January 30, 2014

Show your shop or site some extra love by sponsoring Chronically Vintage in February

Hard, and I really mean that, as it is to believe, we're two days away from wrapping up the first month of the year. What an exciting month it's been here on the Chronically Vintage front, especially when this blog got a fabulous new makeover last Sunday that brought its design squarely into 2014, while also conveying and maintaining a charming spirit of vintage approved timelessness.

If you've been looking for a terrific spot in which to advertise your shop, products, blog or otherwise, I'm delighted to let you know that a select number of sidebar sponsorship spots are still available for February 2014.

 photo Lovelyvintagepinkheartframegraphic_zps989430f1.jpg

With the new blog template, comes a three column design and due to the dimensions of those sidebars, I'm now able to offer even bigger ad spaces. From here on out, the new sidebar ad spaces are as follows:

-Large: 250 width x 300 height (or any size up to those measurements)

-Medium: 250x200 (or any size up to those measurements)

-Small: 250x150 (or any size up to those measurements)

-Each month, one premium "top spot" large (which can be any size you desire up to 250 x 350) ad space is made available on a first come, first serve basis.

All new first time medium, large and large top spot sponsors have the option of receiving a dedicated sponsor spotlight post all about their site, shop, etc, which can be…

-An overview style post, such as this one featuring fab etsy shop Maejean Vintage.

-An interview, for example, this one about the awesome vintage, sewing and knitting blog Lucky Lucille.

-A product review post staring your item(s) in a series of professional digital photographs taken my by talented husband, Tony Cangiano. Such as this one featuring a beautiful rainbow crinoline from Pettiskirt style.

I care deeply about my sponsors and work hard to give them the love, time and attention that they deserve. In addition to a dedicated spotlight post for medium and large sidebar ad sponsors, all sponsors receive social media shout outs (on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram, as applicable) and organic mention in Chronically Vintage blog posts throughout the duration of their sponsorship.

With Chronically Vintage looking better and more beautiful than ever, if I may say so myself, thanks to its recent revamping, why not give yourself and your site or shop an extra big dose of love this Valentine's Day by becoming a blog sponsor in February.

For further sponsorship details, including sidebar ad rates, please see this page and/or feel free to email me anytime. I sincerely look forward to welcoming you as a new blog sponsor!


  1. Greetings Jessica, I am interested in the small ad, since my Etsy shop is so small. :) Please e-mail me at samati [at] tdcadsl [dot] dk. It could be interesting to try for one months, but since my work week is reduced, so is my wage too (unfortunately), so I have to learn your rates at first. But you know I LOVE your blog! :)

  2. Hi, as im sure you know by now I am a massive lover of your blog! I am loving the new look!! I have no idea about designing my blog. Any tips, help and advise?

  3. I hope you get tons of sponsors, dear! You really do have such wonderful things to offer. I'd love to offer sponsors for my blog, but I am having a heck of a time keeping up with my usual blog posts as is. :-/ You're so organized.

    1. Thank you very much, dear Sean! Now granted, each blogger who works with sponsors conducts their sponsorships at least slightly different and puts in varying amounts of work, but you're spot on, having sponsors does take up more of one's blogging time. It's an immensely worthwhile trade-off though (for me at least) and something that I'm more than happy to do for the additional, and very important, income that having paid blog sponsors helps bring in.

      I admire that you see the work involved and aren't going to jump into having sponsors if you're not able to devote the time needed. The blogosphere as a whole could take a lesson from you there!

      ♥ Jessica