April 20, 2009

Monday muses {April 20th}

Spring is generally a short-lived love affair in Canada. Like a beautiful stranger it appears one day, just when you think your soul will deteriorate into ashes if you have to face another frighteningly cold morning, caressing your face with its tender warmth, showing you a sort of gentle beauty you had almost forgot existed in a world covered by eighteen inches of snow. But, like many a lover, no matter how much you give your heart to spring, it is gone as quickly as it came. You’ll see it again, but not for many months and by then, you will have had a rather lovely tryst with autumn and almost decided it was your favourite season. Yet while spring is in your life you should dress up for it, embracing the fact that you often have the option of wearing tights or short sleeves, a long skirt or one that barely nips at your knees. It is the season of subtly and grace, before the blistering heat of summer and between the frigid chill of winter.

{ Awaiting May Flowers created by yours truly as my first foray into the world of Polyvore.}

Show darling spring some adoration with vintage – or vintage inspired pieces – in the softest, whispery hues, paired with subtle jewelry and delicate accessories. I certainly will be!

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  1. Jessica,

    I love the way you write. Reading this post was such fun.

    Nice assortment of clothing~