March 26, 2012

Sometimes black and blue can be a very good thing

When it comes to fashion, that is.

Like many of us, my wardrobe has a decent sized chunk of black pieces in it, but I'm certainly not a colour shy person and can happily report that you'll find also veritable rainbow of hues on my hangers, too.

Perhaps it harkens back to the colours of my little brother's nursery when he was a wee newborn whippersnapper, or perhaps it's the association with a clear sky. Whatever the reason I've always been a big fan of shades that fall on the pale to bright baby blue side of the spectrum.

There's something so fresh, upbeat and timeless about a chipper, feminine shade of blue, so when I spied the 1950s skirt (in the images below) earlier this year (while in the midst of shopping to fill in some of my wardrobe gaps) on etsy, I just knew it was destined for my closet.

Though various boxes of clothing and accessories (so hence the lack of gloves and/or a hat and/or a handbag in these shots) still remain to be unpacked, I've pulled out enough items to have the basis of a good, workable vintage wardrobe while I plug away at getting to the others.

Last Thursday I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting my maternal grandma, Bernice Schill, while she was briefly in town. This was, mind boggling as this fact is (for me), the first time we'd had the pleasure of seeing each other since my wedding back in October 2004, and I wanted to wear something sweet, girly, and not too formal (she was just popping in for a casual afternoon visit), so I decided it was high time I broke out my new (to me) baby blue skirt.

I've always enjoyed pairing pale blue with black, so that's the colour combo I went for with this outfit. Incidentally, I think it's a great set of hues for this time of the year, as we straddle the changing of the seasons - winter with its sombre, dark shades and spring with its airy, gentle colours.

Outfit details:

Blue hair flower: Ardene
Tiny black ribbon hair bow barrette (worn in the back): Dollar store
Black rhinestone earrings: Payless Shoes
Pearl necklace: Birthday gift from my husband ♥
Black cotton and lace top (worn under cardigan): Suzy Shier
Black cotton dolman sleeve cropped cardigan: Freddies of Pinewood
Faux pearl stretch bracelets: Real Canadian Superstore
Deadstock blue 1950s buckle waist skirt: etsy seller Garnet Vintage
Seamed stockings: eBay
Black pumps: Payless Shoes
Lipstick colour: MAC Russian Red
Photography by Antonio Cangiano

As avid readers may recall from the post about my four fun goals for 2012 back in early January, I vowed to try and share more "what I wore" pictures with all of you once we moved into our new home in British Columbia (while I have technically posted a few outfit images over the last three years, they've been rather few and far between).

Now that we're beginning to settle in and those aforementioned boxes of vintage clothes are getting unpacked, I can begin to make good on my promise - a point which I'm pretty much giddy with excitement about.

These photos were taken in front of our new house (the porch railing needs a paint job, I know; come slightly better weather, it's going to get one), so you can expect to see many others featuring this location as their backdrop over time.

Earlier this month I announced that the mister and I recently purchased our first car ever, and as some of you expressed interest in knowing what kind it was, I couldn't help but include a shot of our gorgeous new four wheeled baby here (it's a Jaguar that Tony found for a truly stellar deal down in the Lower Mainland...yes, I am still pinching myself in disbelief over the fact that we own a Jag!).

I'm constantly, perpetually inspired, impressed, and encouraged by the photos of the outfits that many of you ultra stylish vintage fashionistas post on your blogs, and wholeheartedly hope that from here on out I'll be able to do the same with my fashion shots for you gals, too.

Have a richly beautiful Monday and week ahead, sweet friends!


  1. Everything about this outfit is perfect!! :)

  2. Love your outfit, and you look beautiful! I look forward to more outfit photos.

    As we're gearing up to move ourselves, I've been mostly absent from blogging for the past few months so I wasn't aware you had recently moved, yourself. I just went back and read your car/house post and your journey to get where you two are today. I hope the move was smooth and that you have a great year in your new home!

  3. The car is lovely, Jessica...but it can't hold a candle to you! You are exquisite!! I love your incredible vintage ensemble!! You wear it beautifully!!

    I am rejoicing with you on all the amazing and terrific things which have happened to you in recent weeks...not the least of which is the opportunity to spend some time with your beloved grandma.

    Blessings and hugs,

  4. It's a great combo and one that compliments your skin tone very well. I love it!

  5. Hi there Jess...YOU LOOK FABULOUS! Love the "ride" too :) So happy for you and as always, thanks for sharing :)

  6. Dearest Jessica, I can't tell you how much I love this post – seeing you in such vintage finery, at your new home and with the ultimate stylish vehicle as a perfect accessory! Congratulations on everything. I am so excited for you. And that car! Oh my, well done to Antonio. But of course you both deserve to be riding around in a Jag. Sending lots of love to you and A. xo – g

  7. Gorgeous! The hair flower really makes your red hair pop & that cardi is adorable! I look forward to reading more of your outfit posts in the future.

  8. So glad you're sharing what you're wearing! Lovely and fun!

  9. Beautiful pictures :-)

    I love your pairing of baby blue and black, it's not one I would have thought of but it looks amazing on you.

  10. Man. Your skin is flawless! I love how you style yourself. Very chic indeed.

  11. You look absolutely gorgeous! Black and powder blue together are lovely.
    -Andi x

  12. You are GORGEOUS! Absolutely flawless :) xoxo

  13. you look just wonderful!
    xo, kelly

  14. Your hair looks awesome! I need to improve my vintage hair skills. I've got very straight fine hair as well, which is great for '70s looks, not great for '40s-'50s!