October 13, 2012

Saturday Snapshots: October 13, 2012

{I adore vintage photos that warm the heart, and this darling 1940s shot of a young woman cradling a cat and kitten does just that.}

{These kids have got the right idea for sure! While we're still got a few glorious days of autumn shine left, why not bust out the hot dogs and have a scrumptious weeny roast over a crackling fire?}

{There are a lot of interesting elements to this 1940s wedding shot. From the mens' military uniforms, to the fact that maid-of-honour's dress and veil is almost seems to be overshadowing that of the bride, to the question of whose - I'm guessing - mother that is on the left. The mixed expressions/levels of enthusiasm across these five faces only adds to questions that this indoor wedding photo puts forth.}

{A chap with good fashion sense is often a rare commodity these days, but in decades past more men still knew how to dress with class and style, even when going on a simple outing. Case in point, this stylish fellow enjoying a sunny afternoon spent at the seaside.}

{Odd - and perhaps unintentionally morbid - as this might sound, I love old photographs of elderly people, especially because - if we opt not to sugar coat reality - one obviously knows that they likely did not live for too many more years after the photo was captured. Of course I don't love that they passed away, what matters to me is that while they were still with us, someone ensured their memory would live on though the medium of photography. Though sadly no names are given for the ladies in this snapshot, I'm very glad that we still get to spend time with them, even decades after they departed this world.}

{In a familiar scene that all of us can likely relate to, a 1940s woman (in a cute dress, I should point out - note the scalloped hem and sleeves) tackles the task of scrubbing the family bathtub yet again.}

{I can't paint a picture from scratch to save my life, much as I wish I could, but this 1950s woman in her wonderfully adorable dog print smock obviously could, and luckily someone thought that was - as indeed it is - worth capturing on film.}

{Three teenage gals lean in together for a fun slice-of-life snapshot captured on someone's yard. I wonder what they'd been up to, as there are pillows and blankets around them, plus what looks like a rolled up rug on the stairs in the background (backyard sleepover?).}

{It's not hard to find vintage wedding photographs, but yesteryear images depicting couples on their anniversary are much trickier to track down. It was with no small amount of happiness then that I recently discovered this elegant photo of a (likely 1930s) couple - and their beautiful cake - celebrating their silver anniversary.}

{Sweetness and heartwarming cuteness swirl though this precious photo - which time has has eaten away at a a bit - of two 1950s sisters (identified as Barb and Deb) holding hands in what I suspect was their Easter and/or Sunday best.}

{All images above are from Flickr. To learn more about a specific image, please 
click on it to be taken to its respective Flickr page.}

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From Labour Day onwards, it often feels as though someone has begun a stopwatch that is defying the laws of the universe and speeding faster and faster with each passing moment. Fall and early winter are busy times for many, but on top of the usual string of beloved holidays (Canadian Thanksgiving was this past Monday, and now Halloween, Christmas and New Year's loom on the snow covered horizon), these months serve up a myriad of family birthdays, as well as our wedding anniversary (tomorrow marks eight resplendent years as husband and wife).

Ever since we moved to British Columbia earlier this year, I've been trying to figure out how to find a good balance for the many elements of my life. I'm exceedingly happy that we moved, especially since it's improved certain elements of our world (e.g., we have a car now for the first time!), but returning to an area peppers with friends and (moreover) family, means a social life and commitments that do not exist when one lives on the other side of the country.

Ultimately I'm very happy about this and feel blessed to be able to spend time with the people who mean the most to me in the world. However, that newfound family element of my life (well, at least new for the first time in many years), partnered with work changes, the unpredictability of my health (and substantial amount of time that I'm not feeling well enough to do anything ), Tony's ultra busy schedule, blogging, and personal commitments, interests and hobbies, means that I'm still trying to rearrange the puzzle pieces of my life in way that makes it feel like each one gets its fair share of the pie.

I'm by no means alone in this regard, and know that very well. Nor am I complaining, I'm just hoping that by actively thinking about, and discussing, my desire to strive towards better harmony in my life, it will be more likely to happen.

I know that for me part of the issue in this regard is that (for better or worse), I've always been the kind of person who likes to give whatever I do a 110% of myself, and I often feel very guilty and/or like a failure (even if such feelings are completely unwarranted and untrue) if I'm not able to do that.

This is the point I'm consciously working on, as I know that sometimes doing so (devoting large chunks of undivided attention to a certain activity) is just not possible, but that doesn't mean that said pursuit/activity can't be a part of my life on a less frequent and/or intense basis. It seems so simple on paper, yet is trickier in real life for sure.

Balance, it's all about balance, I keep reminding myself, as I dump out the proverbial puzzle pieces again (hey, is there a corner missing? Smile) and try to see how they're fit together as we continue on through this hectic (but entirely wonderful) tail end of the year and all the activities it brings with it.

A spirit level will never sit perfectly flat on anyone's life, but if I could just work out the obvious bends and right angles, I think I'd be off to a very good start. For the moment though, I'll brush all that aside and set my thoughts on just how phenomenally blessed I am to be celebrating eight years of wedded joy with my soul mate - and constant source of serenity, reason and balance in my life - this gorgeous October weekend.


