April 6, 2014

Getting to know Cedar Taylor, the talented, beautiful and highly engaging woman behind The Vintage Wife blog

Loves dirndl skirts, Bakelite, traveling, thrifting, and crafting? Check! Is a passionate foodie who strives to cook and devour healthy, organic dishes? Check! Has been blogging since 2009? Check! Wears mid-century fashions all the time? Check!

No, my sweet dears, I'm not talking about myself here, though I very easily could be. Instead I'm happy to say that these, and many other awesome points, are some of the things I've recently learned that I, like many of you as well, share in common with one of Chronically Vintage' brand new April sponsors, Cedar Taylor of the fantastic blog The Vintage Wife.

A captivating and wonderfully enjoyable blend of vintage fashion, sewing projects (as well as posting free vintage knitting patterns), scrumptious recipes, thrifted treasures, daily going ons, reflections of life, and numerous other fab subjects fill the pages of Cedar's blog and will hook fans of any of these topics in the quickest of heartbeats. Cedar's writing is upbeat, easy to relate to, and always packed full of loveliness, so her blog couldn't possibly be a more perfect fit for Chronically Vintage and its readers.

Recently the absolutely gorgeous Cedar (a fellow redhead - yet another point we share in common), pictured above with her lovely family, and I shared a terrific interview by email, which I'm pleased as punch to bring you on this fine first Sunday morning in April. Pull up a set, have a read, and I'm sure you quickly discover, just as I did the first time I visited The Vintage Wife, what a fun, friendly and completely likable lady Cedar is.

As a fellow vintage wife, your site's name really struck a chord with me, could you tell me more about what inspired you to name it as such?

I wanted a name that would cover my interests and the focus of my blog, which is mostly about my interest in vintage and my life inside the home, cooking, sewing, knitting, etc.

What were some of the things that led you to want to start your blog?

I had been reading vintage fashion blogs for years and wanted to be a part of that fun and inspiring community.

So far, what have some of the best elements (perks, if you will) of blogging been for you? 

Absolutely the best thing about blogging has been the relationships I have formed and the people I have met. Blogs provide an easy way to build a community and form friendships with others who share your interests, I love that.

I love that you're super passionate about food, cooking from scratch and eating organic. What are some of your favourite recipes (be they vintage or modern) to prepare for your family these days?

With our close proximity to Mexico (from San Diego it is only a 20 minute drive!), we are heavily influenced by Mexican food. We eat food in tortillas (tacos, burritos, enchiladas) probably 5 nights a week. I don't eat meat, so I am always coming up with new ways to put vegetables in a taco.

Usually I will saute some onions and garlic, then throw in whatever seasonal vegetables are available, along with spices (cumin, oregano, coriander, paprika, etc.), put in tortilla, top with cheese, lots of fresh avocado, cilantro, salsa, and done! It is super easy and the combinations are endless.

What seasonal eats are you really looking forward to this spring and summer?

Heirloom tomatoes, fresh corn, and peppers! Summer vegetables are my absolute favorite. I love to roughly chop summer veggies, throw them into a simple salad with cilantro and olive oil (the less cooking in our intense summers, the better!), and dine outdoors.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share for those who are looking to get into eating almost, or entirely, organically?

Start small. There are lists on various sites for "the dirty dozen", which is a great way to get started. The produce on these lists are the ones that are most contaminated by pesticides when conventionally grown. Read as much as you can about the benefits of eating organically and expect to pay a little bit more.

You're both a sewer and knitter, which is awesome! How much, percentage wise, of your own clothing would you say that you make?

Not as much as I would like. With a toddler in the house it can sometimes take me weeks, or even months to finish a single sewing project. I tend to knit more for others than for myself, I can only use so many hats and sweaters in a winter that rarely gets below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is there one garment that you've sewn or knit for yourself that really stands out as a favourite in your mind?

A very simple dirndl skirt. I have made several, and love them not just for their simplicity, but for how comfortable and versatile they are. I followed the instructions given on Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing, and I plan on making a few more in different colors and prints in the coming months.

Do you sew for your children, husband and/or family members as well?

Yes! I actually end up sewing more for my daughter than for myself, mostly because the small scale projects are much faster and require a lot less fabric. I haven't sewn for my husband yet, one of these days I hope to make him a nice button down shirt as a gift.

What would be your dream vintage sewing project?

I want to get good at sewing and tailoring pants. I would love to whip up a pair (or more) of perfectly fitting 1950s cigarette style pants.

Do you live in an area with lots of vintage resources and/or fellow vintage lifestyle folks?

I do! There is a large rockabilly community here, there are vintage flea markets, several vintage stores, there are burlesque troupes, bands that play vintage sounding music, and more. I am very lucky for this and really need to take advantage of it all more.

Can you describe your personal (fashion) style for us in five words
Simple, comfortable, classic, nutty, always-changing

Some of your day-to-day vintage wardrobe "must haves" includes?

A dirndl style skirt, a comfortable cotton blouse, vintage cat eye sunglasses, lipstick, and Bakelite, lots of Bakelite!

