March 9, 2013

Saturday Snapshots: March 9, 2013

{I've come across a fair number of vintage class/student group photos in my time, but I really do believe this is one of my absolute favourites. It's not uncommon for sports teams take group snaps, but it's not everyday you see one with a row of super charming 1940s cheerleaders in the front.}

{Though certainly not the famed evangelist of the same moniker, this darling little youngster, photographed on August 5, 1949, was named Billy Graham. I just love the fact that the woman - I'd venture to guess young Billy's mother - face was partially captured on the right hand side of this photo. It adds such an endearing note of real world relate-ability to it.}

{What catch my eye in particular about this lovely side profile shot of a 1940s young woman is the fact that she looks like a lot of people I’ve known over the years, yet no one name jumps out. I've encountered this before with vintage (and even Victorian) photographs, and always enjoy it when I do.}

{It's always a treat to find pictures with subject matter that hasn't been touched on before in past editions of Saturday Snapshots, and this photo from 1954 falls squarely into that camp. In it we see three people (identified as member of either the Sheridan or O'Brien family) from the Irish Traveller community getting ready to enjoy a teatime meal at their campsite at Loughrea, Co. Galway.}

{Cuteness - and vivid colour - abounds in this darling forties snapshot of a little girl practising a dance routine in full costume at home in what appears to be likely be a living or rec room.}

{Photos of yesteryear folks strolling down the sidewalk are one of my favourite kinds of vintage photos. They're usually quite candid and often show numerous outfits in one go. Here for example, we see three (most likely European ladies, as the person who posted this shot said that they bought this image from in France) ladies in outfits that scream of the effects of wartime austerity and rationing to me. I don't say this negatively of course, don't get me wrong, I just mean that you could tell, even if that photo wasn’t dated, that we're looking at the early 40s from the style of the garments and hats they're wearing.}

{This may go without saying, but I absolutely adore this woman's dress! It's an interesting photo, because she strikes me as being a bit older than the fellow whose waist she has her arm around. There's not overtly romantic about the way they're posed, so it's possible that the two were mother and son, sister and brother, cousins, or perhaps husband and wife after all (and she was, or just looked, older than him).}

{Though winter is still a blaring here for the most part, I can't help but think of toasty summer days spent in the great outdoors again already, such as that enjoyed by these two ladies in the late 1940s. No background info as to the location is provided for this photo, but it certainly looks like a beautiful spot wherever they were.}

{You just know this suave 1930s chap gave old school cool a whole new kind of meaning.}

{In a photo called "Doris and Buddy" we see an absolutely beautiful young 1940s gal (how much do you love her hair?) and an energetic terrier posing for a quick snap before, I highly suspect, this lively pup speed off somewhere like a shot.}

{All images above are from Flickr. To learn more about a specific image, please click on it to be taken to its respective Flickr page.}

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Before this month is up, spring will return - if only on the paper that our calendars are printed on - once more. At present, on the second day of March, many of us still have scenes outside of our windows that would rival any depicted on a Christmas card, whereas a lucky few are starting to see the very first subtle signs of the season that lays ahead (and, of course, those in the Southern Hemisphere are gearing up to soon head into autumn).

For many in Canada, spring is something of mythical being. We're very familiar with the general concept, and have perhaps spotted fleeting glances of it before, but have rarely had a chance to stair it straight in the eyes. Often times it seems as though we hop from -30C to +30C faster than a slap shot goal, with nary so much as a crocus, chirping robin, or balmy Sunday picnic to mark the transition from winter to summer.

Instead we're bombarded with rain, rain and more rain for a few very short weeks between bone chillingly cold and mind blowingly hot. Of course some areas of the country see more of the elusive creature that is spring than others, but no matter where you go in this vast, marvelous land, it can be mighty tricky to unearth a picturesque spring.

Slush? We've got that in spades! If slush was a tradable commodity, our country's GDP would skyrocket overnight! Indeed, as March wears on, it will soon seem as though nearly every last corner of this nation is covered in a coating of dingy grey leftover snow that seems to soak every last inch of the outside world.

Nevertheless, instead of bumming me out, I (glass half full kind of gal that I tend to be) prefer to simply look at the slush and rain as signs that Mother Nature is revamping herself again. Getting ready to deliver those sublimely beautiful days of late May and June, followed by the sizzling, crazy heat of summer.

Would I love to have a spring that was littered with gentle sunlight, perfectly verdant (dry!) gardens, and appealingly warm breezes? Of course I would, but I'm a realist (and a Canadian), and I know that such a thing isn't terribly likely to happen anytime soon.

No matter, there is much more to spring (however short-lived it may appear) than just the weather. This is a season for new beginnings, the first fresh locally grown produce since last autumn (with the local farmer's market returning come May 1st), kite flying, gardening (for those with gardens, that is), Easter celebrations, mapping out summer plans, longer hours of daylight, and - one glorious morning, quite often when we least expect it - the ability forgo our heavy winter coat when we get dressed and instead lovingly bring our favourite springtime fashions out of hibernation once more.

Is spring my very favourite season of the year? No, but as with each season, there are oodles of reasons why I love it and why I couldn't imagine a world without March, April, and May - no matter how much slush, rain, yo-yoing temperatures, and unpredictable weather they may entail.


