October 9, 2009

Five for Friday {October 9, 2009}

...A steady downpour of rain cascades past the windows, it seems a picturesque fall has yet to materialize, but no matter, I adore October regardless of how Mother Nature chooses to dress it up or down. In the coming days there are many reasons to celebrate and smile, from Thanksgiving on Monday to my wedding anniversary on the 14th (which just happens to fall on the same day that one of my uncles and my maternal grandmother were born!), and my beloved sister’s birthday a couple of days after that. This weekend bridges several days of feeling ill with a week chocked to the brim with glorious joy and earnest gratitude. A time for soulful thoughts and stick to your ribs food, of shared blessings and treasured memories that always bring great happiness...

♥ ♥ ♥

{To inspire this year’s seasonal mantle display}

{I love fireplace mantles with a burning passion (too obvious? ;D), there are few household surfaces that lend themselves better to being the perfect canvas upon which to add a hearty dose of festive decor to your abode. If I had a mantle (alas, this apartment dwelling gal does not have a mantle, despite her adoration of them), I would take copious amounts of inspiration from this photo and deck mine out in pale hued pumpkins that seem to telegraph thoughts of autumn frost and the natural fading of gardens everywhere at this time of the year. Photo by melissann on Flickr.}

{To ensure your wrist never has to go unadorned again}

{Eight beguilingly gorgeous cameos grace this elegant bracelet, each one slightly different from its peers. I could easily imagine pairing this refined piece of jewelry with everything from pencil skirts to evening gowns, its perpetually lovely cameos make it a most versatile of accessories. “Ms. Darcey Bracelet, $15.99 from ModCloth.}

{To bring the blazingly wonderful beauty of fall’s foliage to your wardrobe}

{Head to toe orange can be a tricky colour to pull off successfully, but one look at this smashing 1950s Betty Barclay chiffon and brocade dress and you can just tell it would look amazing and anything but costumey on whomever is lucky enough to call this dress her own (which isn’t to say of course that you couldn’t wear it out on Halloween, just that it would also work wonders for a cocktail or dinner party any other night of the year, too). Orange 1950s “prom dress”, fits a 26” waist/34” bust, £75.00 (UK pounds) from Natasha Baile.}

{To fill with your favourite nippy weather beverage}

{Timeless shades of oak and fresh cream play off one another exquisitely in this vintage set of Purinton slip wear pottery from the 1940s. Comprised of a tea pot that calls to mind the shape of a harvest pumpkin, a creamer and a sugar bowl, this set would look amazing on any autumnal table! Three piece set, $49.99 from etsy seller Jolly Time One.}

{To help the last three weeks until Halloween zip by}

{Whether you walk, run, or fly on a broomstick, be certain to pop on by Miss Matilda’s immensely fantastic blog, where she’s posting spooky, eerie and wonderfully frightful vintage images everyday right up until the 31st. Such an awesome Halloween treat, thank you, MM!}

Many thanks to you, sweet friends, for your immensely kind well wishes earlier in the week, they mean so very much to me. I am feeling a bit better at the moment and hope that my health will be in a cooperative enough mood to allow me to partake in all of next week’s delightful celebrations. Thank you as well for your fantastic positive feedback regarding yesterday’s first installment in my “10 per decade” series of posts. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite elements of the 1900s and look forward to putting out further posts covering the rest of the 20th century in the coming weeks.

Wishing you each a splendidly beautiful weekend!


  1. Yay, you're on the mend! :-)

    Breathtaking pictures as usual...another wonderful post that I enjoyed reading!

  2. Have a whimsical weekend, Jess! Hope you get better in preparation for your upcoming activities. They sound like such fun doings! Adieu my sweet, 'til Monday!

  3. Oh that orange dress is just a dream!

    My parents wedding anniversary is on the 16th. My grandparents anniversary was on Oct. 4th and my great-grandparents wedding anniversary is today, Oct. 9th. So, I knew that I had to be married in October as well and my anniversary will be on the 26th. So for my family, October is the month of love!

  4. Wow - you do find the most amazing things! That dress is super-fab! Totally my colour! And the tea set is divine!

    Happy Almost-Anniversary!

  5. Jessica.. glad you were up to posting yesterday and hope that you continue to feel better. Love the orange dress and if I didn't have auburn hair, I might jump into it~.. the witch..great!

  6. Love the mantel! So clean and uncluttered.

  7. Enjoy all your celebrations! I do adore the delightfully vivid colour of that orange dress - its a catch for sure!

    Best wishes for another autumnal weekend! xx

  8. Love all of these! That cameo bracelet is amazing. But then so is that crazy hat she's wearing in that last photo :-) Thanks for sharing!

  9. The mantle is a really refreshing design. I love it!

  10. Congrats Jessica on the anniversary...sending you zippy vibes (and a sprinklin of love dust)to help with all the nice things you'll be doing over the next week...

  11. Hey there. Great post. Hope you've enjoyed the weekend. Cheers!

  12. Aw, I simply adore the way you write; it's incredibly beautiful =)!

    And that dress is just stunning.

  13. Fun Halloween picture (and the other images are fantastic, too). I love cameos, so I adore the bracelet as well.

  14. The mantle is gorgeous and so is the dress and bracelet.

  15. Good morning, my dears, thank you each so very much for your wonderful comments. I love reading about the memories that things I post evoke for you, or about which of the items/images I feature speak to your own tastes that most. It's such a joy to be surrounded by vintage loving friends like all of you!

    Tons of hugs & joyful wishes for the coming week!
    ♥ Jessica

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for featuring our bracelet on your blog! We appreciate the support!
    <3 Aire

  17. @ Aire, the pleasure is absolutely all mine! I madly adore the selection of items that your wonderful shop features and try to incorporate ModCloth items into my posts frequently. Thank you for your message and for carrying such a diverse array of stellar items! :)

    Hope you have a gorgeous Friday & weekend!
    ♥ Jessica