June 25, 2012

What I wore for an evening with Johnny Depp

...Depp's new film, Dark Shadows, that is.


Pink and purple vintage dress, cardigan, hair flower, Jessica Cangiano image_3


Pink and purple vintage dress, cardigan, hair flower, Jessica Cangiano image_6


Pink and purple vintage dress, cardigan, hair flower, Jessica Cangiano image_1


Pink and purple vintage dress, cardigan, hair flower, Jessica Cangiano image_2


Pink and purple vintage dress, cardigan, hair flower, Jessica Cangiano image_4

Outfit details

Prescription eyeglasses: (frames) Venus Eye Design V-12
Pink, purple, and yellow hair flower: Arden
Silver hued heart stud earrings: Claire's
Dark pink cardigan: Value Village
Purple 1970s does 1940s jersey dress: etsy seller: Ma Ptite Chouette
Larger purple bangle bracelet: Forever 21
All other bangles: etsy seller Me She Designs
Lip colour: Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain in Wild Berry Wink 440

Photography by Antonio Cangiano

♥ ♥ ♥

My relationship with vampires never veered into pop lit territory (save for a brief encounter with Anne Rice when I was about 13, and of course, Bram Stoker's classic), instead I've always preferred my ashen skinned undead as part of the overall package of Halloween.

Like most rules however, there's exceptions to this point, and one of them is when I hear that a certain Mr. Johnny Depp has a new movie out in which he plays a vampire who's unearthed for the first time in 200 years only to find he's suddenly smack dab in the crazy days of the 1970s.

It had been a long time since I last went to the movies. Try as I might to peg exactly when then was, I can't seem to. I'd say at least 1.5, but maybe as many as 2 to 2.5 years ago. When I heard that my local movie theater (where I saw many a film as a youngster) was slatted to be closed shortly (a new, much larger one is being built in a different part of the downtown area) however, I knew that I had to visit it one last time - so long as I could get my health to cooperate long enough.

Fortunately such was a the case one cloudy, rain drenched weekend evening recently, so Tony and I met up with my mom and step-dad and headed down a familiar haunt. It was a very pleasant treat to find ticket prices considerably lower here than in Toronto, and also to settle into a quaint little screening room comprised of just a few rows of seats on both sides of a single aisles. We all ended up adoring the film and agreeing that it's one we'll definitely have to watch again come this Halloween and many Octobers thereafter.

The rain was still pouring down when we left the theater and the sun had all but vanished, so we headed back home (after a quick stop by Dairy Queen) and there Tony snapped a few quick photos of me in our dining room. I was really touched when earlier in the evening Tony said that he loved my hair (and generously sized hair flower), and that he continued to shower me with compliments all night long.

This purple dress is just about as comfy as a vintage frock can possibly be. The classic jersey fabric is simultaneously loss fitting and figure flattering, making it an excellent choice for periods of being seated for a long time, such as at the movies, on an airplane, or while taking a road trip.

Earlier this spring I found this cute plumy-carnation hued cardigan at Value Village with the original tags still on it (I got it for about 1/10th of the original asking price, plus a further 30% off that thanks to a coupon I had - hard to beat that!), and it too is wildly cozy and perfect for a night spent inside a room where one never knows what the AC is going to be up to.

I hope that you sweet gals don't mind my attention grabbing title post today. I'm not usually one to do such things, but as it really is an extremely rare treat for me to get out and head to the movies, so seeing Johnny's new vampire film almost is as exciting for me as an evening spent with the actor himself (*almost!*).

If you haven't seen Dark Shadows yet and are a fan of comedic horror flicks (with an awesome camp factor), I highly recommend this movie - it's really one you can sink your teeth fangs into! Smile


  1. I'm glad to hear you recommend Dark Shadows! I'd been thinking of going to see it (too bad my mother refuses to go out of loyalty to the old TV show!) That dress is great, too--looks super comfy, though stylish, and of course I love the purple :)

    (Re: your last comment: I'm new to the whole Tumblr thing myself! Just started this one because it seemed like a better platform than Blogger for photos that I'm putting out there more to share than to talk about. I still prefer this corner of the internet for my longer-form ramblings, though.)

  2. I am so glad that you were able to go out and enjoy the movie with your family! :D I have to see that movie too.
    You look ravishing!!!

