July 20, 2012

Like something straight out of a League of Their Own

Vintage 1948 bus in Summerland, B.C.

1950s red and white gingham dress, Mission Creek Park vintage photo shoot, Jessica Cangiiano, image_1

Outfit details
Prescription eyeglasses: (frames) Venus Eye Design V-12
Red and white polka dot headband: Claire's
Red rose stud earrings: Claire's
Red vintage plastic bead necklace: gift with purchase from an etsy seller
White button front blouse: Reitmans
Cute gold toned poodle brooch: eBay
Red and white 1950s gingham sundress: etsy seller JanesVintage
Red vintage belt: unknown (probably off of a different 1950s dress)
Red lace trimmed pettiskirt/crinoline: Pettiskirt Style
Thicker red bangle bracelet: Forever 21
Thin red and white bangles: etsy seller Me She Designs 
Vintage straw clutch: thrifted
Nude seemed stockings: eBay
White pumps: Payless
Lip colour: MAC Russian Red layered over top of Clinique's Raspberry Glace
Photography by Antonio Cangiano

♥ ♥ ♥

That was my first first thought when I spied this fantastic vintage bus parked off to the side of a narrow road in Summerland, as we headed out to Kelowna on the day we snapped the photos for my red and white Canada Day photo shoot (if this outfit looks familiar, that's why).

It's not terribly uncommon to encounter vintage cars, especially around these parts (where scads of classic car enthusiasts reside), but it's not every day that you run into an old bus just sitting their by itself on a field and house lined street, and I knew instantly that I wanted to grab some photos with it.

"How old do you think it is?" Tony asked as pulled up. "I'd peg it to be late 40s or early 50s, but I'm not an absolute expert on vintage bus models", I replied as we hurried to get the camera out before the sky overhead started pelting us with the rain it was promising to release any moment.

Before the water started tumbling down we got in a couple of photos, which I was pleased as punch about, as I've always been a huge fan of the movie A League of Their Own, yet haven't had a chance before to pose with a bus that very easily could have hopped right out that terrific baseball movie.

As it turns out, the bus had a paper tapped up in the front window with its date on it: 1948, so my hunch was correct (love it when that happens), it was from the late 40s.

Though the rain prevented us from making a full on shoot out of this location, it was still an absolute blast to spend a few moments in the company of such a streamlined, beautiful piece of yesteryear automotive history.
As we launch into this (somewhat sunnier) Friday, I hope to have another fun adventure or two to share with you in the near feature, and am sending out scores of wishes to you each for a thoroughly awesome summer weekend ahead!


  1. How wonderful! Was fate playing a helping hand, I wonder, by making sure you had this little 'prop' available for your photo shoot.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. The weather forecasters are promising us some summer weather, at last.

  2. That's awesome and you look great.
    Since moving to Northern Nevada we've noticed that there a lot more vintage/classic cars. We get to see some really nice cars on the weekend. The car shows are pretty magnificent out here too.

    The husband and I were watching some show on RVs and there was this awesome 1940s RV that was restored. I want one now. It's super cute and totally awesome.

  3. I've always loved A League of Their Own! It's such a great movie. Your outfit is fantastic as usual!

    Have a great weekend! :)

    xx Christina

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhh omg you just blew me away! You look freaking amazing! That look suits you so well! And what a great thing to find while out and about! Hope you have a fantastic friday my dear!! xox


  5. Best possible allusion to describe this beauty! I should revisit A League of Their Own, it's been way too long...

    Anywho, you look positively stunning. The red is so perfect on you, drawing out everything from your own rosy undertones to the auburn sheen in your hair. :)

  6. Oh, my!!! I love that film! One of my favorite homefront films. Now that you've mentioned this, I'm going to have to pull out my dvd and watch it!

    This bus is terrific. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love that bus! What a great photo setting for you & your outfit is just swell!

    Jessica, you live in a spectacularly gorgeous place.

  8. You look lovely (so does the bus ;) )
    I really love that movie and actually bought it on DVD jus tthis week - I had grown tired of watching the 13 year old commercials on the VHS tape I recorded from the telly.

  9. You look so sweet and that bus, what a find!


  10. Very groovy old bus - I wonder what it's story is...? Love your outfit - you look so good in red! :-)

  11. Oh, wow, it's fabulous! What a special find, and such a shame that the weather didn't allow you to stay and play for longer.

    And I adore A League of Their Own - my sister and I used to watch it over and over when we were kids.

  12. oh girl, this gingham dress is to die for. the straw bag is awesome too. in summer time i wear strawbags almost every day ...


  13. Totally lovin' this red checked dress - how gorgeous! I'm hosting a week of vintage next week and I can't wait to share some of my new vintage acquisitions. ;-)

  14. "I'm not an absolute expert on vintage bus models"--hahaha, perfect line.
    What an awesome chance encounter, and your jumper is awesome.

  15. Gingham is one of my favourite prints (I love it just as much as I love polka dots, stripes, florals,... anyway!), your dress is a dream! I can totally picture you going on a romantic picnic wearing this dress, it'd be perfect for that! I hope you had a great weekend! :)

  16. Thank you for following my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

    For some reason I had the feeling I should check and see if you have a blog, I do that very rarely with comments, but BOY am I glad I did so this time. Your blog is wonderful, your outfits are amazing and I can really feel your love for vintage in every post. Beautiful, and just what I needed right now - so thank you!
    I'm really looking forward to going through your archives in the next few days ^-^

  17. That bus is amazing. How perfect you were wearing that adorable dress that matched it. Also, the rain clouds add a cool affect to the pictures. They look cool enough to frame and hang on the walls.

  18. Love the bus and still love your dress! Is your necklace a 50s Pop-it bead necklace? I just did a post about them today: http://theloveofvintage.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/popits/

    1. Hi sweet gal, thank you very much for your lovely comments and birthday wishes, today. No, this necklace isn't a cool Pop-it one. Just a cute (probably 80s) plastic beaded necklace that an etsy seller included a a gift with purchase a while back. I'm off to check out your post on Pop-its right now :)

      ♥ Jessica