October 25, 2012

20 vintage Hollywood starlets get in the Halloween spirit

Are you abuzz with excitement over Halloween's impending arrival next week like I am? If the festively themed posts that have been filling the vintage blogosphere already as of late are anything to go, then I highly suspect many of you are are as well.

Whether you're practically living in your costume, bowl of candy all set to hand out to trick-or-treaters, already or haven't yet had a chance to even figure out what you're going to wear this All Hallow's Eve, I thought it would be an inspiration filled blast to take a look at twenty photographs of classic Hollywood starlets decked out on some seriously wonderful vintage Halloween garb.

Whether you want to take a page from one of these looks for your costume, or just adore looking at these snaps and further getting in the spirit of October 31st, I hope you all enjoy these delightfully spooky photos of yesteryear actresses as much as I did!

Classic Hollywood actress Lillian Wells, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Lillian Wells ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Etchika Choureau, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Etchika Choureau ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Peggy Ryan, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~  Peggy Ryan ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Paulette Goddard, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~  Paulette Goddard ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Virginia Welles, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~  Virginia Welles ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Cyd Charisse, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Cyd Charisse  ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Colleen Moore, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Colleen Moore ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Ida Lupino, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Ida Lupino ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Ann Miller, vintage Halloween witch pin-up girl photo

~*~  Ann Miller ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Kim Novak, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~  Kim Novak ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Dusty Anderson, vintage Halloween witch pin-up girl photo

~*~ Dusty Anderson  ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Myrna Loy, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Myrna Loy ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Nan Grey, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Nan Grey ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Lucia Carroll, vintage Halloween witch pin-up girl photo

~*~  Lucia Carroll ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Yvonne De Carlo, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Yvonne De Carlo ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Ruth Roman, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Ruth Roman ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Anne Nagel, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Anne Nagel ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Veronica Lake, vintage Halloween witch pin-up girl photo

~*~  Veronica Lake ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Betty Grabble, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Betty Grabble ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Ava Gardner, vintage Halloween witch pin-up girl photo

~*~ Ava Gardner ~*~

{All images above are from Flickr. To learn more about a specific image, please click on it to be taken to its respective Flickr page.}

Oh-la-la! What a bevy of stunning vintage beauties! Do you have a favourite photo from amongst these immensely talented, Halloween costume clad actresses?

A chance encounter with a certain type of vintage hat early on this year instantly morphed into the idea for what I wanted my Halloween costume to be this October, and in the ensuing months, I've tried to find other pieces to go with it, so that I could have a complete costume. Was I successful? Well, you'll just have to wait until Halloween to find out! Smile

Luckily though, with just six more days to go, you wont' be waiting long, and in the meantime we can all set about putting the finishing touches on our home decor, candy stashes, costumes, and party decorations, so that when the awesomeness that is Halloween finally rolls around, we'll be as ready and rearing to go as a witch at a buy one get one free cauldron sale when the big night arrives!


  1. So many lovely and glamorous ladies! I love all the backgrounds and props in these photos.

  2. I like best Lilian Wells with the shadow of a black cat and Dusty Anderson with the black moon. Thank you for this wonderful compilation of vintage Halloween photos. I'm a Halloween fan like most of the kids but not too many of the adults in our area. So there will be no Halloween party at our house but I think we'll do some decoration outside the house and of course there will be a bowl with sweet treats for the groups of children ringing at our door. Have a magical Halloween party!

  3. I'm after the Lucia Caroll look... not holding my breath my legs don't go on forever like that!!

    Can't wait to see you outfit! x

  4. Ohh neat! I have never seen Kim Novak's before! Love it....so spooky heheh xox

  5. So so much love for this post!!



  6. Kinda surprised not to see any with Bettie Page. Did she do much Halloween shoots?? Anyway, these are cute. Love Veronica Lake, who my sister is named after!

    1. Hi sweet Sean, thank you for your comment. I wanted the focus of this post to be on actresses, and Bettie falls more into the model/burlesque category. Perhaps she'll appear here in a future Halloween post. :)

      How cool that your sister is named after Veronica Lake. That's always been one of my favourite girl's names (I'd have no qualms naming a daughter of my own Veronica, too.)

      ♥ Jessica

  7. I love these! I have the one of Lillian Wells as my personal facebook profile pic right now. But I think my favorite is the one of Kim Novak, she looks down right spooky.

