July 20, 2013

Flickr Favourites: July 20, 2013

{Camille Norma Talmadge 1927 ~ Captain Geoffrey Spaulding} 

{A taste of vintage ~ hanthomas}

{Pink and green ~ saltycotton}

{52/52 pink rose ~ Clicking Mad}

{The Majestic ~ Paul Malone}


{Pink powder tin ~ gathering spriggs}

{Dina ~ Yelena Nash}


{Easy holiday meals ~ totallymystified}

{Pink and Green Swap ~ Rue LeClaire}

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From rose bushes to the vegetables patch, the dinner table to the hues swirling through swimsuits at the beach, there has always been something about punchy shades of green and pink that seem so splendidly interlocked with July.

Now, given that I was born during this month and that pink is my favourite colour, one might think I was just being biased. Yet all it takes is a quick glance around during this sizzling time of the year to see that nature combined these two long before I arrived on the scene.

There is something wonderfully preppy - in an "Oh, why yes, we are summering in The Keys this year" sort of way - about this vibrant colour combination as well (which fashion and fabric designer Lilly Pulitzer certainly took note of early on). As I mentioned in this post about the many personalities of my wardrobe last September, though I don't necessarily dress in a full on preppy kind of style all that often, I have long adored the general look a great deal and find that it can go especially well with summertime, what with all of its inherent boating, deck chair lounging, and garden parties.

Of course the preppy set doesn't have the market on this inviting colour combo cornered, and it can be put to work with great success for a myriad of styles and vintage looks - not the mention in various recipes, too. Just think of a delicate salad of summer greens with a handful of (food grade safe) pink rose petals sprinkled over top, strawberry margaritas with lime wedges teetering on the rims of their glasses, and of course big bowls of fabulously refreshing rainbow sorbet.

It's a thoroughly fun colour pairing and one, I'd venture to say, that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's bubbly and youthful, sweet, passionate and joyful, much like the very month of July itself - all the more reason why I adore it!


  1. thank you for posting! gorgeous as always. I had a rose hanky almost identical to this one! We're never far away from the past are we?
    Would it be possible for me to DM you a few questions about vintage? (www.twitter.com/cheongsamfm)My sleuth is a Chinese-American girl who loves vintage and works as a personal shopper. Working on a series of nine books. Would love your input.

    PS. I have a hard time leaving your site! Relaxing and inspiring.
    Carly Carter

  2. LOVE the colours and designs in that Camille image :D

  3. Hey Dear,
    beautiful picture! :)


  4. You blog posts always make me happy, and today is no exception. I'm having a flashback to the days when my aunt would take me for a malt at Woodwards.

    1. Thank you very much, dear Sue! I remember Woodwards - they were such a great department store chain. We used to have a Woodwards here in Penticton eons (relatively speaking) again, but they were replaced in the 90s by Wal-Mart, just as they were in many places across the country. It's too bad they aren't around anymore - it would be tons of fun to get together for a milkshake or malt at their diner counter.

      ♥ Jessica

  5. Such lovely images. My, I want a donut/sundae/slice of apple pie now...I noticed from several of your other posts that you like pink and you do look beautiful in it!

  6. Ahhh... Reading your blog is sweet therapy. And pink is the best!

  7. Pink and green. <3

  8. Love these images!

  9. Pink always makes me feel so cheerful-whether it is rosy pink, candy pink, mauvey-pink...or any other shade. I love your collection...especially the pink, green and black bathroom! xx Shauna

  10. I adore Lilly Pulitzer's vintage prints. Such gorgeous colors! It is so much fun to look through old photos and ads! It is like a fun history lesson!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  11. I had never realized it before, but...yes pink and green is a delicate combination of colours. This post is full of charming photos and drawings. The easy holiday meal is so cute!

  12. I love all your green and pink picks, particularly those darling dancing party goers

    urban hounds

  13. So cute! Love that illustration of party goers!

  14. Oooh that bathroom is soooo pretty!!! I love pink and green as a colour combination!

  15. Loving that bathroom though I guess it may be a little hard to live with. My old house had a 1960s pink bathroom suite, everyone thought I should rip it out but I kind of loved it.

  16. What delightful array of pinks and greens! Definitely one of my favorite color combos too!

  17. Ohmygoodness, I have such a soft spot for antique/vintage books. I can't get enough pictures of them. :)

  18. I love these pictures :3 They capture the feel of the month perfectly ^^

  19. Pink and green are my favourite colours too - and red. Thank you for sharing all those lovely pics.