January 6, 2012

Flickr Favourites: January 6, 2012

{Snow and orange drink ~ x-ray delta one}

{General view of one of the classification yards of the Chicago and

Northwestern Railroad, Chicago, Illinois ~ The Library of Congress}

{Vintage 1950s angora sweater ~ modhuman}

{1953 winter fashion ~ April-Mo}

{Tea and Scones ~ Texas to Mexico}

{1957 Central Park, Plaza Hotel on the right ~ straatis}

{Modess 1949 ~ Captain Geoffrey Spaulding}

{Yellow rose stoned by snow ~ KLMircea}

{Onxy Hosiery 1918 ~ Captain Geoffrey Spaulding}

{Vintage Snowman ~ Kerry McQuaid}

♥ ♥ ♥


It's been a long time - nearly a twelve months (January 31, 2011, to be exact) - since the last edition of Flickr Favourites here on Chronically Vintage. As the Vintage 365 project progressed last year, it usually wasn't possible for me to write more than one new post here each day, so older ongoing series (such as this one) were temporarily put to the side.

Now the the new year is here it's time to bring them back out of storage!

Whereas past editions of Flickr Favourites (which, for newer readers, is a round-up of ten beautiful, often vintage related, Flickr images that have captured my attention recently) also shone the spotlight on one specific Flickr group per post, I've decided that I'd prefer to give Flickr groups that I really love or find interesting their own posts (as I did for some of the Vintage 365 posts last year), instead of just tucking them away at the bottom of Flick Favourite entries.

As such, future Flickr Favourite posts (which do not appear on set dates or days of the week, rather just when the desire to write such a post strikes) will be devoted to photographs, and cool Flickr groups (and you all know how much I love my Flickr groups!) will get their own posts (or at least that's the plan for now).

Today's images all have a distinctly wintry thread running through them. Soft hues, cool tones, and elegance abound in these pale blue, yellow and grey images, each of which speaks so deeply to the mood and imagery of the first month of the year.

Here's to 2012 and all the many inspiring images - wherever they hail from - that I hope will find their way onto the pages of Chronically Vintage as this year unfolds.


  1. Oh, I especially love the top image. There is such a charming innocence to that gal!

    Would you believe that I don't even know what Flickr is. I know you post photos from there quite often, but I have never visited that site before.

    I have been bothered with kidney stones this week. It's been an ongoing problem since 2005, and usually once a year (in the winter) I end up with a flare-up. So far, the pain hasn't been unbearable, so I haven't had to make a trip to the ER for the 3-hour morphine drip...which I had to do last year.

    I am SO excited for you for your upcoming move. I hope you will be within minutes of your beloved family.

    Wishing you a beautiful day.


  2. Greetings from Southern California

    The Chicago rail yard photo is great!

    I am Your Newest Follower

    Take Care & Have a Nice Day :-)

  3. Oh em Gee... that first picture is just so great! All of the colors in it are just perfect :)