September 30, 2013

Looking back at September 2013

In the wee hours of the morning two days ago, I sat there, kitty and husband sleeping like peaceful little angels beside me on the bed, and wondered just what exactly this month had been. At once it seemed agonizingly long and mind blowingly quick. I know the reasons for both: my dear mother-in-law's recent passing being the chief reason for the first, the whirlwind of activity and unbridled fun of our trip to Calgary explaining the latter.

Throughout September Tony and I rode a proverbial rollercoaster of emotions, bracing for tsunamis of sorrow, and yet also being reminded of the profound power of happiness, change (of pace and scenery, that is), and the importance of moving forward.

I am both worn out and uniquely uplifted as we peer towards October, but I believe that the happiness instilled in my soul from our time in Calgary will help set the coming month off on a good note, solid footing, and with plenty to feel excited amount as we barrel through the awesomeness that is autumn.

 photo tumblr_mbdkmrc62i1rp9p7do1_400_zpsb8406b82.jpg

{No matter what may be transpiring in my life, autumn's return - and the cold weather fashions it entails - always brings me joy, makes me yearn to spend as much time outside as possible, and is cause for celebration in my books. Image source.} 

There are mountains of crispy, brittle leaves in a jewelry shop's worth of regal hues to kick merrily into the air and crunch on underfoot. Pumpkin pies, muffins, cakes, cookies, breads, and soups to whip up. Family gatherings to cherish and delight in, very much including Canadian Thanksgiving on the 14th, and of course my endlessly beloved Halloween to look forward to. In fact, ever since I was the tiniest of sprouts, October has been my favorite month of the year.

So much so, in fact, that I made sure it was the month Tony and I were married in, and this year, as it does every few years, our wedding anniversary, just happens to fall on the 14th. I can think of nothing in the world that I'm more grateful for than my husband and our incredible relationship, so when this occurs, it always feels especially fitting.

Though there was much turbulence in our life throughout September, I didn't waiver much from my usual course of posting here on the blog. There are times when life calls for such interruptions, certainly, but in my heart of hearts, I didn't feel like this month was, ultimately, one of them, and actually found quite a lot of solace, and I so often do, in writing posts recently and thinking ahead to those for October and autumn as a whole.

We launched September by taking an in depth look at the especially clean cut cousins of saddle shoes, white bucks, an image packed alphabet filled The ABCs of Vintage Fashion, then this month's edition of Flickr Favourites was all about the return of the school year, classic plaid, and the changing of the seasons, plus I reviewed the awe-inspiring tome that is 1940s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook by Emmanuelle Dirix.

As well the first comfort food recipe of autumn was dished up care of some delicious 1950s Zesty Baked Beans; we chatted about the importance of Sourcing blog post ideas and inspiration from those around you, celebrated the wondrous beauty of the harvest moon in September's edition of Vintage Fashionista Friday, I sang the praises of autumn's return, and was delighted to receive and continue passing along the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, amongst other fun posts this month.

On the vintage fashion front, there were three outfits to blogged about in September, all shot during the tail end of summer, when the light was golden, the days still toasty, and multiple layers hadn't become an absolute must again.

 photo 1920syellow1940speachatLionsParkOkanaganFalls_image9_zps6705fbe2.jpg

First off it was 1920s yellow, 1940s peach, and plenty of cute feathered friends at Lion's Park (a snap from which appears above here), followed by one of my absolute favourite 1940s housedresses (in an autumn perfect palette) partnered with a caramel hued snood, and most recently, I had the great pleasure of receiving, wearing, and reviewing an awesome rainbow crinoline from Pettiskirt Style (don't forget, my dears, you can save 20% off your entire purchase from Pettiskirt Style anytime up until October 30, 2013 when you use the coupon code Jessica20 at the checkout).

A big shout out and thank you to all those who sponsored Chronically Vintage in September. If you haven't swung by these marvelous sites and shops yet, be sure to do so, you won't be disappointed in the slightest!

-Blue Velvet Vintage

-Bloomers & Frocks

-Little Netties Vintage (new to CV sponsor family this month)

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-Vintage Frills

This month also welcomed author Stephanie Lehmann and her latest, thoroughly engaging and highly enjoyable sounding (I haven't read it yet, so I can't review it personally at this stage) novel Astor Place Vintage, as a new sponsor.

