March 31, 2013

Flickr Favourites: Easter 2013 edition

Cute vintage Easter card bunny rabbit

{Vintage Easter Postcard ~ Suzee Que}

{Bunnies ~ saturdayfinds}

{Easter 1925 ~ gill4kleuren}

{Easter Ham ~ gairid1791}

{Dapper Easter Chick ~ Bluebird Becca}

{Vintage Easter Bunnies ~ saturdayfinds}

{Cute bunny ~ mountainpugs}

{Fuzzy Easter Friends ~ ilovetocreate}

{Easter egg cookies ~ citrusandorange}

{Vintage Easter Card ~ Zero Discipline}

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Easter means many things to many people. It is a day of reverence and serenity, fellowship and a celebration of life. Spring, merely a few days old, has sprung once more, even if the  great outdoors still looks more like it's gearing up for Christmas, depending on whereabouts in the world you live. It is sweet and gentle, tranquil, earnest and beautiful.

With each passing year, I find myself more and more eager to celebrate Easter and spring, however short-lived the latter may be here in Canada. Sure, right now, we're teetering between rain and snow still, but there are signs and feelings that any day now spring will truly arrive. The birds begin their chorus earlier in the morning, trees that once seemed devoid of life have perked back up, their branches ready to shot out new buds at a moment's notice. The wind, though nippy, isn't quite as harsh, it's mellowed just a touch and knows that in a matter of weeks, it will be blowing about the hems of sundresses once more.

This weekend we gather with family and friends to embrace whatever Easter means to each of us. For me it is all of the things above, as well as a time to reflect on the blessings that have come our way throughout the first three months of this year. To focus on the good, the positive, the optimistic, and the joyful. We're a quarter of the way through 2013, and already so many wonderful things have transpired, just as I like to believe more will continue to as the rest of the year unfolds, much like the petals on the first blossoms of spring.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish each of you a blessed, wonderful Easter that's every bit as sweet as the chocolate eggs hiding in nooks and crannies around our homes, and hope dearly that the beauty of this day carries on throughout the spring for all of us.


  1. Love these adorable pictures! Happy Easter my sweet friend!

  2. thank you very much dear jessica!
    have a great easter celebration with you family :-)


  3. As much as I enjoy your visual sensibility, I like your attitude toward life even more. You are appreciative of the precious gift and beauty of life, an approach I share but which is sadly uncommon these days. Reading your words, amazingly, is as enjoyable as looking at the pretty pictures you post. Your blog is a treasure.

  4. Such a lovely post!! :D
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter!!

  5. Gorgeous photos!Hope you have a very Happy Easter,Jessica!

  6. That Easter bunny in the first picture is such a cute little chappy! And my, oh my, that Easter ham is just something else! Hope you're having a lovely Easter day and that spring finds its way to you soon.

  7. Happy Easter Jessica! I hope you have a great time with your family.

    Another great post! I love all the pretty cards and delicious cookies. I'm still trying to add to my Easter decor. It's hard finding decor that it's all tacky. Kitsch is okay but I hate tackiness.

  8. Happy Easter to you and Tony and Annie X

  9. Happy Easter :)

    Fab selection of images - love the pastel Spring colours


  10. A splendid, serene Easter to you and yours as well, Jessica! :) I love every single one of these images. Especially the vintage finds in the second.

  11. Happy Easter Jessica, to you and your family! I hope you had a lovely day :) I posted DD's outfit which matched the colours of yours today- so you can see what I meant LOL
    I hope Annie was a good girl today.

  12. beautifully summed up in an elegant way I wish I had with words! Happy Easter xox

  13. How sweet, dear Jessica! I absolutely adore Spring and Easter is possibly my favorite holiday of them all! Each holiday has a special meaning to me, but I love the renewed feeling I get with each passing Easter.

  14. Happy Easter to you and your family...although I'm a little belated in wishing it. I hope that you had a nice holiday of it and that Spring may slowly creep into your part of the world soon, slowly and gracefully may it unfold for you and linger with its soft mellow weather and delightful awakenings of nature.
    Spring can be a bit of hasty creature here in Melbourne too and she bolts out of the gate, impatient to reach her crescendo and impress us. She doesn't realise that she would be far more impressive if she danced a slow waltz before us...paced and steady, revealing herself to us bit by bit so that we can truly appreciate her beauty.
    xx Shauna

    P.S Happy first Easter with your little one too!

    1. Beautifully, eloquently said, dear Shauna, thank you very, very much.

      Our Easter was resplendently lovely - the weather turned out to be beyond gorgeous and well above the seasonal norm in terms of temperature. Late in the evening I suddenly fell quite ill with some sort of stomach bug that really knocked me off my feet, so to speak, but even that doesn't detract from how magnificent this Easter was for me.

      I truly hope your celebration was a joyous one as well, my dear friend!

      ♥ Jessica

  15. Great collection of wonderfully kitschy Easter thingies. Happy belated Easter! Hope you had a nice time.

  16. Loved these pictures, so cute! I hope you're weekend was really good!

  17. Happy Easter to you and yours from across the miles, beautiful choices as ever :) X

  18. Those Easter egg cookies are divine!

  19. Oh gosh, what is it with bunnies that can melt my heart so quickly?!
    I hope you had a beautiful Easter Jessica. :-)