April 18, 2012

Celebrating Chronically Vintage's 3rd birthday with Colorvision Pink Swirl Cake

Time flies. It also runs, hops, dances, and parades through the ever expanding volume that is human history. Every second of every day, it marches onward leading to great days and ordinary ones, memorable events and others that are forgotten before they're even done. As I've gotten older, one thing I've noticed is that we - as a species - tend to recall the highs and the lowest the best, our minds filtering out some of the rest to make room for those exciting and important times that are waiting on the horizon still for us.

Filled squarely under the "good day" heading, is today's date, April 18th. For it was on this day precisely three years ago, that I decided to launch Chronically Vintage (for musings on the events that lead to that transpiring, check out my first and second blogiversary posts).

To celebrate this auspicious milestone (CV's third birthday), I thought it would be fun to share one of the girliest, delightfully fun 1950s cake recipes you could ever hope to encounter.

Sporting the instantly loveable name of Colorvision Pink Swirl Cake, this recipe from 1951 is created by adding  your favourite fruit gelatine (Jell-o) to a Betty Crocker marble cake that you whip up from scratch.

Here the the recipe is done up in pink, which since it just happens to be my all-time favourite hue, is what I'd be inclined to go with for a birthday or anniversary celebration like today, but you could certainly opt for any other colour you desired.

{Get your mid-century baking grove on with this thoroughly enjoyable 1950s pink marble cake recipe. It's just the ticket for all kinds of holidays, celebrations, and day-to-day desserts alike. Image via vintage.kitten on Flickr.}

Come Halloween you could use orange Jell-o for an autumnal hit, lime gelatine for Christmas or St. Patrick's Day, blue raspberry for the 4th of July, grape for Mardi Gras, the list goes on and on. Aside from just looking fantastic, fruit flavoured marble cakes taste delicious and the gelatine involved here helps ensure your finished cake stays wonderfully moist.

The frosting, too, can be tinted any colour you wish, and there's certainly nothing to say that you have to match the frosting hue to that of the marble cake. Just think of how fun red frosting would be with a green marble cake (or vice versa) for Christmas.

The name of this cake hails from the fact that coloured TV programming was starting to become more widespread at the start of the 50s, and like many fads of the era, it was easy to get people's attention if you incorporated words associated with them into other areas of life.

If such a thing were possible, I would bake a humungous Colorvision Pink Swirl Cake and invite you all over for a shindig to join in my merriment today. Over the past three years, I've shared some the best and roughest moments of my life with all of you. You've listened, supported, encouraged, and blessed my life with your friendship and avid readership.

In turn your own sites have provided me with volumes of inspiration, knowledge, and the sense of being part of a community of kindred spirits. I treasure each of you very much and am nothing short of elated to jump into the next year of vintage blogging with all of you.

Thank you everyone for being so much a part of the reason why this site is going strong and feeling so optimistic after three years. Join me, sweet friends, in raising a proverbial glass to the future of Chronically Vintage and all of the adventures and every day moments alike that are just waiting to be experienced and blogged about.

Here's to the beauty, wonder, and intrigue of the future and what it holds in store for this site - as well as to each and every one of you!!!


  1. This is adorable! I am going to make it this weekend! Happy birthday to you and your blog, I'm glad you started blogging!

  2. What a beautiful post and congratulations on 3 years of vintage fun! And you're right, this cake is a must try. Pink is one of my favs too.. along with sunny yellow. And since i love cake and ice cream together.. (i'm still a seven year old child at heart sometimes,) i'll add a delicious scoop of strawberry ice cream and enjoy and love! :) Happy Anniversary, Jessica..


  3. Happy Birthday to your amazing blog! Its also my brother's birthday too-how neat!!! I am so glad I found your blog to rd and its been so informative and a friendship with you has been a joy and blessing. Keep doing what you're doing and here's to many more years of blogging!!!

    Muah! Bunny xox

  4. many congratulations on your third year in the blogosphere, and thanks for the virtual pink swirl cake - mmm! for what is baking without betty crocker?!

  5. Happy - Blog - Birthday, lovely Miss! Here's to many more years filled with yummy cakes, kitties, love and success! P.S. I truly hope my email made it to you (*curse you, Gmail!*).

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and your blog, and keep on writing!

  7. Believe it or not this cake is pretty good! My Grandma, who was a very innovative cook, she would try anything, used to make this cake with raspberry jello and I loved it!! Happy Blogaversary!


  8. oh happy bloggy birthday to you!! Jello cake is one of my favorites! My grandma makes it and my mother in law made it last Sunday with whipped cream on top- divine! I had 3 pieces!! It's really fantastic with orange jello and whipped cream :)

  9. Oh Yay! Happy Blog Bday! The pink vintage cake looks yummylicious! xoxo

  10. Happy birthday to your blog! This is such an adorable recipe. :)

  11. Happy Blogoversary Jessica! How exciting! I too am very happy that you started blogging. Otherwise, how would we have met? I'm raising my glass (full of virtual bubbly) to Chronically Vintage and wishing you many more years of vintage blogging!