December 19, 2009

Six more sleeps until Christmas!

Growing up, perhaps as many other kids did, I measured the countdown until an important date not so much in terms of days, but by the number of night’s worth of sleep left until said exhilarating day arrived. Of course these numbers are usually one in the same, but as a child measuring “sleeps” somehow seemed to bring the highly anticipated date closer even faster than marking off dates on a calendar did. The funny thing was come December 24th I was usually so bubbly with excitement, sleep was the furthest possible thing from my mind!

{Visions of sugarplums are already dancing in my head, just as when I was a youngster, I can’t help but well up with excitement as Christmas Day draws nearer! Image via Estelle and Ivy’s Flickr stream.}

These days I usually have no problem grabbing a few winks on the Christmas Eve (or nodding off in a state of exhaustive stupor – same difference, right?), but I still find a nostalgic happiness in marking my countdown in terms of the numbers of “sleeps” left to go. And so on this bitingly cold Saturday morning, with Christmas less than a week away, the natural habit of counting “sleeps” resurfaces.

On a somewhat different note, I realize that I wasn’t able to update Chronically Vintage as often over the past few days as I generally do. Some of my medical conditions are flaring up at the moment and I’m afraid that I’m not well enough to spend nearly as much time on the computer as I’d like to. I’m looking at things optimistically though and hoping that I’ll be to get to all the last minute Christmas tasks that should be done this week (I’d practically have to be unconscious to skip baking holiday cookies and preparing Christmas supper!). Likewise I will try to add further editions of Chronically Vintage’s holiday gift guide and other festive posts in the coming days, too.

Thank you dearly to all those who have recently visited and left comments, I appreciate your words, friendship and support so very much! Similarly, I truly want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and everybody who has ever visited Chronically Vintage, for this post marks my 200th on this blog, and this site would not be the same without you all!

It’s hard to believe a blog that began last spring, born of my lifelong love of all things vintage, has now amassed two hundred posts. Chronically Vintage simply would not be the same place with out each of my immensely dear visitors and fellow vintage adoring friends, and I thank you each for helping to make this site the wonderful place that it is! Here’s to the next 200 vintage filled entries and well beyond!

As these last few days (and sleeps!) until Christmas whiz by, what events and traditions, celebrations and going-ons are keeping you on your toes, fuelling your excitement for the beautiful wondrousness that is the 25th itself?


  1. Hope you're feeling well enough to enjoy the big day.

    We spend Christmas with relatives in Cape Breton, so it forces me to be fully prepared at least a few days in advance. I'm heading out for last minute shopping this morning. Before the nor'easter arrives tomorrow! <:O

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Praying you will have a blessed and beautiful Christmas. Praying you will be well.
    Blessings and hugs, andrea

  3. Jessica, your blog is a blessing to us out here in blogland. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful Christmas.


  4. Oh honey, don't you worry for one minute about keeping up the blog right now, you take care of you and make sure you're rested up for next week! We understand and will still be here when the wrapping paper dust has settled. :)

  5. When I was young I was too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve, and now I, like you, have no problem and actually, usually my older sister is the one who bounds down the hall waking me up earlier than I would like to be awoken in order to open our gifts. Haha.

    I hope you feel better soon dear, and that your countdown is sweet and meaningful :)

  6. Since my girls were little, we've counted down big events in the same way..."How many more sleeps?!" Love this--we still do it, even though one's in college and the youngest is 13--some things are just too good to outgrow!

    Thanks for a lovely post, Jessica--hope you begin to feel better!

  7. What a charming reminiscence, dear Jessica! Counting the sleeps is a perfect way to make time pass faster. And congratulations on your 200th post!! It is your passion, generosity and creative writing which has made your blog such a runaway success in such a short time. I do hope you are feeling better and can enjoy the magical, festive holidays that you love so much. We are all sending you love. xoxo

  8. Jessica,

    I hope you are feeling well today. 2oo Blogs and 427 followers! Congratulations! I just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  9. Hope you feel better soon my sweet dear! I too am a fan and follower of counting things down by sleeps too! Wishing you best wishes and festive joy!

  10. When i was younger i used to always have the most horrible nightmares that is was Christmas day and horrible things would happen and i would get so upset, and then wake up in relief that i haven't missed Christmas and that it wasn't a disaster!

    I hope you get better very, very soon and have a wonderful Christmas. Congratulations on 200 posts, your blog is absolutely fabulous! xxx

  11. Have a wonderful holiday! I always enjoy reading your posts :)

  12. My son has been counting down the days for weeks now. Obsessed he is! I do hope you feel a bit better soon. Don't make you blog posting a priority right now. We totally understand. Just try to accomplish what you can, when you can. Congrats on 200 posts. That is amazing. I'm so glad I recently found your blog...I'm enjoying my visits here very much. Thank you for that. Happy Saturday!

  13. Congratulations on your 200th post!!! :) May there be many hundreds more.
    Such a cute little Christmas picture. I can't believe Christmas is so close now.
    I'm very sorry to hear that you're no feeling well, I hope that you're feeling much better by Christmas :)
    Don't feel at all bad about not posting as much as usual (you post far more often than I do *blushes* and I'm fit as a fiddle ;) )
    An early Merry Christmas to you!!!

