June 11, 2012

Pink on the Penticton Pier


Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_4 

Outfit details
Prescription eyeglasses: (frames) Venus Eye Design V-12
White hair flower: Arden
Cherry print hoop earrings: Claire's
Grey crochet shrug: Walmart (it's identical - save for the colour - twins with the turquoise one I wore in these Kelowna photos)
Pink lace trimmed t-shirt: Guess Jeans
Rhinestone swallow brooch: eBay UK
Pink faux alligator bag: Sears
Darker grey vintage bangle bracelet: etsy seller RecycleBuyVintage
Pink, white, and light grey vintage bangle bracelets: etsy seller MeShe Designs
Vintage style side button jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Black peek-a-boo wedges: Walmart
Toenail polish colour: MAC Rougemarie
Lip colour: Clinique Raspberry Glace

Photography by Antonio Cangiano

♥ ♥ ♥


Ever since I saw the perpetually stylish Andi B. Good sporting braided pigtails this past March (with a super cute hair bow and a fantastic vintage plaid dress), I've been enamoured with this look, and now wear my hair this way at least once a week.

As my locks are ultra fine and straight as a rod, I need some body and texture to be able to create braids (that have even a snowball's chance of not quickly falling apart in a mess of random sections), so I usually wear my hair this way a day or two after I've done a cold (rag, pin curl, etc) or hot (hot rollers) set. Once the best of the girl has diminished, but my hair still looks clean and has plenty of body to it.

Given how often I've been wearing my hair like this as of late, I'm surprised it took as long as it did to capture me on film with braided pigtails. No matter though, I'm delighted that it finally happened - and on the picturesquely gorgeous Penticton Pier to boot.

This pier (know officially as the Kiwanis Walking Pier) is a beloved local spot, where one is as likely to encounter people dangling a fishing rod off the side as you are to see newly married couples posing for their wedding pictures.

Though as dusk began to sunk in, it wasn't particularly warm on the day these images were captured (theme of the season, let me tell you!), the sunlight was sublime. Soft, creamy and tinged with shimmering bands of buttercup yellow and dusty blue, that jived well with my Freddies jeans and girly carnation pink top.


Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_5


Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_2

Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_7
Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_1
Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_10
Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_3
Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_8
Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_11
Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_9
Pink on the Penticton Pier, vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiano, image_6
This was the first time I'd been back to the pier since returning to town, but I can assure you it certainly won't be last - especially during the toasty summer months that lie ahead.


  1. You look amazing!!! I love your hair and that outfit!!! :D

  2. Adorbs! My hair is too short for braids, but when cleaning I often throw it into pigtails. I like how you styled the top in rolls, I have yet to be able to accomplish this look.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  3. Oh my goodness Jessica!!! If I were a salty sailor I would tattoo you on my arm....I might just anyway :p

  4. You look very cute. I really want a pair of those jeans but their out of my budget and I don't like to buy clothes on without trying it on.
    I have fine hair too. However my problem is that it's all uneven so chunks of it work it's way out the braid or victory roll. I really have to spray it down.

  5. Your hair suits you like that, and it compliments the outfit. I like your brooch very much.

  6. I am always interested in the background locations for your great photos--so nice! Love your brooch--just marvelous.

  7. you look amazing ♥ love your hair!

  8. Gosh, I really need to get myself a pair of Freddies. I love this outfit! It's so fun. And especially that bird brooch! It's wonderful!

  9. oh my goodness you look just adorable!!! :) i just love you braids!!!!!!!! :) it looks perfect with the outfit you are wearing! :) and i just adore that brooch its beautiful!! :) your photos are always so beautiful and you skin always look so flawless :) i just adore you pictures, i cant wait to see more! :)

    big hugs and best wishes,
    TheRitzyFlapper (Alicia)

  10. If I haven't already said this - it strikes me every time I read your blog - your eyebrows are always perfection. Besides that, I love the outfit!

  11. you look as cute as a button! and i love the braids - so fun and fresh.

  12. Braids, glasses and makeup--very cute, but dang, I want those jeans.

  13. While I mostly love my hair short, when I do occasionally get glum about its length it's usually because I want to give myself pigtail braids. Back when I worked at summer camp it was my standard hairstyle.

    I love your brooch, also--I am a sucker for bird jewelry. And thanks for your last comment--I'm still oh so excited about that photo album! I've been limiting myself to looking at a couple pages at a time, making the initial excavation last longer...so far it hasn't disappointed!

  14. Great outfit! And the braids look lovely on you - I think you may be the second person I've inspired to wear their hair that way! Hurrah. :D
    -Andi x

  15. You look so great, Jessica :) I like that small swallow, such a lovely detail!

    And thank you for your sweet comments at my blog, they are always so warm and sunny :)

  16. Jessica, love your blog, your pictures are fantastic! Thanks for sharing some MeShe love ♥

  17. I love your pigtails - your hair really suits you in that style. Love the outfit too.

  18. You are always so chic and snazzy! (to borrow one of my dad's words) I don't suppose you'd like to help me through my closet - I could use some snazzing up.
    I really like the previous post, too, about saving money. Good advice!

  19. Your hair looks so cute! Love it.


  20. You look so sweet! Love the high waisted pants and the super cute cherry hoops!

  21. Love this outfit! The pink really suits you! I absolutely love to do braids. In fact when I got my hair cut about a month ago, I chided myself for going short enough that I no longer can really do them. It's a summer (and lazy day) staple for me, so I'm anxiously looking forward to when it grows out again long enough to do them. You're reminding me how much I love the look. They're adorable on you!

  22. Hi Jessica, I SO love you in pink!! And that shade is a particularly beautiful one with a bit of coral. The photos are great (Antonio) and I really like all your earrings. I was never so brave so only have two holes on one side. The pigtails are super, too.

  23. Such wonderful, fun and lovely details!
    Mainly your hair and the cherry earrings!
    lots of hugs,

  24. You look fantastic Jessica! I love your outfit, especially those trousers. My, they fit perfectly! I adore the swallow brooch. ;0

  25. great pants and awesome hairdo. love it!


  26. You look adorable! And I love all the little details in this outfit:)

  27. Not sure how I missed this one. {I was googling freddies of pinewood and your blog post came up.} I love that hair. I've been growing mine out and itching until I can put it in braids again.

    Also I just got a pair {from a blogger I follow} of Freddie's Jeans FINALLY! Yours looks great.

    1. Thank you very much, Sean! Freddies are awesome! They're a bit of an investment (especially for those who live outside of the UK), but they are worth every last penny - and then some! Delighted to know that you have a pair now too and hope you'll take lots of what I wore snaps of yourself in them to share with us.

      Thank you very, very much for all of your comments, dear gal, I wholeheartedly appreciate them.

      ♥ Jessica