September 20, 2013

Vintage Fashionista Friday: September 20, 2013

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{Whether you're dressing up for Thanksgiving dinner or simply looking for a great seasonally hued topper, this beautiful vintage Sally Victor birdcage veil with copper hued bow is sure to do the trick. $35.00 from etsy seller FrouFrou4YouYou.}

{There are few items in the beauty world that can help you achieve a great vintage face faster than classic black liquid eyeliner. If, like me, you wear it more days than not, it likely means you're always on the prowl for an affordable version with serious staying - and all the better if it it comes in a lovely subtly old school shaped bottle like this one. Palladio water-resistant, smear proof, anti-irritant black liquid eyeliner, $6.49 (or $5.39 for Sally Club card holders) from Sally Beauty.}

{A palette that calls to mind fallen maple leaves on a frost slicked concrete sidewalk make up this understatedly chic rectangular enamel and copper brooch from the early 1900s. $35.00 from etsy seller Ice Out Antiques and Collectibles.}

{Though the days may still get up to double digits (for us Celsius using folks this means it hasn't turned too chilly yet), the evenings are starting to have a distinct chill to them, which means it's high time for the return of covered shoulders and layered dressing. Accomplish both in one fell swoop with this sophisticated black vintage Persian lamb's wool stole/wrap. $82.50 from etsy seller Vintage Friends.}

{Shimming like the harvest moon in the crisp autumn night's air, this timelessly elegant 1940s rusty copper hued cocktail dress (complete with a lovely pattern of rhinestones along the collar) is the sort of piece is that is sure to turn heads in any room. Fits up to a size 38" bust/27" waist. $150.00 from etsy seller Go Vintage.}

{Just as shoulders call for an extra layer of warmth as fall kicks into high gear, so too do hands feel even more at home in a cozy, stylish pair of vintage gloves - like these 1940s gold beaded stunners (which are a size 7.5). $45.00 from etsy seller Jenny's Junk 'N Treasures.}

{Inject and instant pop of elegance and sweetness (thanks to the teeny little gold bow) into any outfit with this immensely pretty black and gold 1940s brocade wristlet bag made by Torii Tokyo. $75.00 from etsy seller Trendy Bindi's Boutique.}

{If your skin is anything like mine, than it means that the moment the mercury starts plummeting southward again, your skin becomes instantly dryer and liberal applications of hand cream several times a day is a must! Turn this skin beautifying chore into a sublimely scented experience with an autumn perfect bottle of Happy Hands Spicy Pumpkin Hand Cream (which is designed specifically with crafters in mind, as it says that it won't transfer to your handiwork). $6.49 (for an 4oz bottle) from etsy seller Happy Hands Store.}

{Though a thoroughly modern creation, these beautiful two-toned rust hued heels channel a distinctly vintage vibe and would be perfect for settings ranging from an intimate dinner party to an autumn harvest ball. Available in modern ladies sizes 4.5-10. $67.99 from Discount Salsa Shoes.}

Ever since I was a wee little girl, I have thought that harvest moons - those glowing, seemingly gigantic moons tinged shades of persimmon, amber and scarlet that appear in the night sky throughout September and October - are amongst the absolute most beautiful natural phenomena one can possibly glimpse in the heavens.

Traditionally speaking, the Harvest Moon - so named because it's light allowed farmers to harvest their autumn crops later into the night, which was very important, especially if you were trying to bring in a full harvest before the first frost - is the term given to first full moon that appears around the time of autumn equinox. The next full moon (in October) that follows it, is technically known as the Hunter Moon, though I'd venture to say that most people (myself included) refer to both as harvest moons.

Interestingly, according to older editions of the classic Farmer's Almanac, each month of the year has a name for its full moon (July, for example, is often referred to as the Hay Moon, because hay harvesting was commonly done at this time) but in today's modern world, it is typically just the full moon that rises in September and October which gets the distinction of having a noun put before its name.

Depending on whereabouts in the world you live, the weather, cloud cover, and if you're a city, town or country dweller, the harvest moon may look a touch more impressive, but as anyone who has ever seen a full, unobstructed moon in September or October will likely tell you, it really is a humbling, wondrously inspiring sight.

{A breath-takingly incredible harvest moon rising over a desert landscape. It is impossible to look at a sight like that and not be floored by the awesome powers of the night sky and the universe around us. Image source.}

The moon, much like the sun, was an integral part of many peoples' daily lives for millennia, and it's really only been since the invention of modern gas, followed by electric, lighting that many of us have stopped relying on it heavily as a source of light and a marker of the various stages of the agricultural year.

