June 7, 2012

Examining the results of Chronically Vintage's recent reader's poll

Early last month I asked you, my wonderful readers, to take a few moments and fill out a poll I had created regarding certain elements of this blog. In it I asked you about such things as which topics you enjoy seeing posts on the most, how many photos per article you like, and your feelings pertaining to giveaways. Now a little over a month on, as promised, I'm happy to share the results of this fun poll with all of you (please notes that all percentages and other numbers stated were accurate on the day I wrote this post; as the poll is still technically open, these numbers could vary a little in the future, but I felt enough responses had come in to paint a clear picture of the results).

Loving yesteryear clothing as so many of us do, it will likely come as little to surprise to many that 46% of poll participants said that vintage style and fashion related posts were their favourite kind. If you add in the 11% that said "what I wore" posts were their faves, the total number that opted for a fashion related vote jumps up to 56%, more than half off all readers. How to/instructional followed next with 18%, which I have to say comes as a neat surprise, and is thoroughly encouraging when it comes to doing future how-to posts (an area I often feel shy about delving into).

Regarding post size, 52% said that preferred medium sized posts (comprised of a few paragraphs and one or more images), with 29% liking large posts. Posts spread out over a number of days, short posts (8%), and "other" rounded out the total. It's great to know that many of you like medium to large sized pieces, too, as they're what I often find myself most drawn to writing. That said, I'm all for variety, and will continue to bring you posts of varying size.

I was very interested to learn that a whopping 75% of respondents like seeing 3-6 images in each post, whereas just 15% like 7-10, and 9% like only 1 or 2 images. Perhaps because I can never get enough of seeing vintage images myself, I was thoroughly surprised that not a single person selected the option of 10 or more images per post. This is definitely a point I'll be reflecting on.

When asked what kind of post you'd like to see more in the future, the responses were quite varied, with "vintage fashion and style" receiving the highest number of votes (20%). Other popular options included "what I wore" outfit posts, hair and make-up, how to/tutorials, home decor, and vintage photographs. If you've been reading this blog for a while now, you'll know that I'm very keen on writing about an array of topics, including all of the ones just mentioned, so hopefully you'll spot at least a few posts each month that tie into your favourite topics.


1950s calculating machine bank ad, vintage calculator
{The numbers were crunched and the results of this spring's reader's poll are in. Did your answers jive with the leading responses or vary significantly? Are you surprised by outcome or is it in keeping with what you figured it would be? Vintage National Alpha-Digit Post-Tronic Machine ad via What Makes the Pie Shops Tick? on Flickr.}

A question I'd long been curious to know the answer to was what is favourite decade, and you responded by letting me know that 42% adore the 1940s most, 27% flip for the 50s, 12% can't get enough of the 30s, 15% are mad for the 1920s, and 5% of you are swinging 60s gal at heart. Very cool!

I know that the topic of blog giveaways often generates mixed responses, and the outcome of this poll was no exception. 43% of respondents said that they thought blog giveaways were "ok", 20% "really like them", 15% aren't keen on them, and the the rest of the participants either loved them or had no opinion (14%) either way. This is keeping in what I've picked up from the vintage/fashion blogging community in general, and is part of the reason I don't bombard my readers with endless giveaways.

When you do participate in giveaways however, I was curious to know what kind of prize you most hope to win, and it turns out that with 34% a piece, fashion related and actual vintage items tied to sweep the results. Books or magazines, gift certificates, and handmade items were some of the other options that proved somewhat popular. Great to know, ladies and gents, for when I select future giveaway partners.

Last but not least, I asked you how you typically read Chronically Vintage posts. 54% of you said that you usually visit the blog, 37% use a feedreader, and 9% subscribe by email (which you can always sign up for in the box on the right hand side bar here). Like yourselves, I usually read my favourite blogs by either visiting them directly or through a feedreader, so it's neat to know many of us share this point in common.

And so concludes the results of the spring 2012 readers polls. Thank you very much to everyone who took part (many of whom also left great thoughts for me to read in the comment section at the bottom of the post), I sincerely appreciate your impute. Though my blog (like most out there) is a one woman show, I very much welcome your participation and feedback, and like to ensure that the topics I'm writing about are ones that you sweet gals and guys enjoy, too.

As we barrel along through the last few weeks of spring and quickly kick off summer, I look forward to keeping your responses in mind as I craft my posts and welcome you to share your thoughts regarding what you enjoy (and/or would like to see more of) about this blog anytime.


  1. It's interesting to learn that people tend to like a quick fun post. I personally like lots of photos so that they break up the written content.

  2. I love the Alpha-Digit Post-Tronic machine. To think we could probably do the same thing on our mobile/cell phones now!

  3. Very interesting research. I personally prefer a post with photos, but not too many, as the page just takes too long to load to be honest. I also quite like the idea of winning actual vintage items, but was suprised that so many respondents aren't bothered by them or even dislike them...!