  1. Oh Jessica, I do hope you have a spectacular anniversary weekend! How wonderful, eight beautiful years of marriage!

    Happy anniversary to you and Tony!


  2. Jessica I do enjoy your Saturday Snapshots and as always the photos are charming. I am drawn to the 1940s Wedding photo because my first husband's Mother was married at the end of WWII. The only silk she could get for her wedding dress was parachute silk so she was actually wearing a parachute when she got married :o) The War Effort needed all the silk they could get hold of for the airmen you see. I also think the older lady on the couple's right is the Bride's Mother because they seem to have similar facial features and their smiles are very much alike. Don't be too concerned about the 'puzzle pieces of your life' not arranging themselves correctly just yet. You and Tony have had made major changes in your lives so be kind to yourself.
    Congratulations to you and Tony on your eighth Wedding Anniversary my dear XX

  3. Hi Jessica, I have been enjoying your thoughtful posts from England for a while now! I really loved this one as I have similar issues myself! A few weeks ago I made a list of the things that are most important to me and things I don't like to do (but sometimes have to!). Somehow just getting it down really helped, and my brain seems to have been working away in the background to make my goals more achieveable :) very best of luck!

    1. Thank you very much, Phil. I wish you the very best of luck with your own life balancing act, too (from one endless list maker to another!).

      ♥ Jessica

  4. I know what you mean by a 110%. I have noticed that some chronic illnesses seem to affect driven people more than the laid back making us our own worst enemies.
    I have fibromyalgea as do many of my family and we all do the 'crash and burn' thing trying to get it all done when we have energy but half killing ourselves in the process:)

  5. Dear Beautiful Jessica, First of all I loved the photos and your commentary...there's something about that maid of honour isn't there....she has such a presence...oh I could comment on each of the photos...so lovely so evocative. But it's your writing after the photos that resonates most with me dear girl. I find myself in a similar situation...a year ago moving back to the place of family and old friends...the type of personality that does everything at 110%...the times of not being well...it's certainly a new learning curve. I've learned to let go in some areas...housework, yardwork....not completely just enough that it's not mocking me every time I look out a window etc....I don't blog as much as I did...I've got into a routine of seeing family...friends I'm trying to use emails and texts and space out visits...it's an ongoing balancing act...and if I'm not well then everything grinds to a halt. The main thing I've learned is that unless I'm really good to myself and listen to my body and mind, others suffer...so being kind to myself has become a major focus...you must do this my sweet...no apologising about being unwell...no feelings of guilt...just know that it will pass and everyone will benefit if you treat yourself kindly....

  6. That one with the girl holding the kitty is so cute. Reminds me of my childhood where my sister and I would find all sorts of stray and alley cats that we would try and beg our parents to take in.

  7. I am glad you are able to do what you do for it brings such pleasure to others! And yes, life is a balancing act! The snapshots are delightful, each special in its own right, especially the little girls' coats and the bathtub scene!

  8. I think my faves are the elderly women (I, too think of how long they have left here on earth), the teens girls, and of course the children. Your photo posts always put a smile on my face!

    I understand what you mean-its true, balance is sooo very important. I hope you can achieve your goal of having that more in your life soon. Besos! xox

  9. Loved looking at all the pictures. Happy Anniversary!

  10. I really enjoyed viewing the vintage photographs. I actually liked the photo of the children roasting hotdogs by the fire. That's a scene that you don't see often these days.

    Balance is never an easy thing to achieve in this life. It's something that I am constantly working towards. Maybe one day, I'll learn of its secrets.

    Lastly, I hope that you have a wonderful anniversary! :)

  11. My favourite would have to be the bathtub shot - a familiar sight in my home! :D

    Happy anniversary - here's to many more happy years.


  12. A heartfelt congratulations to you and your husband!! :D I hope that you two have an amazing day together, as well as many years to come!!

  13. Wonderful photos! And happy anniversary! !

  14. A Splendid Anniversary to you and Tony! I'm happy for you that you're happy you moved back home! My husband and i grew up in Maine, and both of our families still reside there. We want to move back in a few years. It's hard to be so far away, especially when our parents are quickly advancing in age. (Friday we celebrated 17 years in Oregon.) This is home to us in a way, now, but New England will always possess a huge part of both our hearts! Someday.. :) I love all these photos. Especially the one of the two young sisters, and the very first picture of the woman with the two fabulous felines. It warms the heart indeed on a chilly fall day. And you're correct about the wedding photo. A penny for all their thoughts. LOL. They're definitely not thinking the same things...

  15. My favourite was the wedding one...how can they all have such different facial expressions (1/2 not so good) in a wedding photo? I want that bathroom and the wicker hamper-best I have ever seen! The couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary is so sweet. xx Thanks for sharing yet again beautiful Jessica

  16. Lovely photos! I especially love the one with the young woman holding the cat and kitten. So cute! Happy Anniversary!

  17. Hello my lovely friends, thank you all so very much for your tremendously sweet anniversary wishes. Tony and I adored reading your thoughtful comments and want you to know how much cheer they brought our way on this most special of days.

    I also really appreciate your shared thoughts regarding the endless seesaw balance that is life, and - last, but certainly not least - want to say send out a very warm greeting to those new faces who have been leaving comments here lately. It's a joy to "meet" all of you.

    ♥ Jessica