  3. Tony was quite right about your hair, it looks lovely; the flower suits that style perfectly. I really like the colours you have on, they work so well together. Everything about this outfit is just right! I am so glad you enjoyed the film, I will look out for it here.

  4. Ohh you look adorable! I really love your hair styled like this. My hubby and I went to see Dark Shadows a while ago and really loved it. Such a fun movie.


  5. I love that purple dress! It's so perfect. I'm a fan of big hair flowers, too.
    I love Johnny Depp. I can't wait to see him as a vampire, especially a cheesy one. He's soooo good.

  6. You look lovely (and I want to see that movie too!)!

  7. That incredible shade of purple looks amazing on you! I simply love it!

    I'm sorry to hear about your local cinema. I hope you can make it out to the new one when it opens. I understand your health though regarding going to the movies. I have a friend with fibromyalgia who can't sit through a film at the cinema comfortably, so she instead purchased one of those projectors so she can still enjoy a big screen at home and gets everything from Netflix.

    I enjoyed Dark Shadows, I'm a big Depp and Burton fan, as well as liked the original show.


  8. absolutely beautiful, I'm looking forward watching this movie!

  9. I suspected you went to see the movie with the title, but my heart did pitter patter a bit, I do loves me some Johnny Depp. ;) We still want to see this movie but I'm not sure if it's still out by us! We always seem to miss movies in the theater. We rarely go to them either, I honestly can't remember the last one we saw in the theater. It seriously may have been Public Enemies.

    That's so sweet how your husband kept complimenting your outfit! It does look darling, and incorporating your pinks and purples that you were talking about recently. I really need to amp up my hair flower department, you're reminding me!

  10. Now if that's not a catchy title I don't know what is! I haven't watched the film yet but I can can imagine it to be quite something for anyone to wake up suddenly in the 70's :)For that someone to be Depp playing a vampire, yep it sounds pretty campy, I might even be tempted to watch this one, though horror of any kind is not my thing normally.
    You look lovely as usual, again great color pairing! I am becoming myself very intrigued by some color combinations in the 30'involving purple, such as purple and red for example - haven't yet decided where I stand on that one - color is something I never tire of though!

  11. Love the color combo in your outfit! So yummy!

  12. Incredible look! That dress is PERFECT double retro, and your eye makeup, as always, blows my mind. :)

  13. We don't go to the cinema a lot either. We just wait for movies to come out on DVD. But I do like Johnny Depp, especially as Capt. Jack. :-)

    Love that dress. I really like the 70s/80s does 40s dresses. I don't feel as bad wearing them over the original 40's pieces because their not as old or fragile.

  14. It's a great film. Mind you, Mr Depp is in it! And how gorgeous do you look?xx

  15. Jessica you look smashing! One of my fav things to do on a wet afternoon is a visit to the local cinema. It's been very wet here recently but of course it is Winter. If the weather is just too wet another fav is to stoke the woodfire and watch a classic DVD or three with endless cups of tea and perhaps one of my homemade baked offerings. Feels just like a hug from my Nanny.

  16. I have to agree with Tony: You look gorgeous and your hair is so great!

  17. That color combo is to die for gorgeous on you. No wonder Tony couldn't keep his hands off you (and he shouldn't either).
    I did enjoy Dark Shadows. I went by myself and it was quite nice.

  18. You look so pretty! I love the color combination between your hair and the purple of the dress, you look so regal!

    I am not the biggest fan of vampire movies, but I am looking forward to seeing the Great Gatsby when it comes out.

  19. Jessica, you look lovely in that violet dress! Not only is the colour divine, the detailing is a knockout. xx Shauna

  20. I love the dress and cardigan combo! Great score on the cardigan, I love a good deal!
    Beautiful hair accessory too!



  21. The colours in your outfit are stunning! That dress is lovely and looks gorgeous on you :)

  22. Tony is right, your hair and the flower in it are both amazing.

    Not only do I love both, I am also quite in love with purple 1970's/1940's dress you are wearing. The color is absolutely divine on you!

  23. Sounds like a movie I could enjoy! Lovely dress you've got on there, the details get my seamstress eye thinking about making something similar, hm... :)

  24. purple and pink what a fabulous colour combo you look like an exotic bird from paradise. wow just breathtaking!