March 20, 2013

Spring has sprung!

Cue the chorus of songbirds chirping merrily, the woodland critters prancing through newly sprouted fields of green, and the heavenly rays of sunshine slicing through the clouds. Ok, so this might be a slightly Disney-esque version of what this morning should look like, but it doesn't mean we can't envision it appearing this way all the same.

Today marks the first day of spring 2013, and with it a season of renewed life, scrumptious fresh garden eats, and of course the return of warm weather dressing, a point which, quite frankly, I'm ecstatic about. I've enjoyed my tweeds and tights, bulky sweaters and snow boots, but it's high time we parted ways and my trusty sundresses came back into heavy rotation.

A breezy wardrobe isn't the only thing spring has on the horizon for us. No, this is always a busy season, filled with energy and loveliness, and an inborn desire to be productive, as we shake the proverbial cobwebs of winter out of our soul. So, just want are some of the things that spring has in store for us this year?

Well, there's always these early signs of the season...

Vintage early signs of spring

And in a few days time, we'll gather to celebrate Easter with all manner of eggs, chocolate goodies, and if we're really lucky, a new festive bonnet.

Falling on Easter Monday this year, we run into April Fool's Day next (I'm not one for pranks myself, but I do enjoy looking at vintage French April Fool's Day postcards like the lovely one below).

April usually means the end of snow and the start of warm weather dressing. Sporting a bathing suit in the great outdoors is still always off, but that's completely ok, it gives up plenty of time to done of favourite vintage springtime fashions, such as this immensely elegant floral adorned look from 1945.

One thing that comes part and parcel with spring for most is taxes. Whether you dread them or eagerly await the potential refund they might yield, there's no skirting around the fact that they're a necessarily part of this time of the year (note that the following image is from a 1944 Life series of people dealing with their taxes at an Internal Revenue office in New York City).

1940s woman at the Internal Revenue office, vintage tax time

We all know the old expression about April showers, and goodness is it true sometimes! To help make those rain soaked days more bearable (and protect your shoes), why not slip into a pair of vintage rain boots or overshoes like these charming Rain Dears from 1952?

Vintage Raindears Rainboots ad 1952

May 1st means it's time for May Day once more. I don't have a pole to prance around, but that doesn't mean I don't feel giddy when the fifth month of the year begins.

If you haven't done so already, now is the perfect time to set aside a day or two (or however long you need) to give you home a thorough once over as part of the annual tradition that is spring cleaning.

Without a doubt one of the loveliest - and most highly anticipated - elements of springtime is the seemingly endless array of blossoms and blooms that, as if by magic, pop back into existence once more.

Of course, now that the warm weather is here again, one will also want to sport a bevy of flowers in their outfits, too (especially for days with delightfully fun outings such as an afternoon as the fair).

♥  ♥  ♥

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Though we didn't endure an overly harsh or long winter (I've certainly known far more brutal), there was something about this past season that seemed to drag on and on get the picture.

I think that it largely has to do with the fact that we own a car now (something that we couldn't claim prior to March 2012) and as such, when spring starts, we're able to take off and explore the world, bathed as it is in pale, gorgeous sunlight, once more (in a way that, let's face it, you just can't without a set of wheels).

Having a car also makes getting to a large number of yard sales all across town a whole lot easier, and as I love yard sales with an ending passion, knowing that their season was going to commence again soon, really made the last few weeks of winter feel like they were a decade long a piece.

I'm wholeheartedly happy that spring is here. It won't all be cute Easter bunnies, blooming lilacs, and rainbows after a thunderstorm of course, but I sense that it's going to be a terrific season, and I can't honestly recall the last time I was looking quite as forward to spring as I am this year.

Here's to the hope that this season sparkles with merriment, fun and tons of wonderful vintage yard sale finds for all of us!


  1. Oh that bunny is adorable! It does bother me somewhat though, when people buy bunnies as Easter gifts only for them to end up neglected.

    On a happier note, I do love the lady on the carousels dress, oh to be able to buy fabric like that these days!

  2. I can't resist commenting on the Rain-Dears! We all wore them, especially on a rainy dress-up occasion, but let me tell you they were the ugliest things you've ever seen and they made walking gracefully an impossible task. And, if your ankles should happen to get wet, they were really miserable. That said, the ad is indeed charming and optimistic! Happy, happy spring!

  3. Thanks so much for these photos. Your blog is a constant inspiration for me - I love the idea of matching hat and scarf in that photo where the poor hubby is doing his taxes! I pinned two Dovima photos today - her in that hat and the one of her in the dark gloves. I wish the best of Spring for you and your husband, and I can't wait to see you in Spring fashion as soon as all this snow melts. I had to wear my first day of spring outfit with snow boots and my fur coat today...