I love the moon - whether a mere whisper of a sliver of a full, powerfully bright orb - and always have. Of all the celestial bodies in the sky, it's the one that I've constantly felt the most connected to, and which I'll happily call my very favourite anytime - though I am especially fond of the marvelous harvest moons that we get treated to - if the weather permits (a foggy, rainy, or heavily cloud covered night is all it takes to obstruct this gorgeous sight) come fall time.

In the spirit of the harvest moon and all that it has meant to humanity throughout countless generations, today's Vintage Fashionista is named Luna (the Roman Goddess of the Moon), and the colour palette of her ensemble was inspired directly by the harvest moon and nighttime skies that fill our world during these early, wonderful days of early autumn.

Should you happen to feel like taking a styling cue from the evening heavens and sprinkling shades of coppery orange, jet black, and golden yellow throughout your own vintage wardrobe this season, not only will you look as lovely as an ancient Goddess, but you'll also be ready (from a colour palette perspective) for Halloween next month - and that is always a very good thing, if you ask this autumn moon loving lass.


  1. Love these fall posts! Pumpkin lotion sounds divine!

  2. thank you jessica - you give me a positive feeling about this (heavy raining) autumn with your copper hued images.
    The pictures and your - as always - poetic text have reconciled myself with the horrible weather here.

  3. I use Palladino liner on set! It's one of the best liquid liners I have ever used! I highly recommend it.

  4. Perfect ensemble you have created. I love it to pieces and would sport it all. Great job!

  5. The beautiful autumnal tones here are really inspiring; I'd love some pieces like these to add to my own wardrobe and the harvest moon photo is amazing!

  6. the moon always inspires mystery to me ... I imagine little people living in the holes in it, the little people out of their holes when the moon is dark and in shadow, and they watch us ... and when the moon is full and shining in the sky, these tiny creatures hiding for us not to see them ... On, dear Lady ... yay! Full moon is mysterious!

  7. Want to be my personal stylist? You always have such a knack for putting together an outfit. I love this one.

  8. Oooh those gloves are gorgeous!

  9. Hi Jessica, what a great post! I love the coppery colors of fall sprinkled throughout and that pumpkin spice hand cream is going on my list of "to buy" right now! I love the spicy scents that accompany fall, well, heck, I love fall! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful clothes and oh those shoes... if I still wore heels I would be drooling over them as well :D
    Hope you are enjoying your vacation and will look forward to photos and posts all about the great time you had :D
    Hugs my sweet blogging sister,
    Beth P

  10. That hat is simply adorable, women just do not wear enough hats or gloves, which leads me to comment on those gloves, I love the embellishment on them. So elegant!

  11. That hat is totally amazing. I really need to learn to master black liquid liner, I love how it looks but I just dont seem to have the skill yet

    kate the old fashioned way

  12. Ooh, I'm fascinated by that hand creme! Of course you're connected to the moon, you're a little Crabby Cancerian! We own the moon! Love the burnt orange dress and the fascinator, perfect for a Halloween dance in the moonlight :)

  13. Those gloves, they are literally perfect!!! :)

  14. I love and want it all, dear Jessica.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  15. I adore your autumn picks. In terms of colouring, these are the shades that suit me best (although I am hanging on to summer a little longer). I use Palladio cosmetics because they are cruelty free and don't have a lot of allergens so I too recommend them. I would love to own the bag and shoes!!

  16. Those beaded gloves are to die for! Lovely items here!

  17. Yes, yes, and yes!! Love the collection you chose to spotlight here. I really do need to find a great black eyeliner that is g-free. Do you know of any that are in our price range?? {LOL, I said ours since we both are vintage loving, budget living gals! :) }

    1. Hello sweet Sean, thank you very much. I could pretty much just wear this palette until December starts and be as happy as as a crow in a scarecrow less field. :)

      I've been using Joe Fresh's black eyeliner for several years now and can't sing its praises highly enough. I know that this (Canadian) brand is starting to branch out more in the US market, but isn't widely available there yet. It's somewhere around $7 (plus tax) a tube and last for months! (4 to 6 usually, depending on how often I wear it). I'd be more than happy to buy a tube for you and send it your way as a gift - it's the least I can do for the wonderful vintage brooches you helped me find this year, and so many other things, too. (I've never had any problems with it either from a gluten or widely sensitive skin standpoint.)

      Big hugs,
      ♥ Jessica

  18. wow you´ve found again some real treasures to present us here! i love that copper cocktail dress it is a dream! and the beaded gloves are amazing too and i also need a beautiful stole for those cold autumn days..
    love and kiss,mary

  19. I am hating the return of colder weather, but I wouldn't mind wearing those gloves to keep my hands warm! Or wearing such a delightful little hat!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn