December 26, 2012

Betty Crocker's delicious vintage recipe idea for leftover Christmas turkey

There is a certain distinct beauty to Boxing Day - and often a renewed sense of serenity, too (assuming one stays away from the hoards of shoppers out at the plethora of sales today, that is!). Christmas Day, hard as it is to believe, is behind us once more. The presents have been unwrapped, the feast tucked unto, and the nearly infamous holiday cards long sent out.

The merriness of the day, its bright, ageless spirit and unmatched importance remain on December 26th, however, and will for most people for several more days to come. Unlike other holidays that generally come and go with a bang, Christmas is more than just one day. It a tiny season of joy, celebration, gratitude, and festivity unto itself, and I think that's part of the reason so many of us adore this time of the year so dearly.

Though some folks feel a renewed since of energy on this lovely day, a good deal of us are quite tuckered out after days, or even weeks of solid holiday preparation, which means this isn't the time for huge meals made completely from scratch again - especially not when we likely have a fridge that's bursting to capacity with scrumptious Christmas dinner remains.

However, you may want a slight change of pace from yesterday's grand meal with all the trimmings, and thus may I - and the every wonderful Betty Crocker - present to you a delightful vintage recipe for Turkey Roulettes that calls from a couple of cups of leftover turkey and few store cupboard staples staples.

Ready in a flash, and perfect to serve with any of your other holiday leftovers that you desire, this recipe is a gem to have on hand for anytime of the year you may have extra turkey (or chicken) in the fridge.

Vintage Betty Crocker Turkey Roulettes recipe, leftover Christmas turkey recipe ideas

{Leftover Christmas turkey and few other basic ingredients, plus less than an hour's time, is all it takes to whip up this taste bud pleasing vintage recipe for Turkey Roulettes. Image via Eudaemonius on Flickr.}

I'd be tempted to add a little bit of cranberry sauce in each roulette (or perhaps thin it out a touch and drizzle it over the finished pastry parcels), and would definitely serve these with gravy or a white sauce, as the original recipe suggests (a nice, sharp cheese sauce or even a flavourful tomato sauce would both be splendid here, too). By the same token, you could add in a handful of stuffing (dressing), diced cooked vegetables (say Brussel sprouts or carrots), or even some yummy mashed potatoes.

Our Christmas was absolutely marvelous – filled with everything and more, from family to wonderful gifts, countless tasty morsels to gorgeous seasonal decor that one could possibly hope for. The buzz and gaiety of Christmas is still going strong today at our house and will, I'm sure, for several more days to come - especially when there's so much scrumptious turkey to enjoy still in classic recipes like this.

I hope deeply that you're each having a tremendously lovely holiday season, and that you're Boxing team is teaming with happiness, fun, fantastic food - and should you decide to brave the mall crowds, plenty of good bargains! :)


  1. Oh that sounds so good!! I love thrifty recipes using left overs. My mother always made turkey taquitos after Thanksgiving and great grandma made the best turkey tetrazzini! Happy new year, doll! x

  2. Adding mushrooms makes it a 'special occasion' dish! I simply adore old cooking wisdom.

  3. Glad you had a lovely Christmas Day. I enjoyed and agreed with your articulation of the days following Christmas. Unfortunately I have to be back at work tomorrow but am having a lovely relaxed day today and don't feel too bad about work tomorrow, knowing that it's only another two days before the weekend! And as the office is usually quite empty, with lots of people taking a longer break, there is still that relaxed atmosphere hanging over things when one has to work in the days between Christmas and New Year...

  4. This recipe sounds super yummy! And yes, we have leftovers. :) We had dinner yesterday with friends.. (our families both live in Maine, and we were unable to make it there.) But we were sent home with a good share of uneaten turkey. It will be perfect to try this. Thanks so much for sharing, Jessica! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas and are having a festive Boxing Day!

  5. Yum! Sounds delicious - no leftover turkey in this house though, I make sure of that!

  6. Love it! Happy New Year!

  7. Oh gosh my Mom used to make these. I remember that picture.

    Thanks for the memories -

  8. This sounds like a pretty and posh version of bubble'n'squeak. I love it and Itotally agree about adding some vege and cranberry sauce. I am cut and pasting this recipe and storing it away for next years left overs. Thankyou sweet Jessica! xx Shauna

  9. I love thrift! These recipes are great to have handy in times of war and this depression that's on. I'm going to try this receipt tonite! I'm anxious to see if it makes my favourite receipts book!

  10. Thank you for this recipe. You are one of the most generous ladies on the web. Cheers..Australia

    1. You're very welcome, my dear. Many thanks in turn for your lovely comment. I'm happy to know you enjoyed this tasty classic recipe.

      Happy holiday wishes!
      ♥ Jessica