April 25, 2009

Filing taxes and thinking of Susan Hayward

Happy Saturday, dear vintage lovers!

The temps here are climbing (24°C already!) and it’s shaping up to be a lovely day, well aside from the fact that assuming I can drag darling hubby away from work related tasks, we simply must go file our (2008) income taxes. I’ve never left it so close to the must-file-before date before (and leaving it for so long goes against every fiber in my punctual, generally on "top of things the moment they need to be done" body), but hubby was waiting for some documents that took their sweet time to arrive in the mail. As they've shown up, we can now proceed with the cross-you-fingers-and-pray task of filing one’s taxes and hoping to the moon and back that we don’t owe anything.

I’ve got everything sorted, paper clipped (with pink clips) and ready to head out the door for when we hoof it over to the tax ma. Still even being as prepared than a Girl Scout doesn’t make the task of doing your taxes any more glamorous.

And glamorous is how one should feel on a Saturday afternoon, if you ask me. It’s a day for relaxing and pampering, painting your nails (perhaps in any one of the beautiful shades from OPI’s La Collection De France), setting, curling or blowing out your hair (as per your own look), reading glossy magazines or a really good book, and perhaps dressing up for a smashing night out on the town. If I was headed to just such an event, one that called for panache and grace, I would try my darnedest to emulate the insatiable style and jaw-dropping beauty of one of my favourite silver screen actresses, the timeless, auburn haired Susan Hayward.

{Image found via myvintagevogue's sublime Flickr stream - which I hugely recommended bookmarking.}

I'm not sure what film that photo is from (if anyone does, please let me know, I'd love to watch it!), but my stars, just look at her, that plunging yet still classier-than-can be neckline, those layers of organza draped nonchalantly over her arm, that head of superbly well coiffed hair, it all adds up to pure vintage elegance. I fear though that I would look just a wee bit over-dressed if I sauntered into the tax man's office decked out to the nines like that - than again, it might not hurt ;)

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