  8. So cute! Love Veronica Lake!

  9. They are all gorgeous , but Lillian Wells is just so cute! :)

  10. Love this post - these pictures are gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer


  11. Love these photos Jessica.

    I also love that at least two of them were know for being beautiful dancers (of course I would notice this)...Cyd Charise and Ann Miller.

    All of these ladies have some seriously sexy legs! Great pictures.

  12. Delightful post -- Thank you! I love pin up girl portraits -- gorgeous collection you've put together for Halloween!

    I'd like to share this at https://www.facebook.com/DangerousLinda

    thanks again!

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. You can certainly share this post on your FB page, thanks for asking in advance. That only thing I ask is that you please credit it back to Chronically Vintage.

      Happy countdown to Halloween!
      ♥ Jessica

  13. I love the Colleen Moore picture the best, but they're all lovely xxx

  14. Your posts are just amazing at the moment, such inspiration!

    And you always leave me such lovely comments, you're a very kind lady. Sorry if I am a bit slow at acknowledging them sometimes, I have just taken on extra work and have gone from working 4 days a week to 6 days, which is a bit of a shock to the system!!

    Porcelina xx

    1. Thank you very much, sweet dear! It's always wonderful to when people are especially enjoying my posts. Fall is my favourite season and Halloween my fave holiday, so I do like to devote as many posts as possible to both during this enchanting time of the year.

      No worries at all. I appreciate your visits and comments anytime, sweet gal. I hope your new work schedule doesn't wear you to thin.

      Wishing you a marvelous Halloween countdown!
      ♥ Jessica

  15. wow.. this has to be one of my favorite Halloween Blog Posts.. I love glamour Hollywood.. and those fabulous, beautiful women! The vintage poses and accents with great Halloween decorations are perfect. I really love this post!

  16. Nice collection - thank you for finding and sharing them!

  17. Love Peggy's shoes and LOVE the face that you're costume is inspired by a hat. I fear that I will have to go as a Gorton's Fisherman this year, what with the impending storm.

  18. Candy is on my mind...

    What's your favorite candy?
    I LOVE Snickers. My daughter loves candy corn (I usually have a few pieces, but it is just so sweet.)
    My husband loves to go out and get candy when it goes on sale. It usually last about a month.

    :) Hope

    1. Good morning dear Hope,

      Thank you very much for this, and all of your lovely blog comments. Though I'm not participating this time around, I'm very much looking forward to your photo linkups today.

      Candy is on my mind this weekend, too. Though I haven't been able to eat many of my favourite sweet treats for years due to medical reasons (amongst which having celiac disease certainly doesn't make thing easier, lol!), of the ones that I do still have available to me, I really like classic M&Ms, Aero chocolate bars, and Swedish berries. If we're upgrading from Halloween treats to fancier fare, I'm rather fond of Purdy's (a chain of candy shops at some Canadian malls) hedgehog chocolates (which taste like a super creamy, somewhat milder version of Nutella).

      Here's wishing you a Halloween that's loaded with all your favourite candy and tons of other sweet moments, too, my friend!

      ♥ Jessica

  19. That's a great collection of photos, my favorite is the Betty Grabble one :)
    Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays!

  20. We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia (or NZ) but I love it any way.

  21. Absolutely Hollywood done right! Who wouldn't love to look like any one of these beauties on Halloween or any other time? You probably will! Great photos and a very fun Halloween post. My best wishes for a fun and safe Halloween for everyone!

  22. All fantastic photos. I think my very favorites are the very first one, and the super striking one of Kim Novak and her gorgeous green eyed familiar! :) Absolutely fabulous.

  23. I absolutely love Halloween too! These are all fantastic, but Anne Nagel's shoes are AMAZING! Can't wait to see your costume.

  24. I love them all, the pictures are just amazing. Unfortunately Halloween is not so much of a thing over here. Would love to dress up and all.

  25. Anne Nagel's shoes are very interesting. I love all the fishnets!
    Ann Miller looks like she is sucking it all in, and holding her breath! She has an almost desperate, 'hurry up' look to her!

  26. Oh I stumbled over a lot of these scattered across the web when looking for vintage California Halloween photos! So many starlets and stars must have taken these as holiday photo ops. I hadn't seen the Myrna Loy or that particular Veronica Lake photo. But they are all wonderful...thank you for sharing them all in one place!

  27. This is my favorite post yet! Those are the cutest vintage images. My fave is Betty Grable reading the scary book!