October 28, 2014

Save 31% off everything in the Etsy shop this Halloween week!

Boo!!!!! Happy Halloween Eve, Eve, Eve, my dear friends!

It's safe to say that being struck down with this flu (and accompanying flare-ups of some of my conditions) - that is still hangings on fifteen days into it - so soon after we returned from Vancouver Island was certainly not how I planned to spend much of October. The optimist in me likes to think that perhaps falling ill now spared me on the flu + cold front for the rest of the chilly half of the year. Only time will tell, but I really do hope such proves to be the case!

There's just three more days to go until my very favourite holiday and while - as much as I would absolutely love to - I can't hold a Halloween bash at my place and invite you all over, or deliver pumpkin shaped pails of candy to your doorsteps, I can however offer you a very sweet treat in the form of a Halloween sale this week in my Etsy shop.

Starting today (October 28th) and running Sunday November every last thing in the Etsy vintage store is on sale. The prices in the shop have already been reduced, so you don't need to use a coupon code or do anything else at checkout. Just shop, save and have a blast!!!

{Definitely share this image anywhere you'd like to and help spread the word about this festively fabulous Halloween sale at Chronically Vintage's Etsy shop.}

In the spirit of Halloween, I have put everything in the store on sale for 31% off. This is the deepest discount I've ever offered to date in the shop and it will be the only sale before the Christmas season rolls around, so if you've been eyeing something (or ten things!) over at Chronically Vintage on Etsy, now is definitely the time to buy!

Please feel free to share about this sale on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, your blog, anywhere your heart desires. It would be of help to me and a great way for your friends and followers to get word of the fact that every last item (of which I've added over thirty new listings in the past few days alone) is currently on sale for 31% off.

I really appreciate your support of my Etsy shop and your awesome business and hope that this fun surprise treat helps make your Halloween week all the more merry, marvelous, and vintage-tastically fashionable!


  1. made an update in my latest post with links to your blog & shop!
    if i know about something like sales or such a few days ahed i can weave in the info much better - if you like!

    1. That is immensely sweet of you to do, dear Beate. Thank you very, very much! I will remember that for in the future and appreciate your help/support to no end (I just came up with the idea of a 31% off sale two days ago, but in general and for next Halloween I can definitely give you a head's up).

      Massive thanks,
      ♥ Jessica

  2. I didn't see your sale post before I put my new post up, but I've edited it to add you! Thanks so much for letting me know, and I wish I hadn't been such a spendthrift lately. I might still have to do a little perusing...

    1. You're awesome, (my fellow) Jessica, thank you very, very much. I appreciate it immensely! I sense that a lot of folks aren't online much this week (as tends to be the norm around most big holidays), but hopefully some still are (along with you and I :)) and want to do a spot of festive sale shopping.

      Thank you again massively!
      ♥ Jessica

  3. Definitely have to go and have a look ! Even though I know I change a bit these days and let the vintage style part of me in a little box waiting for me when I'll be ready again :)

    Sending you lots of love from France,

  4. Take care of yourself. Wish you soon better.