  1. I always love your presentation of vintage photos, but this time one resonates. In the photo of the little dancing girl, the floor is covered with linoleum square tiles (which had adhesive on the back). They were cheap and easy to apply; people used them in basement rec rooms directly on concrete. My family had the exact color/design in ours. I vividly remember playing on them as a child.

  2. I feel you on the short spring! Where I live, we do get a week or two of spring but the weather fluctuates like crazy! We got quite a bit of snow on Wednesday and tomorrow it's supposed to be almost 60F! I do love spring though, because it means summer is coming and winter is over.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    I appreciate your love-it-the-way-it-is attitude. There are always GOOD things about every situation and the happier we will be if we look for them.

    Amazing photos...especially the color in some, and yes, little Billy was a darling.

    Happy Saturday!
    :) Hope

  4. My favourite photo is the one of the little girl dancing! It's so full of life!

    It's certainly still winter in Winnipeg...but I'm happy to report that we do get a touch of spring - usually from mid April to early June. Can't wait!


  5. Hi Jessica- for some reason I am really fond of these snapshots today! I love all your posts but am esp loving the sports unique, the profile is GORGEOUS...needs to be framed..the color is so beautiful and rich...almost feel like I too know her lol The Irish is awesome and the last girl's hair is just that she is with her pup. thanks for sharing while I enjoy!

  6. Doris strangely resembles Drew Barrymore..

  7. I loved this post! Omg baby Billy is just the cutest! :)wow living in Canada must be lovely! :) here in California I pray for some cooler weather haha it feels like winter almost never came sometimes lol sometimes I swear it feels like summer year round lol I'd give anything for some snow lol even slush haha I'd be happy to attempt a slushy man! :P love your posts as always

    Hugs and best wishes,

  8. What lovely photos! Ah the elusive spring... we have that here in New Hampshire as well - snow to summer in one swoop! The only difference is we have mud season instead of a rainy season in between! YUCK!
    Beth P

  9. I did enjoy the quote about shoe slush. Photographs of yesteryear women (or anyone I suppose) walking along enjoying themselves have always been a favourite of mine too. I particularly love mother/daughter versions of these photos.

  10. Jessica.....Doris and Buddy are quite a cute pair :)
    And yes' her victory rolls are very pretty.

  11. I really like the Traveler family picture. Its something I havent seen before so its fascinating to me.

    Great round up! Hopefully Spring will come soon to your part of the world, as well as mine.

  12. Fabulous pics! I think my favorite is 'Doris and Buddy. :) You're right, that doggie is getting ready to bolt as fast as he can. Maybe a spectator has a treat in his/her pocket. lol.

  13. These photos are such fun :)
    Spring is my absolutely favourite season... with all the promise of the year to come ahead of it :)
    everywhere I have ever lived has had lovely springs. Both here in Virginia and back home in England, spring is full of flowers and soft smells. Spring here is warmer though ;)

  14. As always, such wonderful photos! I especially adore the one of the Irish Travellers, something about it makes it very appealing to me.

  15. These pictures are fantastic! I can't pick a favorite, but I did really like that picture of the couple with the older woman and younger man. She had an awesome dress. And the picture of the 1930s fellow swingin' two chicks on his arm is fetching, as well!


  16. What beautiful photos, I really love them.

    Bring on the Spring, eh? We've got spring flowers popping up everywhere, really pretty, but the weather is still pretty cold here in the UK, and like you, rain rain rain is the usual weather, whatever the season!

    P x

  17. Oh! These photos made my morning Jessica! Thank you! My favorite is the last one..I love the soft lighting, and the theme of a girl and her dog just makes me smile.

  18. Love these photos! Oh, yes I'm so ready for spring too. But I must say for the last couple of days the weather has really been fantastic. Makes me kind of understand people that love winter....kind of.

  19. I know I've said it before...but I adore these Saturday Snapshots and look forward to them very much. I too was very intrigued by the photo of the man and the(what looks like) older woman., I wondered about their relationship for a while too. Thanks so compiling such a wondefful collection. xx Shauna

  20. I your photos that you shared with us, I love that they capture times gone by....I wish we could all step back in time and stay there. I have some beautiful photos I would love to share in the future..I'm just so busy right now....I think I will eventually put them on a blog of their own. Spring is also my favorite season...the freshness of everthing. What I love most about feels like a new beginning, the sight of flowering buds, the chirps of baby birds....and the soft spring breeze gently blowing the fresh scent across the land.

    Have a great week :)

  21. Saturday Snapshots is such a cute way to get some vintsperation in!! Another great part of your series is that it isn't always dedicated to just one decade. I love the variety!

  22. Thank you forsharing these photos, I love looking at the details. :)

  23. Oh... i have such a soft spot for vintage pictures.
    I specially love the one of the little girl in costume and also enjoy looking at the furniture in the back....
    But my fave is the last one with the pup - what a gorgeous girl indeed and she probably was not even wearing face powder-

  24. I love getting inspiration from old magazines, adverts and films. Thank you for sharing :)

    Much Love

  25. That quote is just as sweet as the photos!

  26. These are beautiful photos Jessica, it's amazing how clear and vibrant some of them are considering their age, and I agree that woman and man with their arms wrapped around each other are intriguing, I wonder what their story was. As someone from the north of England who is now living in Scotland, I can sympathise with your description of Spring, we've been stuck in the house for the past two days with snow and freezing winds, today is better but it's still freezing cold. I can't wait for some sunshine! xx