Just as September itself wraps up today, so too did we recently (officially) say good bye to all the warmth and loveliness of summer. It seems, somewhat uncharacteristically for this neck of the woods, that summer couldn't make a beeline out of town fast enough here. Almost as though someone flicked a switch, summer disappeared and a rather chilly autumn rolled into town. I'm hoping that the temps perk back up a bit this month, as I'd like to feel like we had at least a few days between the extremes of summer and another long Canadian winter.

As I reflect back on the past month, I cannot help but also think about the entire season that just passed. The lofty highs and painful lows, the good and the not-so-good, the smiles, the memories and the things that didn't get to happen in the end. There were some posts, all relating to things that we did, that I didn't get a chance to write and which now seem as though the moment has long past and they'd be a bit out of place in October. I shall not forget them though, and chances are, at one point or another, I'll still get the opportunity to talk about them here (likely after visiting/doing said place/experience again next year).

The summer of 2013, as with the rest of the year so far, didn't play out (for the most part) how I'd envisioned it at all. Life rarely does though, I've long come to learn, and there's little sense in dwelling on the negatives or fretting about what didn't happen (or happen the way you wanted it to). There were some outstanding points throughout the season, don't get me wrong for a moment, undoubtedly the most awesome of which was our trip to Calgary this month. For a week we got to escape the daily grind, step away from our worries, and just have a blast in a different city.

Throughout October I'll be blogging multiple times about our trip (including where we went, what I bought, and all the cool dets about my first ever blogger meet-up!), as well as jumping head first in the all things Halloween (my very favourite holiday), rounding up a number of my must-have vintage fashion essentials, answering your questions about how Tony and I do outfit photo shoots, and bringing you a great new blog giveaway from beloved Canadian production company, Sullivan Entertainment - plus plenty of other diverse, enjoyable topics throughout the coming thirty-one days.

 photo tumblr_mbyolzZzMR1rhhnauo1_500_zpsac6cca35.jpg

{Much like actress Pier Angeli in this charming 1950s photo, I get wide eyed with excitement and happiness about both October's return and All Hallow Eve, the star attraction for many of us in the coming month. Image source.} 

Yes, September was a strange month, filled as with its mix of snail and warp speed days, as well as summer's almost unbelievably quick departure. It was hard, it was fun, it saw tears, and it built character. It's not a month I'll soon forget, nor that I would want to, but ultimately, I'm relieved that it's wrapping up. Time feels like it needs to move on, and so do I, which is all the more reason I'm profoundly glad that October will be here tomorrow.

Whatever the coming month holds in store, I hope that it abounds with merriment, beauty, autumn time pleasures a plenty, and the start of a marvelous third season of the year for all of us.

Happy October, everyone!!!


  1. September seemed to go by so quickly for me, I can hardly believe we have reached the end already. I understand what you mean about time seeming to pass both quickly and slowly. We're planning some big changes next year. Each month seems to be going past quickly, yet our goal seems a long way off still.

  2. My goodness I totally agree with you about September! It at first seemed to drag, then it went by super quickly. I am definitely ready for October. Starting on my Halloween costume now!!!

  3. Happy October :). I must say I m not so happy about it, here is raining all the time, autumn came. I want summer again really. Just to say I like your all photos in instagram :)

  4. There are many reasons why reading your blog is a delight. Today I want to mention your writing. The elegant prose, interesting word-choices and apt metaphors are delicious to taste. You create images with your words that help convey your serious thoughts. Wonderful stuff, buddy.

  5. Jessica, a lovely inspiring post as always, I really look forward to October to, with thoughts of cooler weather and warm fires coming up in winter just around the corner. I hope the future bring much happiness for us all. ally x

  6. Couldn't agree more regarding the return of October - and I think it's so amazing that your Anniversary just happens to fall on Thanksgiving sometimes! :) Looking forward to more posts, of course...but I hope you get enough time to enjoy the month that you love so.

  7. Jessica, you are just about the loveliest! Staying the course and overcoming those "bumps in the road" is what my life is all about these days, though like you, I keep my blog a stress free zone. Cheers to you, woman!
    L A

  8. Happy wedding anniversary, my dear! Is there a sweetest day to celebrate? October seems to be a wonderful month, full of pleasant events!
    Your pink dress suits you perfectly and the yellow necklace adds extra beauty and elegance.

