January 18, 2012

Two quick and easy 1950s cold weather Campbell's Soup recipes

Before launching into today's tasty vintage eats, I really want to thank everyone who weighed in on my quest for hangers earlier this week. You've helped me narrow down the options and I hope to find a good deal on the types I'd most like to stock my closet with in the near future. Thanks again, you fabulous gals, you, I absolutely appreciate you impute!

On this end, amidst a week of pounding winter winds, we've been fighting off cold and flu viruses right, left, and centre around our house. The mister fell prey first, coming down with what seemed to be a cold at initially a couple of weeks ago, yet morphed into a flu last week (and he's still very much battling it off.) So far (knock wood!) I haven't succumbed to anything that harsh, but I do have a mild cold of my own.

Not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination, but not exactly fun either - especially while we're trying to pack (and pack...and pack) for our upcoming move. It seems that as each day draws closer to our moving date in late February, there are fewer and fewer hours in which to accomplish everything we hope to do - not to mention a rather tricky scarcity of available room in which to stack boxes (it wasn't until we started packing everything up that my husband and I realized just quite how much we'd carefully displayed and stored our possessions vertically in our little apartment!).

Between flu bugs and hectic days, we likely won't be cooking to many three course dinners (or even two course meals!) for the next little while. Couple those factors which the biting cold outside and weeks like this practically scream out for quick, hearty comfort foods that can be whipped up with store cupboard staples.

For decades now people have been turning to canned soup to help them get a speedy, tasty meal on the table and while some gourmands may turn their noses up at canned soup, I think there is a great deal to be said in favour of this tried-and-true staple.

I have a soft spot in my heart for all vintage Campbell's soup ads (they often delightfully cute, wonderfully homey, or surprisingly chic), so today's pair of vintage recipes is delivered in the form of a Campbell's ad from 1958.

While one recipe ("Souper Scramble") is geared a bit more towards breakfast, it can just as easily be the star of the show at lunch or dinner, too (pair with a crisp green salad, toast points, or baked potatoes to help really fill everyone up).

The second recipe is one of those endearingly fun mid-century casseroles that sees canned green beans being partnered up with condensed soup. In this case though, it's not the more traditional mushroom, but instead chicken noodle that come together with the beans, as well as cooked chicken meat and egg noodles, for a hearty, ultra simple dish that is sure to please dinner-goers of all ages.

{Economical, filling, and absolutely spot-on for days when time is of the essence, these two vintage Campbell's Soup recipes are terrific to have in your arsenal of last minute meals. Image via Charm and Poise on Flickr.}


Of course you can swap in any brand of soup you like here (or alter the recipes so that they bypass store bought soup and are made from scratch). Growing up I was a big fan of Heinz, too, especially their tomato soup.

These days it's trickier for me to find gluten-free premade soups here in Canada, but various brands offer a few varieties (Campbell's Tomato with Basil and Oregano, Chicken with Rice, and Chicken with Wild Rice, for example, are all currently gluten-free and the second two can easily be used instead of chicken noodle in this 1950s casserole recipe, as can gluten-free pasta), so I can often alter vintage recipes like these to ensure I'm still able to enjoy them.

I grew up in a family who loved both canned soups and homemade ones alike, often using the former in all manner of lunch and dinner recipes. As such, I'll never eschew condensed soup - after all, if it was good enough for Andy Warhol to immortalize, it's definitely worthy of a spot in my kitchen cupboard.

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  1. I know another one that takes like 10 minutes and it's pretty good. It's called Tomato Rice soup, basically all you do is put some rice in tomato soup and cook it all together for about 5-6 minutes and you suddenly have a hot, yet filling meal. And about the rice, I figured 1 cup for each person, so if u have 2 people, 2 cups of rice. It's real good, warms you up, fills you up for a pretty long while, I'm a sucker for it, I'm making me some when I get home, as I'll b like a frozen popsicle what with all the cold weather outside, lol