June 15, 2012

Flickr Favourites: June 15, 2012


{1940s Revlon Ultra Violex ad ~ saltycotton}

{Pink teacup ~ movita beaucoup}

{1921 L'Aiglon Daytime Frocks ~ clotho98}

{Headbands ~ such pretty things}

{African pygmy hedgehog ~ Adam Foster}

{New shape of elegance ~ The Pie Shops}

{Purple & yellow ~ Dicktay2000}

{Dior dress ~ FIT Library of Special Collections}

{1950s blush pink mohair cardigan with flower applique ~ Small Earth Vintage}

{1943 Glamour magazine ~ clotho98}

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Whereas in May I was all about the serene power of  blue, as we inch ever close to summer, I find that two colours have been dominating my wardrobe choices so far this month: pink and purple. Thusly I've been drawn to Flickr images featuring these perpetually girly hues as of late.

Pink, my very favourite colour of all time, is cheerful, super sweet, and evocative of everything from cotton candy to romantic roses. Purple is regal, subtly mysterious, gentle and also culled straight from nature. The two marry well, but are, of course, stars in their own right. Purple is my mother's most beloved colour, and one that she surrounds (and adorns) herself with often.

I too love purple, but as a quick inspection of my wardrobe reveals, it's not a hue that I own in abundance. I've been trying to remedy this point throughout 2012 however, and have picked up a dark purple cardigan and a couple of vintage dresses in this elegant colour over the past few months.

Purple comes in a myriad of shades, from the softest whisper of lilac to a bold grape, beguiling eggplant to inky indigo, and there's usually at least one or two of these tones that look becoming on most people.
Some find pink a little tougher to pull off and fear it can come across as looking too childish, but I personally feel that such does not have to be the case. Pink grows up in a hurry when it takes on a dusty hue or morphs into a rich rhododendron. Partnered with navy blue, grey, black, brown, and pine green, it can be downright sophisticated. Toss it in with some sunny yellow, fun aqua, or brazen red and it takes on a careful, spirited vibe that's endlessly appealing (not to mention highly redolent of many 1950s kitchens and bathrooms).

If I sought out blue in the earlier months of the season to pacify my soul and provide tranquility, then I'm looking to pink and purple this month to do quite the opposite. I want a hefty dose of energy to match that of summer itself, and find that gorgeous hues such as pink and purple - which are often bright, but needn't be garish in the slightest - can often do just that.

In a palette plucked from the garden, I'm eager to greet summer again, and hope that today's Flickr images will help provide you with as much inspiration this season (no matter what colours you're wearing) as they have for me so far throughout June.


  1. These are such beautiful and cute photos. I really like the tea cup shot and all of the dresses. I really like black and red. At lot of my regular wardrobe is in those two colors. Now that I've started wearing vintage I have bought colors I don't usually wear: peach, pink, poppy gold. It'll be nice to have some more color in my wardrobe.

  2. I really love how you think about color--mostly, I guess that you DO so consciously think about it. It's something really important in how we think and feel about our surroundings and we don't tend to acknowledge it enough--I know I sort of zoom in (when I'm picking fabric for sewing, or something) and then back out of focus on it. When you write these color posts it makes me start noticing, for a little while.

    Also: good color choices! Purple has been my favorite color since I was a tiny person, and I especially love that flower photo above. Purple and yellow is a great color combination (the best I think of the primary-secondary pairs), whether it's a light purple with a bright yellow like that or more of a muted eggplant-and-mustard combo(which feels horrifying in theory, but I have a big hunk of calico with mustard-yellow flowers on an aubergine-y field that, while I've never found the right venue for it, is really nice).

  3. i just adore these!!! :) my fave is the one with the daytime frocks haha!! :) you always seem to find such great things on the internet! :) you truly have an eye for great things my dear! :) i cant wait to see more tings you find and post about!! :)

    wishing you the best,

  4. a visual delight... I am very drawn to the colour purple, I agree that its a seems to evokes a sense of mystery! Having said all this I very rarely wear the colour, maybe I have written it off in the past as not being a 'wearable' colour. But these pictures have given me a little boost (especially the 6th picture down, the two ladies with matching purple dresses).

    Thank you for sharing (also the picture of the hedgehog made me smile so much, it's possibly the sweetest cutest thing I have ever seen)

    Best Wishes

  5. this month you feature two of my favourite colours [as, no doubt, you can tell from my blog!]... thank you! your post makes me want to go shopping. i tend to wear my pinks with fawny browns and my purples with teal. sometimes, if the mood takes me, i wear pink and purple together - no stranger to a riot of colour, am i! p.s the teeny tiny hedgehog brought an instant smile to my face.

  6. I'm mesmerized by the ultra violet revlon ad...,those flowers in her hair!!!

  7. Mesmerized by the revlon ad and those flowers in her hair!!

  8. Oh Jessica, you really are a woman after my own heart! As you know, I adore purple so there was a whole lot of 'oooh pretty' & 'wow!' going on here. The hat in the ultra violet ad is just gorgeous, and that frilly flower..!

    I actually just purchased some magenta purple cord last week with the intention of turning it into a jacket. The colour is quite bold & I'm a bit excited about getting it started.

    I'm pleased to hear you've decided to give purple a chance, it will go beautifully with your hair. I look forward to see what you come up with. x

  9. I love all of these purples shown here! I am not usually a big fan of purple (pink--yes). In fact, I usually don't care much for purples at all except some of the paler ones that lean in the lilac and lavender category. But what's not to love about these ones!