unforgettable
    Beautiful September
    With your cold, we hug create warmth
    September has it all
    As you slowly go October
    A month to behold sneaks in
    With its Halloween
    But nothing compares to September

    Looking foreward to this month! :)


  19. This was a speedy month indeed! I am glad that it was ever so slightly cooler for you and that you could get out and about a bit more. Even if we lived in the same place we wouldn't ever see each other! I'm out a lot in the heat, but my body hurts too much in the cold.
    I'm still so excited for you and your future trip taking too!! Here is to a fabulous September!

  20. Hope you have a lovely month! It's just turned Spring here in Australia and the weather is lovely! :)

  21. Hi lady! I always love reading your posts! Thanks for sharing your adventures this summer.
    Makes me want to start a blog when I head to Australia in December :)

    1. Hi dear gal, thank you very much. Ooohh, that would be awesome! Let me know right away if you launch a blog, I'd love to read it.

      ♥ Jessica

  22. As you can tell from the date I'm writing this comment on that I am again behind on my blog posts. Gosh, the weekends get away from me. Poo!! Looks like you had a lot of wonderful things happen to you in August and September sounds like it will be a repeat! Wishing you a wonderful September! :)

  23. It's been a bumper month on your blog, Jessica! I have enjoyed the variety of articles very much. I have signed up to follow the Lucky Lucille blog, it is right up my street as they say and I am excited to see she might release some sewing patterns too, so thank you very much for introducing it. Like you, I am eagerly anticipating all that September brings, including all your new articles. Once again, I will be thinking of you during your trip. I know how challenging travel can be. Lots of love and luck! X

    1. It really was a jam packed one, that's for sure! I can scarcely believe how many posts both it and July each housed. A lot certainly transpired off-line as well, just as I'm certain will in September as well. There's so much to see and enjoy around these parts come early autumn - not to mention Canadian Thanksgiving and our wedding anniversary next month to start preparing for.

      Thank you deeply, dearest Philippa, I know that you truly understand the challenges of traveling as a CI warrior, and that means a great deal to me.

      Tons of gentle hugs & the happiest of September wishes,
      ♥ Jessica

  24. Here in Denmark we have had a fab summer, so I am ready for autumn this year. And I love the change. It is such a beautiful season, and I have have found some artificial silk leaves to decorate with. :)