  9. This year just keeps on flying by doesn't it?! Here's hoping October brings you lots of lovely days filled with the beautiful colours of the changing seasons. xo

  10. I am excited about October, because fall is probably my favorite season of the year. Then again I say that at the beginning of every season. I love your beautiful dress, and the scenery where you posed! So lovely!

  11. Happy happy anniversary! October is my favorite month since I love All Hallows Eve and all the fall colors and crisp but not cold weather but you made Septmber look lovely too

    kate the old fashioned way

  12. Oh it's been a very hard month for you, hasn't it gorgeous? I hope that you have a spectacular October, and particularly that your wedding anniversary is very special.
    I am looking forward to October too. Spring is slowly creeping in and the days are getting a bit warmer. I've also decided to hold a Halloween party on my own this year (for the first time in nine years!). I'm quite excited about it.
    Here's to a fantastic month ahead!

    1. Your understanding words truly feel like a big (much needed) hug, dear Vanessa, thank you very much. It hasn't been the best of months for us, you're spot on their. Thankfully though our trip to Calgary really did do a great deal to help bolster our spirits. It can't set the world right again completely, but it helped us get a fair bit closer to the point again, than I'm certain not going on it would have.

      How exciting that you're planning a Halloween party this year! I hope it goes swimmingly for you, dear gal!

      ♥ Jessica

  13. Happy October and Happy Anniversary! My husband and I were just in Penticton enjoying several days of bliss! Yes, the weather was a reminder that fall is upon us, and winter not far behind, but we had a lovely visit to your fair town. xo

  14. So many things have happened in one single monght to you, dear.
    Starting from your posts about fashion (that were magnificent), then the adirable outfit, and the glorious trip you have taken.. so many, many things!
    You were so true.
    You have said "I cannot help but also think about the entire season that just passed" - and I must agree (sadly) with you. The September is gone, and Lovely Autumn Days are gone with it, too. Now, we have entered the Rainy Days, and really soon they will turn into Foggy Days.
    But, I'm still looking foreward to seeing what you have for us in October.

    HAPPY OCTOBER, dear!


  15. It is always a delight to read your blog, dear Jessica. You also inspired when you speak of a vintage look, delicious food and recipes or your adventures and thoughts in this month is over. My mind is transported to your world when I read you!! Happy beginning of October!

  16. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. We had been out of town, and I just read this. My heart breaks for you and your husband, and you will both be in my prayers. It sounds like your trip was truly providential and just what you both needed more than you could have known. Your blog is always a bright spot for me, and I pray you would be encouraged and comforted yourself through this.

    1. Thank from the bottom of my heart, Sarah, that truly means a lot to me. I really do believe that this trip happened when it did to help lift our spirits and remind us of the great joys of life, and that you nailed it when you said it provided more for both of us than we could have ever known. Indeed it did, and even now, several days after returning home, I still feel like its revealing benefits and deep understandings about certain things in my life that weren't there before we departed for Calgary.

      Truly, thank you again, my sweet friend.

      ♥ Jessica

  17. September had its ups and downs for you and your family, but I'm ever so glad it ended on a high note. Thankfully you'll get all of the firsts {first holidays} over and done with. October is a wonderful month and I hope you get to reap the benefits of it in full. Personally I'm a November lover, but I'm a little biased since that is when I was born. ;-)

  18. Sometimes it helps to have some downs in life, as then when the ups come along...they are appreciated and savored that much more. You two have each other, and that alone must make it worthwhile to endure together and move forward, supporting one another along the way. Your positive outlook on life really inspires me, and I have to say I am happy to know there are genuinely kind people in the world who can make it through rough patches while still making those around them thank you to that!

    Happy early anniversary, may you two get to do something wonderful together! October is also my most favourite month (it's pretty much the start of the holidays) and each year I usually plan my costume months before the holiday arrives. Now starts the best time of the year!

  19. I feel the same way about September, it went lightning fast, but a lot of things happened. Son has moved and I feel sad and miss him, silly me. And my MiL is very ill and literally starving herself to death. We think about her day and night, it is not nice to watch. But on the good side: I have just invited for my 50's birthday party - yes, I'm old! - which will be a fifties theme party, and everybody thinks it is such a great idea. Wishing you a lovely October. I also adore Halloween and will decorate for it next weekend. :)