March 16, 2010

Today’s Vintage Treasure: March 16, 2010

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{While sunlight as a gentle and soft as a kitten’s paw streams through the burgundy damask curtains in our living, the temperate climbing today to 15°(C) for the first time since early last spring, I feel giddy with excitement over the coming season – and anything the embraces a springtime feeling.

This immensely cute embroidered handbag from the 1950s fits that bill to a tee! Swirling with a flock of vibrantly hued butterflies, this wonderful chain strap purse would look amazing as part of an Easter outfit, garden party ensemble, or as a beautiful everyday bag that would be sure to garner compliments everywhere you went. If you’re a fan of butterflies on your accessories (and vintage ones at that!) – as I definitely am, flutter over to etsy seller Allen Company Inc., where you can net this darling purse for $72.00.}

While I’m anything but superstitious, I’m almost Leary to say that winter appears to be on its way out the door here – lest I jinx things and awake to a ferocious blizzard (this is Canada after all, such radical changes over night in weather are by no means unheard of). Realistically though, I think it’s broach the subject and say that spring really and truly does appear to be on its (long awaited!) way.

Autumn in Toronto this past year was both very short and unseasonably chilly, making many here (myself included) feel as though we’d been gypped out of a proper fall. It also means that it’s been many months since we last experienced weather so pleasant would could safely venture outside without a coat on.

Today, as the mercury hovers well above freezing, my mind turns to thoughts of sending out Easter cards, the first weekends when the local farmer’s market returns, ripe with just-plucked-from-the-field produce, and daydreams of having a house with a yard so that I could string a hammock and take a cat nap with the toasty (almost) spring sun caressing my face.

What are you eager for this lively, gorgeous season to usher back into your life?


  1. This so spring and as well as summer! how perfect! love it!!

  2. I love embroidered handbags and this one is so cute!

  3. Lovely little vintage purse...I am anxious for the beautiful colors of Spring...all the blooming has started already!

  4. Oh, gosh, I adore this, Jessica! Thanks for sharing. I am awfully behind but hope to answer your messages tonight! Thinking of you! ♥

  5. I'm am eagerly awaiting potted herb weather. I always have nice big pots of herbs outside my door to pop out and snip while cooking. I can't seem to winter them - I've tried. So I can't wait until it warms enough to plant those pots again.

    Love the purse - drool!

  6. What a sweet little purse!
    Your so lucky to be headed into spring, here its autumn which means the dreery winter is slowly on its way.


  7. That is a darling bag! I'm so ready for some steady sunshine!