  4. Wow! You write in such a creative way!!! Have a Happy Spring!! I know I'm looking forward it :)

  5. I just love the first image. Tax refund = new hat! If only!

    I'm terribly excited about this season even if the weather isn't quite cooperating yet!

  6. Love this post! The pictures are so awesome and also made me realize I need a "spring wardrobe check list". 1. Need cute rain boots, 2. need cute rain hat, 3. Need more cute spring dresses..oh and do those pesky taxes! lol :) I hope you have a wonderful Easter Jessica!

  7. Certainly, spring has arrived here and I'm happy to read your words because they inspire me ... I cant wait to see all the treasures you will bring home from garage sales now that you have a car. Enjoy the sun and the flowers, dear Lady.

  8. Happy Spring!!! Not feeling much like it here is SW Virginia, still very cool out but the trees are beginning to bud and my allergies are acting up, so I know it's here! I really want to own that dress in the last photo!



  9. Dear Jessica,

    What a simple scrumptious post!

    :) Hope

  10. thank you for this new old beautiful images!
    here the winter wont go - but i finished my "easter bonnet" and outfit already. pictures after easter - will surprise my husband with the little hat :-)

  11. Sigh* Spring still seems so far away here in Vermont. It's snowing right now as we speak lol

  12. Fabulous images to show Spring - it hasn't sprung in the UK yet!

    Is that Doris Day in the pic with the Easter Bunny?

    Much Love

  13. Hurrah for spring! I love that Sunday Pictorial Review - even if it is hugely sexist! And that 1945 "floral adorned look" is absolutely stunning. Ooh, you've got me super-excited for spring now, even if the weather isn't quite ready to warm up here in London yet.

  14. All of these images are delightful! :) We have so many blossoms out now. And you're right, it did happen as if by magic. They seemed to appear out of the blue one morning last week. Apple blossoms, magnolias, cherry blossoms, almond blossoms. The list goes on. In so many luscious shades of pink and white. ( I never realized how many shades of white there are.) :D Yep. I' have spring fever all right! Yard sales are awesome! Bring 'em on! Love love love them. I hope you're having a good week, Jessica. Great post as always!

  15. I am just so happy that spring is here (even if Mother Nature forgot!)
    Winter is usually my favourite season, but this past winter was pretty horrible for several reasons. Here's a cheer for a better spring!

  16. I absolutely love reading your posts. You just made me super excited for spring and the possibilities the season brings!!!

  17. I absolutely love reading your posts. You just made me super excited for spring and the possibilities the season brings!!!

  18. Great post as always! I'm looking to Spring so that I can start wearing all of the skirts I made over winter. Now I just need to make a few dresses too.

    I love the floral dress. It's so elegant and pretty. I've been watching all the little birds in our front yard. I love how they make a fuss over nothing.

  19. I love that French postcard Jessica, it's really pretty and bizarre at the same time. I'm longing for Spring now, we're meant to be having heavy snowfall this weekend and the skies are grey so I'm getting cabin fever. We don't have yard sales here, sadly, I know I would love them, but I love going to car boot sales so I'm itching to do that as soon as the weather picks up. xx

  20. What lovely images of spring. They have cheered me up on a gloomy day. Nice to be reminded that there is all this to look forward to as we are forecast snow tomorrow! I love the dress on the lady in the carousel picture and the 1940s floral bedecked woman is just perfect.

  21. I loved the photos and the ode to the arrival of spring! I know it hasn't arrived here in New England yet but I am confident that spring is somewhere! :D
    Beth P

  22. The buttons down the back of the flower picking woman are so pretty! Happy spring to you!

  23. I want some Rain Dears!!! How great! I love those.

  24. I'm with you and truly hope we get a lovely spring and a great summer too. Right now Denmark is covered with about four inches of snow and it is bitterly cold. We are all sick and tired of it! Do you have any idea if it is possible to buy something like the rain dears nowadays?

  25. Ahhh I'm excited that you're excited about spring! Obviously being down under, I'm going through autumn and actually enjoying the cool weather :) My wardrobe will need to transition as well, and I purchased a few pair of gloves last weekend as you've inspired me to do so! Hopefully it'll get cool enough soon for me to wear them!


  26. Sounds wonderful there! Spring has the opposite of sprung here- snow and more snow! Looking forward to seeing some of your spring outfit posts, they're always great for inspirtaion on outfits! xx

  27. I stumbled upon this today, and it was the exact pattern of the lades dress on the carousel!

    1. What a terrifically beautiful dress and wonderful find! It's beyond cool that your found the very same frock that woman is wearing on the carousel. Thank you so much for sharing, honey.

      Happiest Easter weekend wishes to you and your family!
      ♥ Jessica

  28. Famous french words:
    En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil
    En mai, fais ce qu'il te plait!
    (means: in april, don't undress too much, in may do as you please!)