July 19, 2012

25 reasons to love summer

Summer has a certain allure, a heady magic, a gleaming grandeur and tantalizing beauty to it which can neither be ignored nor forgotten. Though some like it more than others, few amongst us can wholeheartedly say that they despise the third season the year entirely, for amid the points that may wear down our nerves, there is bound to be at least a few simple pleasures, sunshine illuminated joys and beloved memories that we wouldn't trade for the all world.

Perhaps because it's when my birthday falls, when I was proposed to by my husband, because I cherished the two month break from school as a child (like most of us did!), or due to the fact that a part of me truly adores feeling the permeating heat of June, July, and August sink down to the core of my soul. Whatever the reason, I have a deeply rooted passion for summer and often (both during and at other times of the year) find myself reflecting on some of my favourite elements of this marvelous season.

Twenty-five is but a drop in the bucket when it comes to the countless number of things, experiences, moments, and pleasures of this hot, lengthy, wonderful season, but it provides ample space for a diverse roundup of reasons why I cannot help but wear my heart on my sundress sleeve when it comes to this glorious time of the year.

1. The scent of air-dried laundry flapping gently in the breeze.

2. Brightly hued pedicures poking out of vintage peep-toe shoes and sandals.

3. The serenely melodic chirp of crickets wafting across the evening air.

4. How every day seems to hold the possibility of turning into an unforgettable adventure.

5. Picking cherries fresh off the tree and devouring them by the sweet, gorgeous burgundy juice stained handful.

6. Wearing all of your favourite vintage warm weather fashions.

7. The endlessly sublime wonder that is a gorgeously warm summer breeze.

8. Pulling up and settling in for an awesome night spent at a drive-in movie theater.

9. Building towering sandcastles (and making sand angels).

10. Outdoor marshmallow roasts, and by natural extension, the unending  fabulousness that is s'mores!

11. Falling asleep in a hammock.

12. Messy, refreshing, completely fun water balloon fights!

13. Wrapping yourself up in a thick, fluffy terrycloth towel after a great swim.

14. How more people than usual seem to be a good mood - and how easy it becomes to make new friends under the amicable light of the summer sun.

15. Open air concerts enjoyed while laying on cozy blankets.

16. Making entire meals out of ice cream, gelato, sorbet, Italian ice, or any other frozen, sublimely sweet treat that your heart desires.

17. Having a blast with your favourite pool and beach toys.

18. Nights so warm you can still wear bare sleeves at 12am.

19. Wild summer thunder and lightning storms that waltz feverously across the horizon.

20. Hitting as many yard sales and outdoor flea markets as possible!

21. Quenching the incomparable thirst that summer brings with an icy, delicious classic summer drink.

22. Curling up under a shady tree with a book you've been yearning to read for ages.

23. Any kind of getaway with the word "trip" in it (road trip, camping trip, etc).

24. Playing the terrific Italian classic that is bocce ball.

25. Knowing that, even here in (most parts of) Canada, it's very unlikely to snow anytime soon!

Vintage actress Ellen Drew sitting on a diving board with an inflatable pool horse toy

{Beautiful 1930s and 40s actress Ellen Drew sitting on a diving board with a very cute summertime classics, and #17 on our list today, an inflatable pool toy in the shape of a horse. Image via carbonated on Flickr.}

♥ ♥ ♥

It was so hard not to keep going for another twenty-five or fifty more, but we'll cap the list here for now...after all, there's always next summer during which to celebrate even more reasons why this season shimmers, shines, and endears itself to our hearts.

I hope that many of these entries are amongst your personal favourites as well, and would love to hear about some of the other things that top your list when it comes to why you adore the roasty-toasty days of the good ol' summertime.


  1. Oh you make the summer sound delicious-truly! I dont like the summer or winter in NY at all. Its just so humid and heavy-ugh! And then you put yourself on a train or in a crowd of people and its just super gross hehehehe xox

  2. Lovely post! I've never been to a drive-in movie theater but it's on my bucket list! I've always wanted to go and think it would be so much fun! I really wish there were more of them around these days.

    xx Christina

  3. Those are a great ideas for summer. used to go raspberry picking with my mom and siblings. it's so much fun. The thrill and hunt for the perfect berry. Then eating what you worked for. Makes it all the more delicious.

  4. Yes, yes, and more yes! I love this entry! And so many things on the list! You've inspired me to do this about my favorite season, autumn!


  5. I think if I lived in Canada, or even in the country, I'd have more of an appreciation for summer. Because it's so darn hot here in Indiana that if you're out here for minutes you feel ready to be ringed out.

    1. I understand for sure, Sean. While I haven't lived in Indiana, I did spend the past six years in Toronto, where the summer's were often so insanely hot and humid they made the Sahara look like the north pole! (Ok, I'm joking there, but only slightly.) I still loved and looked forward to certain elements of the season, but not nearly as many as I do now that we're back in British Columbia.

      Fingers crossed you get some picturesque summer weather this year,
      ♥ Jessica

  6. Yes to all of those. The sun is finally out here in the UK and it's starting to feel like summer.

  7. Oh, if only summer would start here! We like sitting outside on warm nights, with the steamer chairs reclined, looking up at the stars.

  8. Aw, I like this! I've always been traveling in the summers and forget how nice the summer is on the prairies (I am from Edmonton). Dry heat, cloudless, steel blue skies, festival after festival, camping in the rockies, street parties, vitamin D! So glad I was here for once to enjoy it. I'm not going to lie, I LOVED the +40 heat wave we had. Love it.

    Charmaine x

  9. Thanks for the brief escape to lovely warm days, crickets chirping, fresh cut lawn, cotton dresses etc etc....in the thick of winter here in New Zealand and have a wee touch of the mid winter blues where I find myself dreaming of tropical escapes ha ha!! :-)

  10. #18 is one of my favourite things about summer. I prefer winter & cooler weather generally - probably because its when I was born too! - but reading your list did make me think some sunshine might be nice soon!

  11. Such a good reminder of all that's wonderful about summer, even in the wretched heat of Missouri! And don't you love that floatie?! At summer's end, when autumn is in the air, I'm always grateful for the change of seasons, each lovely in it's own way. Also, many congratulations for the great recognition, well-deserved and the marvelous re-cap of your terrific photos that Brittany posted. A very lovely post!

  12. Being able to lay on a lounger in the back garden looking at the stars with a glass of wine in my hand would be up there on my list!

  13. I love all those ideas. Some remind me of summers past..and imagined summers dreamed. When it comes to my favourite summers past time it would have to be watch day melt into night with all the gorgeous melted colours of a rainbow....watching the reds, orandes, pink fade into one another, seeing the sky catch on fire and then slowly extinguish into shades of pink, blue and purple....especially after hot summer rain. That is one of the most felicity experiences I have ever experienced. xx Princess Pin Curls