  14. I remember that as the holiday used to get closer, I would go to bed every night thinking that when I woke up, I would be so much closer to Christmas morning:) I hope you feel better soon. Congratulations on your 200th post...I love your blog!

  15. Hello honey, Sorry you've not been feeling 100 percent...take care...don't worry about the blog...we'll still be there reading whatever and whenever you to you...

  16. I hate when you're not feeling well, BOO! I wish I lived closer, I would come over and entertain you with my various quips and witty remarks! lol ;)

    We're are starting our cooking for Russian Christmas tomorrow, I can't wait! Time to gain massive amounts of weight! lol

    Feel better soon Dearest!

    Circle 7-2099

  17. Enjoy your Xmas count-down! Make sure you have plenty of time to rest :-)

  18. Hi Jessica,

    LOVED this post; was amusing, brought back so many good memories. I seem to remember I counted days but now, like you, I'm counting sleeps -smile-.
    Merry Christmas
    from Thistle Cove Farm

  19. rest plenty beautiful!! just wanted to stop by to wish you a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    kiss kiss

  20. Oh, I so hope you feel perfectly tip-top soon!

    I am doing the countdown too and getting more and more excited! And eating more and more treats. Eeps...

  21. Dear Jessica!

    Just briefly stopping by with my very best wishes for the Holiday season and the New Year! Can’t tell you how much I’ve missed your great posts since my last visit - but hope to see you again at my place where I’ve posted my latest Christmas Lola Lifeline! All the best & looking forward to seeing you again!

    xxxLOL LOLA:)

  22. Lovely post, I remember that feeling as a child where I could barely sleep all week before Christmas! This week I am enjoying Rome...all new traditions for me this year! :)

    I hope you are having a lovely week, dear!

  23. The countdown is really on now...hope you are feeling better soon. :-) The happiest of holiday wishes to you and yours.

  24. I hope you'll feel better soon!
    I used to have a pretty weakening disease, from which I am beginning to recover only now; so I know how does it feel, to be sickly all the time and not being able to get all the fun you'd like to have from festive occasions - but I really, really hope you'll be okay for Xmas! <3

  25. My darling gal, I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well :( I wish I was closer to you, or that I had a private jet! I'd fly over there, bring you over here..and take you to the Nickel diner where we would indulge in yummy sweet treats! I'm sure all ailments for both you and I would be gone just like that! ;) Sending you positive, re energizing thoughts, and warm hugs hoping for a speedy recovery doll!

  26. Oh, I'm felling like a child this year.Counting every minute to Christmas! hahaha!
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and an AMAZING new year full of happines, love, friendship and all the good things in the world!


  27. Oh no Jessica. I hope you get better ASAP so you can properly enjoy your holiday!!

  28. Fantastic posts the past few days. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Sorry you are not feeling well, and hope you get better soon!

    Best Wishes,

  29. I do hope you are feeling up to par for the big day! Don't run yourself ragged - it will all get done. (She says as she frantically tries to address envelopes and wrap gifts...)

    I still don't sleep on Christmas Eve. I daydream and stare at the ceiling and look at the glow from the coloured lights outside my window. I'm lucky if I get a few winks. But I do take a Christmas Day post-breakfast nap to make up for it!

    Healing hugs to you!

  30. Hi Jessica,
    I hope that you feel better soon. Get plenty of rest and chicken soup! Congratulations on your 200th post, your blog is just too wonderful for words and I can't thank you enough for it!!!
    Happy Christmas and Merry New Year,

  31. Jessica, I wanted to stop by and say thank you for the lovely Christmas card. I hope you recieved mine too... I can't remember if I mailed it, but I can't find it in my work tote, so please let me know if you got anything from me. (losing my mind :) ) .....anyway,,, feel good during the holidays and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family! Love and hugs, Tracey

  32. Congratulations on your 200th post! Hope you're feeling well and taking good care of yourself. Merry Christmas! :)

  33. Hey Jessica. I'm getting ready to take my holiday break until 2010 rolls in. I do hope you are doing well. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  34. Jess! Congrats on the 200th blog post, this blog is a such a success and its so great to read, havn't been able to check it for a while so it was nice to catch up, i love that candle from the other post with the peacock so cute! well i hope you have a great christmas
    love and miss you
    - Katie

  35. Hon you take care of yourself! I just wanted to swing by and wish both a Very Merry Christmas!


  36. Take care of yourself and take a deep breath. I just found your site a week ago and it's been my own personal Christmas present. I throughly enjoy your posts and your upbeat comments.

  37. Jessica,
    That visions of sugarplums illustration has to be one of my favorites...ever! How sweet!
    Happy New year to you and yours,

  38. Thank you dearly one and all for your fantastically kind holiday wishes and all of your comments (both here and throughout 2009). I cherish your visits and appreciate your words so very much!

    Giant hugs & New Year's wishes of bliss!
    ♥ Jessica