April 30, 2009

Busy, but not too busy to stop and smell the vintage roses

Good morning, you beautiful vintage lovers you!

Just a quick post at the moment to say that I'm rushing around this week at Tasmanian Devil speed, but that I will try to post as often as I can. Darling hubby is jetting off soon on an overseas business trip and there are about 5, 934, 278 things to do before he sets foot on the plane, most of which I'm taking care of for him this week (organizational extrodinare that I am ;D).

I have oodles of topics to chat about though, such as the fun I had shopping yesterday (ok, I know I was supposed to be at the mall on hubby's behalf, but can you blame a gal for snapping up a few pieces for herself? I think not!), that I've been honoured with a marvelously kind award from my lovely new friend Just a Gal, my spin on adding vintage flare to the act/chore of paying bills, and a bundle of awesome images that have gotten my vintage motor running this week.

Busy as I am today, I'm going to make a point of remembering to stop and smell the roses...or at least look at a few vintage images of them, pausing for a few moments to admire something gorgeous really does help revive the body, mind and spirit.

{Pretty vintage postcard sourced from cgoulao’s Flickr stream.}


  1. lol! you sound busy honey..teheheh I hope you got everything ready for your hubbs & glad u picked something for yourself, as you deserve it!! =)

  2. @ Gypsy, thank you very much, darling gal! It seems like a small eon ago since I wrote this post, it was fun to go revisit it again :)

    I hope you're having a super fantastic weekend, precious soul - huge hugs!!!
    ♥ Jessica