March 31, 2012

So many delightfully lovely gifts this month

It's hard to believe that today marks the last day of the month that official kick starts spring. To say it's been a hectic time on this end would be an understatement. Yet, my days have been filled with the kind of activity that I'd dreamed of for years.

Moving across the country, setting up a new home, unpacking my belongings once more on the soil of my home province, purchasing our first car, spending time with family, and beginning a truly fantastic new chapter in our lives.

Over the past few weeks we've been making a lot of purchases - both big and small - for the house, however we've also been showered generously recently with presents from loved ones.

In what I think is a first here on Chronically Vintage, I'd like to take a moment today to share some of the immensely sweet gifts that I've received from relatives - and my darling husband - this month. Most are vintage or vintage appropriate, the others are just too darn adorable not blog about.

Late last autumn, as some of you may recall (from this post), my parents embarked on a trip through parts of the west and Midwest United States. Along their journey they (unbeknownst to me at the time) were keeping an eagle eye out for vintage items that they thought I might enjoy. Their efforts were not in vain, let me tell you, as I adore the awesome selection of treasures they so thoughtfully picked up for me during their travels.

This magazine, a 1937 copy of Woman's Home Companion is the oldest item they brought back. Let me tell you, it is in incredibly good condition considering that it's 75 years old. I get the feeling that it was read all of once and then tucked away in a very safe, dry environment for the next seven decades. From the vibrant, captivating cover art to the many interesting articles and ads inside, this magazine is a complete gem.

Knowing how much I like vintage sewing patterns, my folks picked this charming 1950s Simplicity (4492) apron one up while bopping around the States. It looks really easy and will definitely get put to good use once I get a sewing machine.

My mother and I have both always had a love for classic silhouettes, so when she spotted this enchantingly lovely one at an antique store (I'd peg it to be Civil War revival - in the wake of Gone with the Wind - from the 1940s), she said that she knew it just had to come home with her.

It's rather amazing, you know, I wildly adore both Halloween and all things vintage, and yet I don't own any All Hallows Eve pieces that are older than early 80s. Though not technically vintage, this deeply beautiful set of hand-blown glass ornaments looks every bit the part, and is amongst the most special and beloved presents that my parents brought from their trip.

I absolutely must get myself a little black Halloween tree now, as I need someplace from which to dangle these endlessly cute, old-fashioned looking Halloween glass decorations.

Knowing that I'm always on the prowl for vintage ladies magazines, when my maternal grandma (who came to visit the Thursday before last) found this 1969 copy of Woman's Own in her basement, she lovingly brought it with her to give to me.

As it's starting to really fall apart and crumble, for the time being I've got it nestled in a large manila envelope, but I think the best course of action would be to scan it from cover-to-cover one day to preserve it, as I don't suspect it will hang in there for too many more years.

This tremendously cute set of Russian nesting doll measuring cups (which I'd secretly been coveting for months) is proof positive that my wonderful little sister knows my tastes to a tee. Though entirely modern, there's something about nearly any type of matryoshka that lends it such an appealing, cheerful old world charm. I love these measuring cups so much that I've given them pride-of-place on a tiny display shelf in my kitchen.

Remember the aforementioned description of some gifts being super adorable? Well this utterly precious pink plush piggy- a recent gift from my husband - is precisely what I had in mind when I typed those words. I love cute, I love pink, I love animals - so naturally I adore this marvelously darling toy.

As avid readers might remember, I'm very allergic to nickel, which means that a lot of costume and less expensive jewelry is permanently off limits to me. Luckily however, I can wear certain metals, including sterling silver, so when I saw this deeply sweet cherry charm silver necklace a few days ago - and swooned on the spot over it - Tony bought it for me right then and there. Majorly thoughtful, you bet.

Now, after a lifetime of wanting one, I have a very vintage appropriate cherry necklace - that won't bother my skin one bit - to wear whenever my heart desires.

Ok, this one isn't technically a gift from someone else, but rather one I bought at Walmart recently for our new bedroom. I adored the flowing font, shabby chic paint job, and meaningful message (which I like to believe will - knock wood! - ring true for Tony and I now that we're living in B.C.), so I simply had to adorn our walls with it.

Be they "what I wore" wardrobe snaps, photos such as these of recent gifts (or purchases), or images of other day-to-day happenings, I want to share more visuals (especially vintage related ones) of my life with all of you.

I'm always tackling my perpetual shyness, and I feel strongly that posting about such things is a really positive step forward in that regard. You get to peer into my world and life, and mine in turn gets blessed by your comments and how I feel (really good) after I share with all of you.

Here's to everything fabulous and exciting that April holds in store – from delicious chocolate Easter bunnies to exhilarating storm clouds - for each of us, dear friends!


  1. Oh your gifties are wonderful! I'm soo happy for you Jessica! You truly deserve all of these good things coming to you and your husband and I wish you continue success as you settle into your new home and new life!! xox

  2. That necklace is darling! You're very lucky to have someone so thoughtful!

  3. Wonderful gifts! Love love the Home Companion from 1937 and the apron pattern especially. But then again, i love it all. I too love cute, pink and animals, so your little piggy is adorable and soft and sweet! And the necklace. Splendid! Have a wonderful weekend in your new home!


  4. Your gifts are all so lovely and "Jessica appropriate", obviously your loved ones know you so well. Thanks for sharing your little treasures and looking forward to sharing in your ongoing joy and happiness in your new home.

  5. Wow, those Halloween ornaments are fanstastic! I too think they'd look great on a black tree. I'm also a huge fan of silhouettes, your new one is lovely.

  6. I love silhouettes too! There's a wonderful room devoted to them at the V&A Museum here in London. I'd love to have one done of me one day... or to learn how to do them!