March 21, 2012

Welcoming spring's return with a delicious 1950s fruit salad pie

With yesterday's long awaited arrival of spring (at least on paper - we had grey skies and a few snowflakes here!), one cannot help but feel a natural sense of rebirth and renewed energy.

Aside perhaps from the rain (which in moderate doses, I rarely mind), there are few elements of this beautiful, gentle season that are not to adore. From the first brave new buds to the return of songbirds, Easter celebrations, sun-kissed picnics, and - to the delight of fashionistas everywhere - the chance to bring our vintage sundresses out of storage once more.

It's also a time for some of the absolute most delectable, bitingly fresh produce of the year and recipes which see a return to lighter fare. Come the tail end of March and into the start of spring I'm always in the mood to whip up airy, inviting recipes such as angel food cakes, sweet and savoury souffl├ęs alike, generously sized garden salads, and cheese puff's with the year's first crop of green onions and chives.

In many spots of the world though, it's still a tad too early for most of the new produce that will soon hit the grocery store and farmer's market shelves though, so while we count down the days until then, it's wonderful to have a slew of spring worthy recipes on hand that can be made with store cupboard staples.

Case in point, this cheerful pale buttercup hued Jiffy Fruited Lemon Pie recipe from 1951. Calling for tinned fruit salad, gingersnap crumbs (you could just as easily use graham cracker or Nilla Wafers crumbs instead), condensed milk, and whipped cream, this is the kind of super easy dessert that one can whip up with a minimum of ingredients and which works for an absolute myriad of springtime engagements, from bridal showers to afternoon tea parties.

{There's just something about custard and pudding based pies - like this silky, delectable 1950s one - that makes them especially well suited to the sweet, beautiful days of spring. Image via Curly-Wurly on Flickr.}

As some of you have no doubt noticed by the fact that it's been over a week since my last post here, things continue to be exceedingly busy on this end. We're in our new house now (hard to believe we've been here for eight days already!), but there is still a great deal of organizing, decorating, and unpacking to do.

Between that and my health (which has taken a real beating from all of the strenuous, and at times stressful, activity this year), I know it will be a little while longer still before I return to a more frequent blog posting schedule.

In the coming weeks I'll be aiming for one post every few days or so, and suspect that a higher (posting) pace will fall into place fairly organically as the hustle and bustle of setting up our hew house subsides as time rolls on.

Here's to the prospect of all that spring - charming gem of an inspiringly lovely season that it is - holds in store for each of us, sweet friends!


  1. Hope your new home brings you much joy (even though right now it's bringing you much work!)

    I'm so ready for Spring to be here finally. I've woken up to snow every day this week so far, but luckily it's gone by noon. We are due for sunshine this week at last - I hope it makes its way East to you too!

  2. Enjoying fond memories of this pie from my own childhood. Thanks so much and best wishes for a perfect Spring and a fun time nesting!