Are there any types of vintage styles that you'd like to wear (or wear more of), but haven't (or haven't often) done so with?

I have always been in love with vintage Western wear. I would love to get a few 1950s squaw dresses in different colors to wear, but they are so costly. I keep hoping I will stumble upon one that fits me perfectly in the thrift store.

You recently announced on your blog that you're pregnant with your second child. That's so wonderful, happiest congratulations! Do you dress your first sweet child in vintage styles and if so, will you doing the same with your second bundle of joy?

Thank you! My daughter wore vintage all the time when she was a baby, but now that she is almost three and very particular about what she wants to wear, it doesn't happen often. I try to sew her vintage looking dresses in prints I know she will like, these go over a bit better than the real vintage dresses do. I really look forward to dressing the new little baby in vintage.

Aside from vintage, sewing, knitting, great (healthy!) food, and blogging, what are some of your other passions in life?

I love to travel. As a one income family we don't really have the means to travel often, but we try to take regular weekend trips to Palm Springs and other close destinations. We are lucky to have so much mid century history near by. I always seek out fun, kitschy and off beat places to visit. I am also a fine art painter, but haven't really had much time for it since my daughter was born.

What are some vintage related dreams that you hope to accomplish as the years go? And on the blogging front?

My biggest (and not entirely realistic!) vintage dream is to get an old station wagon (late 50s or early 60s) and a vintage trailer to tow behind it. I would love to travel the country seeing the sites in style. As for my blog, a year or so ago I quit making outfit posts on my blog, I am planning on bringing those back with some vintage maternity posts in the near future.

On top of visiting her vintage lifestyle blog, you can stay up-to-date on what's going on in Cedar's world by following her on/at:

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{All images used throughout this post via The Vintage Wife. Please click on an image to be taken to its respective corresponding TVH blog post.}

Every now and then you encounter a fellow vintage lover and their blog and both instantly feels like kindred spirits. That is precisely how things are for me with The Vintage Wife. This is a site I love visiting, reading new posts on and discovering more about the skilled, smart, ambitious, wonderful lady who runs it (such as the fact that she appeared in a French edition of Glamour magazine), just as I know you all will, too.

Thank you very much, dear Cedar, for sponsoring Chronically Vintage this spring and for the great interview. I look forward to each new post you'll share with us, as well as preparing lots more of your stellar recipes (I've already whipped up your Quinoa Bell Peppers - they were AMAZING!!!), and continuing to discover, I'm sure, scores more things that we share in common.


  1. Cedar's blog sounds great. She has charm. I wonder if her brothers are named Pine and Oak? :)

  2. what a beautiful and interesting lady she is! thank you for introducing us to her, Jessica! i have to say that i agree that i need to wear more western and cowgirl vintage stuff. that is my typical preference of dress, but most of my patterns and dresses that i find are different, though i just end up wearing those. i will have to check out her blog. such a sweet gal!

  3. dirndl skirts, healthy organic food, crafting... thats my girl :-)
    thank you jessica for pointing me in her direction!

    wish you a gorgeous week xxxx

    1. Definitely! The three of us certainly share a great deal of interests in common. It's too bad we can't all get together for a great meal and crafting session while wearing our fave dirndl skirts (how cool would that be?).

      ♥ Jessica

    2. incredibly cool!!!
      blogger should sponsor a meeting of the cool girls ;-)

    3. They really, really should! That's a brilliant idea.

      ♥ Jessica

  4. Hi Jessica! What a wonderful interview with a very inspiring lady! I think it's so wonderful that us woman can choose and live by our own unique styles, and that we can apply the principles of a wholesome vintage lifestyle to our family life. Thank you for sharing Cedar's live and loves with us! Tania xxx

  5. I enjoyed reading this interview, it covered many topics that I am interested in. I haven't come across this blog so am heading over for a look.

  6. Good Morning Jessica,

    The Vintage Wife is very inspiring. I browsed about 10 or so pages of her blog and will be returning to see more. Her French toast with blueberry sauce looks charming photographed on the vintage plate and I am sure it is as delicious as its presentation is lovely.

    Thanks for introducing Cedar to us.

    Happy Monday!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for introducing us to Cedar Taylor. It's a lovely interview and I can't wait to check out her blog!

  8. Oh, Cedar, how come we lost connection along the way? And you have an Etsy shop! I've immediately favourited it. :) Thank you, Jessica for a great interview.

    1. You're super welcome, dear Sanne. I'm so happy to have reunited you two and introduced you to Cedar's lovely etsy shop.

      Tons of hugs,
      ♥ Jessica

  9. I have heard of her blog time and time again and I honestly don't know if I've ever followed...off to check her accounts out.

    1. That's wonderful, sweet Sean, I'm sure you'll adore it as much as I do. I know what you mean. While we aren't the biggest group on the face of the planet, sometimes there are blogs (or names, if someone doesn't have a blog but is active on social media) that you see often and mean to look into more, but never seem to for whatever reason (usually lack of time). I run into this sometimes, too.

      ♥ Jessica